Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Ugh, horrible weather

Feel sorry for the poor kids, it's rained pretty much the whole Christmas holidays so we haven't really been anywhere. Think they're getting a bit of cabin fever as they're bouncing off the walls lol. To burn off a bit of energy I put the music channels on and let them dance around like loonies. Was all going well until Cameron started singing about 'gangbang style!' No those are NOT the words love lol. Hopefully swimming lessons start again tomorrow so that will get them out for a bit, have to ring in the morning and check. One of those 'I'll do it tomorrow' jobs that over the Christmas period just didnt get done!
Well tonight Mark and I went to see this:
I am a HUGE Lord of the rings fan, actually walked down the isle to the soundtrack :) Was weird really, though its been nearly 10 years since I saw return of the king at the cinema, as soon as the music started I was right back there again. I think that happens with great films. :) Personally I really enjoyed it. It did drag a little but films split into parts always do, there was no part where I wished it was over though.
Well better get off to bed, didn't get much sleep on the couch last night and feeling it now!

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