Wednesday 31 March 2010

Well I'm now on a serious stash diet!

Well not been about for a while, car that was fixed saturday broke again sunday. Found out today will be £350 to fix, this is on top of the £200 we paid saturday. So we've decided to fix it, go on holiday, then save for a new one! So on a serious stash diet now. :( On this note I've joined the compulsive stash shoppers support group on uks. Its great, lots of other girls who want to buy but shouldn't so we support each other. :)

Anyway, what I've been up to....

Sunday was my mums birthday, but first we went to a car boot sale at Wicksteed park. We LOVE car boots and so do the kids. :) Got some great bargains, lots of thomas jigsaws for Cameron, a wooden dolls highchair for caitlin and this fellow right here.

Shes currently obssesed with barney and we found this one who talks and sings for £1. She hasnt let go of it yet. :) She's turning into a little mummy, spent half an hour 'feeding' him and talking to him in the highchair. So cute! We also found a Thomas scooter for Cameron and a Bob scotter for caitlin. £15 the pair. Like I said, LOVE car boot sales!

Then that afternoon had dinner at my mums, she loved it which was the main thing, kids all ran about like nutters and had a great time. :) Not been up to a great deal since then. Been stuck in as car back in garage. Did take the kids nursery on the bus on tuesday (THAT was an experience and a half!) but mainly been catching up with projects and cleaning. Oh, got my new cake decorating book yesterday. :) Made a new years resolution to take up a hobby the whole family can benifit from. Did try knitting but was hard to get lessons, so started baking instead. :) Going well so far, so thought I'd ty something a bit more difficuilt. Watch this space........

Saturday 27 March 2010

good day!

Well good day today. :) started off with a call from the garage saying my car is ready (yey!) Cost just under £200 to fix which is about what I expected so quite pleased as I can now go to my mums birthday dinner tomorrow.
Then as we were all still lounging in bed there was a knock on the door. God love my hubby who ran down in his boxers to get my box of goodies from sarahs cards. lol.

Was thrilled with this lot for £25! Theres a clearance at the moment to get a £75 box for £25. normally if I get one its low quality paper from brands I've never heard of, but this was all good cardstock, bling, everything. Even Mark was impressed!

This jigsaw will be going in the bin by the end of the day I think. Mark bought it for Cameron yesterday and he loves it. Which would be great you think. But he's carrying it EVERYWHERE he goes, which mean he loses bits, which means we need to find them. You can see how its getting annoying, lol.

Right well better run, got to make a card for mums birthday and finish cleaning. Hope everyones having a good weekend!

Wednesday 24 March 2010

Flaming car!

Well I knew it was comming, flipping car broke down tonight. :(. Everytime I slow down to change gears at a junction or whatever the car just stops. Hopfully going into the garage tomorrow and fingers crossed wont me much as going on holiday in a few weeks!
Got to go town to get kids new shoes then get my hair cut tomorrow so lots of bus trips I imagine. Oh well, these things are sent to test us I suppose! Also have lots of items ending on ebay tonight (name dravinna if you want a nosey, hubbys ebay, no idea why that name) so hopefully will make a few hundred to cover the car repair costs. lol.

Tuesday 23 March 2010

The scrapping I did do!

Got to make this a quick one as hubby wants computer back but thought Id show you the layouts I've managed so far with this months kit.
This I did with a lot of hand cutting! Something I usually hate but am doing a lot of latly. This was a scraplift from a member of the design team. However at the moment I cant find the leaflet so will credit her hard work asap. :)

better run, poor hubby getting impatient!

kids back = not so much scrapping, more The Wiggles

Well day started off well. got my HUGE parcel from Sarah, went a bit mad the other day and spent £100, so heres a few photos of some of the prettyness I bought. :)

These are my new obsession. Prima E bling. We got some in a kit at the retreat (you'll be hearing a lot about this retreat, ask my long suffering husband. lol) and now I love them.

This is my pretty new Martha stuart punch. couldnt get a great photo of it but you get the idea. lol. Was umming anf ahhing over this for a while but saw a few los done with it on ukscrappers and finally gave in.

This is one of the new ranges from Kaisercraft. this one is la di da which is my fave of the three. i did buy all three but wont bore you with pictures of them all. :) I will say though if you decide to buy any you've got to get 2 of each paper as both sides are so yummy I'm not sure which one to use! They also have these really great 6x6 papers which are embossed, flocked, the lot. Cant wait to make embellishments out of these!

Monday 22 March 2010

No kids all day = lots of scrapping!

Well my loving hubby Mark took the kids to a playcenter for the day to give me some time to myself. the house is tidy so what do I do? Scrap! My new sarahs cards kit was delivered this morning (love it!) so thought I'd best use up one of my old ones first (they're piling up) Most of these are from the september cosmo cricket kit. I didn't really like it at first as didn't think it was very me, but as usual once I started using it I loved it :) Was quite pleased I used it all up except a few scraps. This one was my daughter after she fell asleep in her dinner. Bless her.
This photo always makes me laugh. I was peeling potatos and Cameron insisted on trying one. I gave him one and you can tell by the look on his face what he thought! So he decided a better use was to drill it instead!

Haven't come up with a title for this one yet. Was taken last summer. Didnt realise how chubby caitlin was untill this picture!

I used the leftovers from Liannes class on the sarahs cards retreat for this lo of my kids at the park. Don't love the way this has turned out as I did have an image in my head but was doing the washing, answering emails and making lunch at the same time so went a bit disjointed. Oh well. will hopefully grow on me.
I used the leftover papers from Rachael Elliots class at the sarahs card retreat to scrap this photo of my daughter playign last summer. It's very un-me but must admit I love how its come out. :)

This is of my daughter when she was about 8 months old. I was baking cookies and she wanted to help so I gave her some icing sugar to play with. She had a great time and I was able to bake in peace. :)

This one I scraplifted from rachael on the dt. I LOVE her work and quite often scraplift her los. :) This is when my hubby took up cooking and his very first attemot was sweet potato and chirozo soup. Was very yummy. :)
For this I used the idea from Cathy on the design team to use the tags saying 'we go together like salt and pepper, sugar and spice, toast and toaster' for this picture of my two eating a banana. kicked myself later as I threaded red ric rak through the lace. can you see it? No, well that was worth the hassle. lol.
Well well done if you've read all that! Told you I did a lot of scrapping :) Kids are now happily watching The Wiggles (very disturbing programe IMO) so better go make dinner. Thanks for reading!

Saturday 20 March 2010

This is my son Cameron. Took lots of photos here and this was the best one. He was more interested in throwing the planes around so when I said 'say cheese' id have about half a second to take the picture.

Photo of my darling daugther caitlin. Sure they'll be much more of her as shes a little poser. Her brothers frowing out of it now sadly. :( This is a photo to show her when shes got kids of her own. Her dolly is currently sleeping in that cot, hmmmm, not quite ready to take care of a real baby yet!

Yey! Look what came today!! hubby is going to make dinner tonight so I can relax and watch once the kids are in bed. :) very excited about seeing Eclipse in july. its released on my birthday so ideal birthday pressie.
woo hoo, well that was easy enough :) First photo that came to hand. Layout of my daughter finishing a tub of ben and jerries. lol. Did it for a mini cyber crop a social group I'm part of on ukscrappers; had to scrap something eternal, which lets face it, a girls love for ben and jerries is about as eternal as it gets. Or is that just me?

OK thrid times a charm, made it all pretty. now just need to figure out to add photos, and somehow make it interesting enough to read. hmmm. now where can I get naked photos of robert pattenson?