Monday 5 March 2018

The big thaw

What. A. Week!
Well last week started off well, the kids both passed their grading for yellow belts in Jado and were rightfully proud of themselves.
They're both loving their lessons, with other classes like swimming, or beavers, they do it for a few months then the novelty wears off and they get bored. They've been doing this for over a year now though and still come out of each lessons buzzing :)
However it went down hill pretty quick from there :( If you live in the uk, then you'll know this week we had snow, and more snow, and then some more snow.
Usually I'm good with this. I love snow, and sitting inside with hot chocolate watching snowfall is magic, but so much fell it first canceled a trip Cameron was looking forward to going on, then my annual retreat with my scrapping friends got cancelled too :( Then to top it off, Cameron didn't get the school he wanted to go to in September. :(
We've done some research and it's not as bad as we thought, we're still appealing but he's not too worried now. Telling him was heartbreaking though, he had his heart set on his first choice and was devestated not to get it.
So all in all there were lots of tears and sadness last week :(
It's Monday though, and a new start :) Kids went to school this morning and I got stuck into the cleaning etc that didn't get done with them being snowed in most of last week. Cameron found out that quite a few of his friends are going to the same school as him and Caitlin did really well in her archery lesson. I'm saying that this week will be a better week :)
So despite not being able to go on my crafty weekend I managed to get 9 layouts done at home. Not quite the 24 target I'd set myself but better than nothing!
This was a super simple one as I wanted the diecut title to be the main focus. Looking at it now I wish I'd put more underneath it but oh well its done now.
Having two girls in the family is weird for me at times. Even though I'm obviously a girl, I never grew up feeling 'less' because of it. However now I have a daughter and a niece I realise how 'male' focused the world actually is. Luckily they're both very confident girls, but I never want them to feel 'less than' just because of their gender.
If I manage to raise a confident, respectful daughter and son I'll have done alright I think :)