Sunday 28 August 2016

The disney force

Hello :) What day are we on now? Sunday, Ok then lol. Feels weird because I did a car boot yesterday and usually that's a Sunday activity.
Was lucky though, we just packed up and the rain started and a CRAZY thunder storm began! Seriously the house was shaking with the thunder, poor Cait was scared and Scamp was going nuts!
Much nicer today though, so plan to carry on sorting the garage now Ive got rid of all the car boot bits. The aim is to get electric installed in there in the new year so we can put a chest freezer out there. That has been the aim since we moved in 7 years ago though so lets wait and see ;)
I did say id share a recent layout today, but I'm going to have to wait on that one again. Weather was dreadful yesterday so no point even trying to get photos, I can share a bargain I bought on Friday though.
Look what I found in TK maxx! £3, sugar paper punches! Never even heard of these, was just browsing the baking section for cookie cutters and spotted them. Cut paper perfectly so I was thrilled!
So not an up to date layout but still a layout to share. I took these photos in Disneyland a few years ago, I love the one of caitlin as it looks like Stitch is actually trying to grab her.
Journaling reads:
We told you both you could pick a toy at the end of our week at Disneyland. On day two though you saw these Stitch soft toys and that was it. they went everywhere with you for the rest of the holiday.
They still have these teddies :) Even though they're older they both love their soft toys. I still have a couple I got before they were born though so I can't say anything about it! :)

Thursday 25 August 2016

You are the light of my life

Seems like ages since I shared something up to date I did, I've actually done 15 layouts so far this week but this is still one I made back in May. Maybe share a new one tomorrow ;)
This photo was taken last year in Mablethorpe. We go on a couple of The Sun £6.50 holidays a year as its cheap, we love it and Scamp can come too!
We're actually going to the same place next month so quite excited about that.
Spent today getting all of the winter clothes down from the loft. Watch a heatwave begin now. lol.

Tuesday 23 August 2016

Make today amazing

Wow its been a long time since I blogged. Looking at past years though August is always a quiet blogging time as obviously there's lot of activities with the kids and day trips.
On top of that Camerons been really difficuilt lately. Not in a misbehaving way, but he's been having so many meltdowns we all feel like we're walking on eggshells. Even my Mum who I think always thought I was making up his moodswings has said shes seen a difference. I don't know if its the lack of routine or what but I can usually see a meltdown before it starts and head it off with some quiet time but these are coming out of nowhere. He got it into his head the other day the house was going to burn down, so we took him around and showed him the smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, gas safety shut off etc to calm him down. Then it was someone breaking in, showed him locks on doors/windows, high fences etc. Then on Wednesday was a major meltdown because he was worried Mark and I would get a divorce because we had been fighting so much! This really confused me as I can't remember the last time we had a fight but when Cam explained we realised when Mark and I teased each other he thought we were fighting.
Thing is, Im as sarcastic as hell and so is Mark. The 'fight' that set Cameron off was earlier in the car where I was singing, mark said I sounded like a dying cat and I said I had a great voice he was just a deaf old man. That was it. We were laughing and none of it was said in an aggressive tone or anything so I didn't think anything of it. In retrospect Caitlin was laughing too and agreeing with her dad (I am a dreadful singer) but Cameron was quiet. I just assumed he was playing Pokemon go on my phone and none of us exsisted.
We had a talk to him and we're trying to be more careful what we say but told him if he's not sure then to ask us if we're fighting or just kidding around. Since then he's been asking all the time, I could be having a normal conversation about what to have for dinner and Cam will ask if I'm ok because I sound stressed, I'll ask Mark to do something and he'll say 'ok in a minute' and Cam will ask if I'm mad at him. It sounds horrible but I'm scared to do or say anything now in case I accidently worry him. We have another meeting with the autism/adhd team at the start of October but thinking I'm going to have to see them before then.
It's not all been bad don't get me wrong, we've had some great day trips and some lovely family time just sitting about watching TV, going out for picnics and dinners etc.
I've also managed a lot of scrapping :) 14 layouts in a week! They're not my best as I've done them with my scraps and 'overflow' embellishment box which never look quite as cohesive and together as my 'kit' ones. My scraps box was overflowing though so needed done!
This is an old one I did with on of my fave Like for ever kits. I loved the papers and wanted to show all sides of them so this layout I saw on pinterest was perfect!
The photo is from a couple of Christmas' ago. We used to have an 'event' calender as well as a chocolate calender, things like making a gingerbread house, going to see the lights turning on in town, going for breakfast etc. The kids are a bit old for the crafty things but they still love the meals out and day trips!
One of our faves is the buffet breakfast at the beefeater near our house. Its really laid back and I can chill out with a coffee while the kids play their ds and eat (their fave past times!) This day was even better as we had just finished our food when I think half the kids class turned up. Not long behind them was Santa!
All the kids were playing in a small room near the tables, talking to santa and getting gifts while the Mums and Dads chatted.
Fueled up with a big breakfast, I spent the rest of the day shopping :) Brilliant day all round!

Saturday 13 August 2016

one confused dog

Today was the big annual garage sale at Burton latimer. We love this sale and always pick up lots of bargains :)
Usually theres a lady selling off some craft stuff but she wasn't there this time :( Still got some good bits though :)
One lady was selling a load of books for 25p. We seemed to have the exact same taste as many of them were on my 'to read' list. I could have bought lots more but I couldn't remember which ones I had already read.
I also bought this bag. It has lots of little pockets and removable inserts so will be perfect for embellishment on crops etc. It's supposed to be for make up I think but I can easily adapt it. Bargain at £1 brand new as I later found it online for £38!
Cameron got a couple of new games, Caitlin some drawing things and I grabbed a few little bits I can put away for Christmas so well worth the trip!
Scamp had a great time too, long walk and lots of people fussing over him. Perfect day in Scamps mind :)
Much better than Caitlins birthday last year lol, he was very confused by the whole thing, though he did enjoy playing with the wrapping paper.
Loved these little frames from last months LFE kit, and the little 'meh' went perfectly with Scamps face!
He'd got the hang of the whole 'gift' situation by Christmas and there were a few parcels for him under the tree ;)

Friday 12 August 2016

Tis the season

OK I know it's August but I'm starting my Christmas planning :)
It's nothing big, just started making an Amazon list of bits and bobs the kids would like so I can keep an eye on if the prices drop enough for it to be a bargain. Also been planing some bits for our Christmas party so yey on that too :)
Other than that today its been housework and a bit of scrapping, very relaxing :)
This wasn't one of the ones I did today but being in a Christmas mood I thought I'd share a Christmas themed layout I did a while ago. I LOVED this Like for ever kit and used every bit I could of it, which took a while as I added quite a lot to it so it was a huge kit!
This layout is one of the kids opening their stockings on our bed. It's tradition that they come and open their stockings first while I go get some coffee and check that santa has been, gives the grown ups time to wake up too ;)
Love these little bows and sequins :) Can't wait to see what kit we get at Christmas this year!

Thursday 11 August 2016

Happy mail

Today was an up and down day, though thankfully more ups than downs :)
Kids were very quiet this morning and both played with their games when they got up. As a result the grown ups managed to sleep in which was a lovely start to the day. Got to love snuggles with my fur baby in the morning.
Mark had a hospital appointment with the brain injury clinic in Wellingbrough. It was a long appointment so the kids took their ds and book to entertain them. Wish I was clever enough to do that as I had nothing to do!
Managed to keep myself entertained looking at Pinterest, thank goodness for smartphones :)
The appointment was pretty much as expected. Marks ability to process information is getting worse so he's been referred to the young persons dementia team. Looking on the bright side I suppose that means we can get some help and I'm not going crazy thinking there's something wrong when there isn't lol.
Coming home I was feeling a bit down so I was so pleased to get this happy mail from a friend. I had bought some add ons for this months LFE kit and split it with another member. She had not only sent me the bits I bought but included these goodies too.
Honestly I'm so lucky to have the online friends that I do. :) I feel very lucky.

Wednesday 10 August 2016

Scavenger hunt catch up

I'm still taking part in the Summer scavenger hunt over at Gallo Organico I've just been dreadful keeping my blog up to date! So here's an update of what I managed to get over the holidays so far.

9. Someone playing with, in, or around water.
Easy to get when we were in Spain! Had lots of photos to pick from but I love this one of me and the kids.

12. A window
I kept an eye out for a pretty window, stained glass or something, but then I took this picture of the kids messing about on the balcony at our hotel. I've no idea what Cameron was saying but Caitlin was cracking up!
Unless I find a pretty window somewhere I love this photo for 'window' despite the best bit being on the other side of it iykwim.

13. The moon
I took a picture of the moon out of the window of the plane, but it ended up really looking bright like the sun rather than the moon :\
I was lazing at the pool one morning and saw the moon over the mountains and thought it made a pretty picture so choose that instead.

15. A team logo
OK I admit I've no idea who this team are! Around the lake at our hotel where stalls where you could buy the usual holiday stuff. One of which were keyrings you could have your name or something stuck into and they had this as an option.

20. Someone laughing
I was going to use the photo of Caitlin for this but then I saw this photo my Mum took at the airport. I've NO idea what was making me laugh so much. I had had a couple of drinks by this point as I'm a nervous flyer and based on Marks face I think I was being a bit loud! Hehe.

21. A photograph of you with a newspaper or calendar page from the time period covered in the Hunt. Note: you may not
use a substitute for this item.
I did try and get a paper with a nice headline but I don't think those exist! This was near the end of the holiday so I'm wearing Marks t-shirt as my back was burnt to a crisp. Ouch!

alternative 2: a baby (human or animal)
I took this photo when we got home. It was my niece Evies birthday so I went up to help set up her gift (xbox 360) and took this shot of my nephew Rylie sitting in his bouncy chair. Made me laugh as my sister was there, saw me take it, but later rung my Mum asking why I'd took a picture as I was being sneaky! Don't think she trusts me ;p

Sunday 7 August 2016

Girls day

Its august! I think it's a sign of getting older when the months just seem to be on fast forward. Last month was super busy including our annual holiday to Spain. Now while we got back at the end of July, I think my brain got left behind, but more on that later!
So the 7th means another challenge over at Challenge YOUrself. This month is an inspiration challenge.
Now I admit I struggle with these ones. I tend to work with a kit each month so if the kit I have out doesn't work with the challenge it's difficuilt. That said that's what these challenges are for!
This painting said 'Autumn' to me, so I pulled out a photo of Scamp at the farm the first Autumn we had him. I took the reds and blues from the painting and dug out a kit to match, and made this layout.
Remember how I said my brain got left behind? Do you see the problem with this layout for a Challenge YOUrself challenge?! Yep, I'm not in it!! Well technically that is my foot Scamp is leaning on but I don't think that counts. *sigh*
So challenge attempt take two. I used a kit I've been trying to kill and I knew had some watercolour effect embellishments in similar to the effect in the painting. So I did this layout.
Look, there I am there, in the blue top, hiiiiiiiii.
So please join in with our challenge this month, using a photo of YOU (key thing there I've learned) and the picture as inspiration. I can't wait to see what you make! :)

Tuesday 2 August 2016


Today has been a busy day. Was our 'payday' so all the bills ect and shopping needed to be done.
First though I took the kids to the cinema :)
Our local was showing 'Angry birds' cheap so was a cheap morning out. Caitlins friend Paige slept over last night and as the weather was dreadful it was the best way to get them out of the house and out of Marks hair! lol.
Was a better film than I expected to be honest, Cameron loved it but with a bird that farted fireballs I'm not really surprised.
Once home I spent most of the rest of the day on the computer. To save cash I do as much of my shopping online as I can do so that kept me busy. I did have some company though :)
Tomorrow we're off to the Robin hood festival in Nottingham. Mark and I went before way before the kids were born so looking forward to going again. Supposed to be really hot so making the most of it and taking a picnic too!

Monday 1 August 2016


So I've been missing in action again, but this time I have a good excuse :) I got back from Spain a few days ago and this is the first time I've actually had a chance to sit down and blog.
It was a brilliant holiday. Very hot, so lots of time in and around the pool lol. The excursions were so expencive so we only went on two. One to a theme park, the highlight of which was a trip to Costa for me, and one where we went to a ranch and rode horses.
It was a great holiday, and meant all the more as I think it will be the last one we will be having. Money is getting tighter for everyone so we made sure it was special. :)
Money became even more of an issue when we got home and the washing machine broke on the first day back!
Got to laugh :p
Turned out to be a blessing though as when we went to the Argos warehouse to get a new one, not only was there one £150 cheaper than we thought but I found the bed Cam wanted for £30!!!!! Bargain!