Friday 27 April 2012

My tidy desk :)

Ok, well after much tidying, chucken and moving things about my desk has been sorted again. lol. I do this at least every couple of months, love the layout then get bored and do it again, hopefully it will stick a bit now as I've got rid of the pc and have things much more at hand than I did. Plus lots more space :) This is not on the right hand side of my desk, where the computer used to be. The clear boxes with clear lids are Marks, lol, full of warhammer than doesnt get touched *rolls eyes* In the middle on the top are my patterned papers and a few page kits I've made up, on the bottom is most of my cardstock. The boxes on the right hand side hold tags, letters, ribbon etc. :) the letter holder on top used to be full of old paperwork and recipts but using it to hold my half finished layouts now. Probably be full soon, lol.
Top of my desk. :) Have my slice to hand which will hopefully encorage me to use it more often. The striped boxes have random embellishments and scrap paper, and my netbook is in that tiny little black case. SO much better than when I had my huge pc screen.
Under my desk are all my letters! This took me AGES to sort out but worth it I think. Most of my unfinished layouts just need titles which I avoid as hate dragging all these boxes out of the garage but hopefully now they're more to hand I'll use them more. The pink bag hold all my tools and my cuttlebug is down there too.
This is the part of my desk i see the most. :) So all my dies, mists and my most use punches are to hand. On top is the tinkerbell clock mark got me in Disney last year, the canvas I made at Sarahs cards retreat last November, and the mickey mouse snowglobe Mark bought me when we got married :)
Last bit, lol. I love these flip foward drawers, so useful for flowers, twine and things like buttons and dew drops. Marks agrees which is why the left hand side is full of warhammer, again untouched. lol.
I've got drawers full of stuff too but think thats enough waffling on. SO tired today, been putting marshmallows on sticks and other little bit for the party tomorrow. Kids are so excited :) Was out late last night too as Mark and I went to see the Avengers film. VERY good film, very 'iron man' ish with sarcastic humor but still good action. Wouldnt mind going again! lol

Thursday 26 April 2012

Tag swap

I made these ages ago for a swap I'm in but just haven't got around to posting them yet! On the list for today lol. I wanted to use up some random letters which I'm sure we all have lying around. I quite like the effect but think I'll use a brighter mist next time.
Well this morning I have a little visitor :)
My sister has an interview for a childcare course so I'm watching Lillie for a bit. It's the first time I've had her with no other kids around and shes SO quiet! Might be different when Uncle Mark gets home though, lol, she absolutly adores him and is constantly dragging him off to play. This afternoon its coffee with my mum then tonight we're off to the cinema to see the avengers film. :) Marks very excited bless him. I'm hoping I'll like it as I love the iron man films but not been impressed with the other marvel movies. to be honest I think its Robert Downy jr who makes it so good, he's funny and lets face it not too bad to look at. lol. Right well I'm being pulled into the kitchen for what I think is crisps so better run!

Wednesday 25 April 2012


Ok I'm kinda cheating now, lol. Its 'whats on your workdesk wednesday' but as I'm still sorting my stuff and reorganising I dont want to show my desk just yet lol. So instead I'll share the newest thing on my desk.
I LOVE my new Netbook. Saves so much space and I can go on it when I'm scrapping on the floor too. :) plus it's purple. Never thought I'd be one of those girls who buys technology based on it's colour but shows what I know! lol. Had a heart attack yesterday, mum phoned me and was asking if I'd picked up Cameron yet. I said no was on my way, but she kept asking, if he was ok, does the school look ok, until she admitted an air ambulence had landed in the playground earlier that day!! Obviously the school has my number but sisters ex has been giving me hassle so had my phone off that afternoon. The wait for the gates to open so I could go get him has never been so long! Luckily Camerons fine. I don't know really what had happened but Cameron said someone fell and hit their head. Must have been a heck of a fall though to send the air ambulence out :( makes you hug your kids that bit harder. Party bags day today! Done most of them just got to finish them off. Hoping I'll have enough for everyone, I've done 60 so fingers crossed. Theres a lot of family kids going so if worst comes to worst I'll make them some the day after. Heres hoping anyway. Weathers horrible here, sitting enjoying a coffee and fresh crossant. Its my 'day off' the diet today as should have been weigh in this morning but its my 'star week' so I don't even look, lol. Usually a 3lb gain this week which knocks my confidence so I ignor it, lol. 2lb off my stone loss though and fit into loads of clothes which were too tight before so very happy with it so far :)

Tuesday 24 April 2012

Getting excited now :)

well yesterday went well, sister got the injunction no problem so just waiting for the ex to be served with it now, think hes gonna be a bit peeved to say the least so hoping he gets it soon and get that drama over and done with! Quietish day planned today, kids at school/nursery this morning so just doing housework, then this afternoon got to pick up some letters fro the benefits office, then getting a few last minute bits for my babies birthday party on Saturday. :) Had a few more RSVPs so getting quite excited about it now. not much left to do as done most of the party bags (ran out of lollies) and bought most of the food (obviously not sandwiches and fruit yet lol) so just the last minute bits to do :)
as well as that I'm still sorting my craft stuff. The main reason for this is that I'm currently blogging on my new, adorable little netbook! My pc has been acting up for ages and I just never use it anymore. But Marks been saving and got a new graphics card for his computer, so he and his friend took some old bits from his and fixed my pc so we sold it and bought me this! I'm thrilled with it as I only use it to blog and go on facebook so a netbook is fine for me and takes up much less space so more room for stash ;) Im quite excited about getting all my alphas in from the garage lol. Whenever I use up most of the alphas on a sheet, or all the E's or something I cut them out and put them into takeaway boxes, one for A's, one for B's etc. It makes it a lot easier to find a title but takes up a LOT of space, now I've made some I can bring them back in :) Does mean I need to sort out the big pile of half used alphas I've just had sitting about though so that's my nighttime job at the moment, lol

Hoping my desk will be all sorted by the weekend and I can actually start scrapping again next week! lol

Monday 23 April 2012

New week new start

OK! well its been a pretty dire week, bad news and drama from every angle and I don't know if Cailtins going through a phase or just misses Cameron now hes back at school but OMG shes been a devil child! Constantly talking and literally hanging on my leg at times, and doing daft things like drawing all over her face in felt pen and tipping her dinner on the floor. Its like shes actually regressing. Anyway its done and I'm determined this week is going to be more positive. I've been on a major spring clean, like I do everytime things are difficuilt lol, and starting to see the results of it now. For example I actually sorted out the huge pile of layouts that were all over the bottom of my wardrobe.

And I'm currently in the midle of tidyign my desk, lots more to do there! lol

So plenty to keep me busy :) Off to court today with my sister to try and get an injunction on her ex. Never been to court before so NO idea what thats like, lol, only seen it on tv and I don't think its really like that is it? ah well, fingers crossed that goes well!!

Monday 16 April 2012

Almost back to normal!

Well very almost back to normal! As fun as its been this half term I think everyones ready for Cameron to go back to school, lol. Poor Marks exsausted and I've really struggled to keep up with the housework. We've also had a spate of bad news recently too which has put a bit of a damper on things. Marks benifits got knocked back again so now we have to go to appeal, plus his operation (that he had in FEBRUARY) still hasnt healed so we dont know if he'll be allowed to go on holiday with us next month. :( And even if he is allowed he certainly won't be allowed to go into the sea or one of the 27 pools the hotel has :(
On a more positive note Mark and I celebrated our 6 year anniversery last week. :) We didn't do much as it was a Friday so couldnt get a sitter but made a nice meal and watched some tv together so that was nice, lol. During the day I was 'working' but was fun work as we all went to a local farm and as it was a whole day thing I could take Mark and the kids with me. Cameron loved feeding the baby lambs. :)

We were lucky with the weather too as it stayed dry all day then the heavens opened as soon as we got home.

Well as its the last day we're taking Cameron to get his hair cut, then to the park and a KFC for dinner I think :) Back to school tomorrow!!!

Tuesday 10 April 2012

Stash busting

Well past few nights I've been trying to use up some of my scraps, in a whole 2 bird with one stone thought I also decided to scrap some of my non-photo items. Somehow though I've done a pile of layouts and chucked out loads of tiny bits of paper, my scraps box doesn't look any emptier! Can paper breed? lol
Anyway this is one I did of a piece of work from Cameron nursery. He was playing at the cutting table and put two pieces of paper together and announced he'd made a diamond :) Clever boy. Its actually a nicer layout in real life, looks a bit orange in the photo. lol

Quick one of Caitlins mothers day card she made for me this year.

And Camerons, I love that square grid paper, wish I had more of it! lol

Plan to add journal ling to this on the notebook paper I used as the background. In Camerons class they have different reading groups but obviously rather than tell the kids who is the 'cleverest' they are different Mr men. This is the group camerons in, which incidentally is the top group :) I wont tell the kids that though, lol.

This is the card Mark made me for mothers day last year. I love looking at these and seeing how their writing is improving. Cameron could just about do his name in his last year, this year its full sentences :)

Well had that interview this morning to see if I should be working, do admit I was worried about it but the lady was really nice and said clearly its not right for me at the moment. She even gave me advice on how to appeal if Marks benifits get shot down again. :) So thats one worry off my mind, still plenty more in there though! lol

Monday 9 April 2012

Easter :)

Well Easter weekend is almost over. Half of me is relieved lol, too much sugar and not enough space to run around has made a very hyper little boy! Hes been dancing around this morning singing 'I've got a Daddy!' Why this is suddenly news to him I have no idea lol. Hoping to stay home this morning and get the house sorted a bit but can see it being a struggle to keep the kids occupied.
Yesterday we went to my mums house for an Easter egg hunt. The weather did spoil things a bit as obviously all kids were stuck in the house. Made a change from last year where they were all in Summer dresses and playing in the garden! Still had the same bunny masks though. lol

Caitlin refused to wear hers so I did it for her. No I can't see if you're wondering, lol.

Stop for food.

Lillie was stuck to Marks side again. :) Was nice to play with her again today as we had to take her to hospital Friday as she got into my sisters medicine cupboard and has a very funny turn. :( By the time we got to hospital though she was her bubbly self so they said just to keep an eye on her.

Have a 'work focused interview' tomorrow. Designed to get me back into work if the government thinks I should be. Must admit I am terrified they'll say Marks ok to watch the kids while i work. If they do the only option is for Mark and I to split and live separately as theres no way he could be a stay home dad. Last week he had both kids for 3 hours while I did my volunteering and took him two days to recover! Will wait and see though, no point worrying just yet! On a happier note its our wedding anniversary Friday, yes we married on the 13th, lol, didnt realise it at the time as was a rush job as Mark was really ill and not expected to last the week. That was 6 years ago. Got to love drs. lol.

Friday 6 April 2012

Busy day :)

Well a fun busy day yesterday. :) First took the kids to see 'Puss in boots' at the cinema. Its an old film yeah but its part of their 'kids club' so was only £5 for the four of us :) Gets them out for a bit and if I'm honest I liked it too, lol. afterwards I'm met my mum for lunch then picked up Mollie for a sleepover. Glad we've got nothing planned today as poor Mark needs a rest! Didnt make it to swimming the other night as the kids were SO hyper and I wasn't feeling 100% so didnt feel like I could handle them on my own at the swimming pool iykwim. Hopefully Mark will be healed enough next week to be able to come with us.
These are some more layouts I did on the retreat :) This was actually the last one I did and wanted to use up some scraps, turned out one of my faves, lol.

I took inspiration from Lous class and made each circle different.

Another last minute one i did, really simple as to be honest I was shattered by this point! lol.

An attempt to use up some letters here lol. This was taken after Camerons first day at school, poor boy needed a rest I think.

Lots of hidden journaling on this one. This was Mollie birthday last year, this was the last time we were all together as the day before my sister was arrested and spent the day in prison, so I made the cake and we sorted out this picnic or poor Mol would have had nothing. Was a little while after her and Paul split too so quite an important photo.

Last one for now, did this for the sketch challenge on the saturday night. I loved this ice cream on another paper so cut it out and embellished it a bit.

Well not too much planned this weekend, have a couple of cards to make tonight and a box to decorate as Caitlins got a birthday party tomorrow, hopefully the weather will be better so we can go out at some point :)

Wednesday 4 April 2012


Wow, amazing to think last week the kids had their t-shirts and hats on to keep the sun out of their eyes. This morning its POURING it down! Kids always seem to be in a bad mood when its raining, no idea why as they were out all day yesterday so not even like they have cabin fever. lol.
Anyway, onto WOYWW. Havent done this in a while but since the retreat my mojo is slowly coming back a bit so trying to get back into it. My scraps box is over flowing again so went through it last night and chucked all the papers I didnt like or were too tiny to do much with. Still left with a lot though. lol.

Tonight is mine and Marks 'date night' so won't be doing anything tonight, then tomorrow my neice is staying so hopefully will start making things with this box Friday lol.
To try and keep my mojo going I joined a group on UKS called sketchy scrappers. Each moth a member sets a sketch for us all to use, this month was Jess and this is what she set.

Now I admit as much as I loved the sketch I'm not too fond of this layout. I fell into the trap of doing a little bit each night as the kids were so unsettled so it got to the point where I just got bored of it and stuck it all down. Still its done and its not too bad I guess.

Well got 'work' this morning and swimming this afternoon then pizza tonight with hubby :) its my day off the diet so looking forward to that. lol. Was pleased this morning as managed to lose the weight I gained last week from pigging out, the retreat and TOTM, so weight loss currently looks like this:
Week 1 - -9lb (wow!)
Week 2 - -2lb
Week 3 - +5.5lb (woops, lol)
Week 4 - -5.5lb so back to normal now :) Aiming to lose 2 stone by the time we go on holiday at the end of next month so fingers crossed!

Tuesday 3 April 2012

coffee, yum. :)

Well here I sit this morning, blogging while nursing my third cup of coffee. I swear that coffee maker was the best Christmas gift Mark ever got me, that and my Keep cup. :) Wonder what it says about me that two of my favourite possessions are coffee related. lol. I remember when I was younger and I couldn't walk past a coffee shop as the smell made my stomach turn, now I'm older and it's my favourite part of the day! God I feel old now. lol.
Quite pleased as I've managed to bribe Cameron with his ds and get a fair bit of housework done this morning; still plenty on my to do list though! Haven't made one of those in a while but you know me, love my lists lol. Must admit it's making me feel better, since I came back form my retreat I've struggled to get back into the swing of things, I was only gone for 4 days but when I got back there were parties, illness' and now half term. Mostly fun stuff yeah (except poorly people obviously lol) but I like my routine and things have certainly felt disjointed and messy! Hmmm, wonder where Cameron gets it from? lol. Speaking of Cameron my wee man has been a star this morning. We're out all afternoon with Caitlin having her immunisations done and then getting her hair cut (we'll see the wisdom of doing both in the same day later I'm sure) so wanted to make a dent in things this morning. He's sat so nicely and played with his toys and let me get on :) Promised him a cinema night tonight to say thank you for it and he's all excited bless him. lol. Their easter gift came this morning, the new Alvin and the chipmunks dvd, so gonna make a picnic dinner and put that on I think :) Right better get on with this list as got to pick up little lady soon, but thought I'd share a photo of our last cinema night first :)

Monday 2 April 2012

Spring fun :)

Well meds seem to be kicking in and kids seem to be getting a bit better :) As Cameron missed his easter bonnet day at school on Friday we invited my niece round on Saturday to have a little crafting session at home. :)

Kids had a great time and all made pretty bonnets. :) Took loads of photos but pretty much all of them they were making daft faces! lol

Sunday we had planned to take the kids to our local car boot sale, but Cameron didnt sleep very well the night before so let him lie in. As it was still a nice day we took them up town and got a few bits, both kids were really well behaved so treated them to a mcdonalds :) Afterwards we took their scooters out and rode down to the lake to feed the ducks. The sun was streaming through the trees so got some beautiful photos of them. :)

They soon got tired as it was a bit of a ride so they decided to walk a bit. Was so sweet to see them walking together and then suddenly hold hands and just walk along chatting :)

Was a really nice family day out :) Have lots planned for the next few weeks so hopefully more nice family days! :)