Wednesday 31 August 2011


Well Monday was ironing and housework, Tuesday was social services meetings with sister (argh!) and dr with a chickenpox covered, very feverish caitlin! Today..... well I'll see how it goes then share todays plan! However, thanks to my lovely supportive hubby I've managed to fit in some reading and scrapping so not all bad. :) Hopefully going to do some more tonight as feeling creative but considering its 10am and I'm struggling to keep my eyes open I'm not so sure, lol. So on my desk at the moment are two sets of papers I;m currently working with. The pile in the plastic bag is this months Sarahs cards kit, which I surprising love as it's not the kind of thing I'd buy for myself iykwim. But I suppose that's a good thing about kits. :) The pile underneath is LOTS of American crafts papers. I love these as while they're all different ranges they all go together really well. have loads of them though so trying to put a bit of a dent in it. lol.

Well as I said I've managed some scrapping. :) Before Caitlin got sick we've been treating the kids by letting them 'camp out' which basically means letting them take their matresses downstairs, making a 'tent' from bedsheets and the couch and sleeping in it :) Obviously I don't like them sleeping down there alone so had a couple of late nights at my desk and sleeping on the couch! Both of these are scraplifts from the DT booklet but cant remember who so sorry! (I know I'm dreadful for that)
LOVE this photo of my two and Mollie at Disney this year. :) All trying to pull the sword form the stone. :) Think it was one of my favorites from the week.

This 'love disney' ribbon is actually from some pjs Mark bought me a few christmas' ago. Kept it for an occasion just such as this :) lol

Another disney one :) Now every now and again I decide I have too much of one type of ebellishments, buttons, ribbon etc, so I'll get the box of whatever it is out and try and use a bit on each layout. This time it's bling. I've got a big bag of all kids of it but usually love it too much to use! Managed to use a bit on these two and another two I did though. Still got plenty left! lol

Used some pins too, and a bling swirl. that was hard, lol. Usually just keep those to look at!

Well I've got to make a Thank you card tonight. Not great at cards so nervous but will give it a go. Its Camerons last day at nusery tomorrow. He's been going since he was 9 months so going to get some chocs to say thanks. Then he starts school next week, next week!! Can't belive my baby is starting school! I'm gonna be a mess. lol. Is it too early to start on the wine? lol.

Sunday 28 August 2011

Date night with mum, lol

Well last night Lillies dad had her overnight. Which gave my mum a MUCH needed break from babysitting. As a result I think she was a bit desperate to get out of the house so we went out for dinner and a movie. Obviously we wanted to see something funny rather than weepy so mum suggested The inbetweeners movie. :)

I'm a huge fan of the tv show so yep, great, fine with me. :) Wasn't until I had booked the tickets and we were halfway there my mum pipes up with 'So what's this about then? It isn't like American pie is it? That was just daft!' OMG mum!!! I thought she'd seen the tv show too but turns out shes just heard the girls at work say it was good! So that's me in a panic, mums one night out and shes going to see a film shes going to hate! But we'd booked it now so went in anyway.
Anyone who's seen The inbetweeners will know what its like, well the film is worse, lol. In the opening scenes theres swearing, porn, and Jay masturbating with ham while wearing a snorkel and mask. My mum was cracking up! Never thought I'd be so glad to see my mum laughing at that!

Friday 26 August 2011

got to calm down now. lol

ok so I've gone a bit mental this week, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday I've been up town *ahem* Christmas shopping. Ok so I know theres a lot of people who would cheerfully have me lynched for that but I needed some retail therapy and except for the new shoes I bought Caitlin, and the new kettle I got we didn't need anything! Didn't want to buy things just for the sake of it so went a bit mad getting toys for the kids. Now finished for the kids and got a couple of bits for Mark so feeling good about that :) Wont when the credit card bill comes in but hey ho will deal with that then. lol
Haven't done much scrapping lately as have been reading more but did this one of the kids at the farm. The wooden bunny sticks are plant pot labels the kids made. Not going to use them as don't do much gardening so thought id use them here. :)

Drama with my sister is ongoing so still helping take care of Lillie. :)

Well tonight Camerons at my mums and Marks making himself scarce so just me and my girly :) Lots of princess films and cuddles I think. :)

Monday 22 August 2011

Past few days

I'm SO busy at the moment, between phone calls, finding information and day to day housework barely get a minute! I don't mind though, all for a Good reason plus I thrive on being busy, get too bored if theres nothing to do. lol. On that note I'm off to the town this afternoon to meet up with another mum from Netmums. Her son is starting school the same time as Cameron so I'm going to get some shopping then meet her for a coffee. :) Got to get ready so thought I'd do a quick photo post to recap the past few days. :)
Made 'magic hot dog pasta' for the kids. Cameron hates pasta so when I saw this idea on pintrest I thought it was worth a shot! Its basically dried spaghetti pushed through cut up hot dogs, then cooked. He actually had seconds! Will be making it again :)

Took care of Lillie. Was nice having a baby in the house. Forgot how hard naptime was though, lol. She was so tired but refused to give in, she'd lie quietly for a moment, I'd think she was asleep, then she'd giggle, look up and say 'hiya!' lol

Calmed the children with chocolate biscuits and 'Curious george' on tv so I could tidy up a bit. :)

Oh well, at least one is smiling.

Well tomorrow Marks at hospital and kids are at nursery so have the House to myself. :) Hopefully get the housework done today so can chill out a bit :)

Thursday 18 August 2011

Layout, just the one. lol

I did do 3 last night but in the light of day I don't like two so going to change them. lol. Think I was distracted as I was watching twilightat the same time. lol.
Was planning on finishing them both off today but bloody sister kicked up again and I had to go get the girls off her. Well I say off her she'd dissapeared in the middle of the night and left them with her ex who was none too pleased. On the bright side the older two have gone to thier dad and the youngest will be with ym mum as social services now agree she's an unfit mother. So at least things are moving forward. :)
Anyway, during my clearout I found a load of American crafts papers I forgot I had. Just after christmas my local TK maxx had a load of American crafts kits with papers, embellies and an album for £5. Now while I didnt really need the papers I did need the album refills which are £6 on their own, so -£1 and I got papers and bits, no brainer really. lol. I love american crafts papaers as they're really bright and versitile I think. :) So this is the first one, Nice and simple one of the kids at disneyland.

Well I did start this post hours ago but have sense been to sisters and had abuse hurled at me. Time for some New moon and chocolate me thinks :)

Wednesday 17 August 2011

My workdesk. :)

Ok so after about the 18th clear out I'm happy with my desk. :) For the moment anyway. lol.
I've had to be a bit ruthless, and pick the dies, punches, mists etc I use the most, and put these out and the rest in boxes under the desk or in drawers. While the OCD part of me hates having some punches in one area and some in another it does mean I use the ones which are out more.

LOVE these! Mark bought some for his spare warhammer bits and bobs (the two on the left) and I thought they were great so bought a couple for myself. :) £5 each, bargain!

This is the main part of my desk. note the cuttlebug and Slice now both close to hand. :) Also have my mini ipod player by my monitor. Not used the ipod in months though so really need to update the music on it. lol

And the best bit, I'm no longer shoved behind the couch!!! I've always hated that so rearranged the living room so the couch is now on the other side of the room. Love it, opens it up so much more. :) Poor hubby had to put a load of his stuff in the garage as the couch no longer hid it all (those white dwarf magazines going next lol) but I'm well pleased. :)

Well poor camerons off nursery with chicken pox. :( He had a bit of a temp and sneezing Monday night but was full of beans next morning so sent him in thinking he was fine. Got a call a few hours later, covered in spots! Felt so guilty but apart from one on his tummy he says hurts he seems fine with it. :) He was more worried about his nipples disappearing as he has one spot next to one and I put cream on it to 'make the spots disappear' and he panicked thinking his nipples would go too! Bless him. lol

Monday 15 August 2011

more layouts from iphone lol

Well I'm hoping I didn't plug in the charger right because if not my camera broken. lol. No big deal if it is, hubby intelligently bought me insurance on it when he bought me it nearly 2 years ago now. Gone through quite a few cameras since then so worth its weight in gold! Unfortunately means more Iphone photos.
This layout I did last night in between ironing, wanted to kick myself as I had a sheet of die cuts which I've had for months. I took the car, tree and houses off and screwed up and threw away the rest. Then I looked at the blue house and realised I'd thrown away the door. Woops!

This is one I did a little while ago but needed a title. It's from when we went berry picking at a local farm. I didn't take a photo of Caitlin as she was honestly just purple. lol.

Now you'll notice that a lot of my layouts have these flowers on. Well I finally treated myself to the Tim Holtz flower die which makes these. I've wanted one for ages so decided to take the plunge. I love it! so relaxing sitting making flowers. lol. The cherry is one a friend sent me ages ago. :)

Spot the flower again? lol. Love the colours on this layout. its from Christmas when the kids were waiting not so patiently for dinner.

Another one from the crop. This was a scraplift but not sure who did it as I've thrown the booklet away now. I think it was Rachel But don't quote me on it. lol. Oh and those aren't marks at the top of the layout, I just need to clean my windows. Who said it was a good idea to put a sand table in front of the window?

This one I remember was Rachel E :) I love these photos as it shows how well trained hubby is. lol. When he was at the farm with the kids he asked them to point up and down just so I could do this layout. :) Got to love him. :)

Well big to do list today, including post office and getting a photo taken to renew my driving license. Eugh, hate the town during the summer holidays. Oh well, better hop to it!

Sunday 14 August 2011


Saturday was my monthly crop. I havent been in a while but forced myself to go this month and really pleased I did. :) wasn't as nervous as I thought I'd be and had a great time. I also managed 6 layouts using an old kit. ut first a couple of layouts I did at home the night before. Photos arn't great as I still havent charged my camera yet so these were tkane with my phone. lol
Photo of Caitlin from christmas. The black paper is actually black glittered which wile looks great NOTHING will stick to! lol, actually had to use a glue gun to make the paper stick. Made it a bit 3d though which ended up looking cool.

This was taken after 'dads group' one week. they had made their own pizza and Caitlin was covered in the sauce! ended up having to throw away her top but the jacket got clean. lol. Love her face here so used the title 'Hello, I'm eating here!'

These are some I did at the crop, I used Septembers Sarahs cards kit which was Jillybean soup. I usually don't like their papers as they're a bit more muted than my usual choices but loved these layouts. Also LOVE the spotty thickers. got to find more of these :) This is an old layout of the kids at Butlins dancing with Barney. :)

One of the papers was covered in lots of little birdhouses which was perfect to cut out for this layout. This was when we went to see santa last christmas. He was at a large garden center and I was amazed at how many birds had flown inside and were eating all the food for sale. lol. They were so tame too, kids would just walk up to them and stroke them.

This is another photo from Butlins with the layout scraplifted from Rachel in the SC booklet. I think I might have scrapped this photo before, but as she fell asleep more then once might have been a different night! lol.

I did do more layouts that this but the rest need finishing touches, like titles or outlining so will share tomorrow. :)
Enjoyed using this kit, not used kits in a while as had so many odd bits and bobs to use up.

Friday 12 August 2011

When I get upset I get dangerous

More on the title in a moment. lol. On Sunday I took part in a 12 mile walk to raise money for a friends son who has muscular dystophy. The walking part was fine as I walk lots anyway, but about halfway through it became very clear I needed new trainers. OMG the blisters! Theres a bit on the back of one of them where the fabric has wore off and the plastic was rubbing against my heel. By the end my shoe was covered in blood. ow! But I did it so was pleased with myself. :) Felt so guilty the next day though as we were supposed to be takign the kids to a nature park, but as I couldnt put my shoes on for the pain that was right out. lol. So we asked them what they wanted to do instead. They picked baking in the morning, lunch in a resturant and a cinima afternoon at home. :) Easy enough :) So baking came first.

After making Dora and Thomas cakes, and playing in the bath to get rid of all the icing I let them pick what to wear to lunch. Caitlin LOVES this outfit as it comes with a 'crown' how cute does she look! They both looked so sweet I had to take some photos.

Too grown up.


We went to the Harvester for lunch. They both love it there because of the free salad. They love going out to dinner really, not sure what that says about my cooking. lol. Nice picture of me and Caitlin. :)

Now back to the title. Well when I get upset or worried I either cook or clean. Lately things outside of my house have been daft. Sister getting into more trouble, Mum and I not even talking (which will make Turkey interesting!) Well the freezers full so cooking was out, so I went to cleaning. From Marks perspective, this is even worse, lol. He knows I'll get something into my head and won't let it go. When he was first admitted to hospital for his illness I ripped the worksurface and plumbing out of the utility room, repainted it, and replaced the lot. Keeps me busy but works out pricy for him. lol. As we're skint atm I'm having to be more creative (and stay away from the catalogs! lol) so this week I've redid the hallway and reearranged the living room. Also had a anothe big declutter and clearout. :) Seriously need a trip to the tip but liking the results. :)
Also been doing some scrapping but cameras dead so will need to share that tomorrow. lol

Monday 8 August 2011

blogging from hubbys computer

My computer has been acting up for a while, showing a blue screen then restarting. Now its saying something about the grapics card so my more technically minded friends think I need a new one. So I'll be blogging from hubbys computer for the time being. :)
Down side of that is I don't have any photos on here yet, lol, so will be a typing post.
Yesterday I did a 12 mile walk in aid of a friends son who has duchenne muscular dystrophy. I ache a bit this morning but OMFG do my ankles hurt! I had 2 big blisters which this morning are a lot worse. I feel so guilty as we were supposed to be going to a park today with the kids but as I can barely walk not the best idea. lol. So I'm letting them run the show today. :) They've picked baking for this morning, picnic in the garden lunch then a 'cinima at home' afternoon. So lots of sweets and daft films I'm thinking. lol

Thursday 4 August 2011

Ugh, how did I get a cold in August!?

Morning all. :) Well yesterday went really well. :) Everyone seemed to have fun and Caitlin was really well behaved which always pleases me no end. A friend was there with her baby who I spent some time holding and taking care of, Caitlin was NOT impressed with this! 'Why are you holding the baby mummy? The baby wants to go back in its buggy mummy!' lol. I think she likes being the baby in the family. Well woke up this mornng feeling like hell. I was stuffed up last night but thought it was just hayfever. Apprently not, everything aches and my head feels like its stuffed with cotton wool. Got to love my hubby, keeps bringing me tea bless him. Hes so british. lol. Anyway, managed a little scrapping yesterday Decided to do a simple challenge from uks. Rules were:
Use a punch 10 points - Bubble bath on the corners
Use numbers in your title 10 points - done
Include Hidden Journalling 10 points - on the back. :)

I'm not sure about this one. I wanted it to be simple so didnt use too many different papers, but used bling spirals to add intrest. I've got loads of little pearls and bits to use up so thought this would be a good way of doing it.

Well have a scan at hospital this morning so got to go get ready for that. joy, really just want to crawl back into bed! lol

Wednesday 3 August 2011

More layouts. :)

I've noticed recently my style of scrapping has changed. I used to scrap really quickly but without a huge amount of detail as, if I'm honest, I couldnt be bothered. lol. I was more quantity than quality. I think the amount of stash needing to be used and photos needing to be scrapped was quite daunting. However lately I've been trying new, more time consuming things and I love it! This is a perfect example. lol. This was scraplifted from Rachael Elliot in the SC design booklet. The edge around the circle was made by punching strips of paper, then carefully sticking them around the edge. Was fiddly and took a while but looks great I think. :)

Little details like wrapping twine and a charm around the frame I wouldnt have done before either, plus I've always been too scared to use my bling as its so pretty and I didnt want to waste it! So lots of walls broken down in this layout. lol. Plus it didn't take me too much longer than usual. Usually its about an hour for one layout, this one was only about an hour 45. :) Love the title 'Hats love' Mark actually came up with it, hes good with titles for some reason. lol

This is the birthday card Cameron and Caitlin 'made' for me for my birthday. I don't usually scrap them as they make me so much (and daddy obviously made this more than them, lol) but inside they both wrote their names all by themselves! so certainly worth scrapping I think. :)

Well on Sunday we went to the car boot sale. Not been in ages and took a picnic so we could play in the park afterwards. Managed to pick up a few toys for chirstmas and this hungry hungry hippos. Now while my ears regret buying it the kids certinaly love it! lol

Ok well off to rockingham castle to help out with a sure start picnic today. Cameron didn't want to go so its just me and Caitlin. Hopefully the weather will stay dry!