Monday, 17 May 2010

How to make flowers.

Afternoon everyone. Well as promised here is a tutorial how to make some flowers. :) Now this is the first time I've tried to do anything like this so be kind, lol. Took as many photos as possible to illustrate the point. Hope its helpful!
Well first thing is the equipment you will need. First a 6 petal flower punch/die/template to cut out, some form of liquid glue (glossy accents works great) some scissors, a toothpick or pricking tool, and some paper. Now with the paper its best to use a good weight double sided paper. Flimsy papers dont hold their shape very well and double sided papers look better, lol. For this I'm only using one sided so I can show where the folds would be.

Ok, so step one is to punch or cut out 3 flowers. Then fold each of them across the lines shown below. No need to draw anything this is just to make it easier to see the folds. :)

Ok, from flower number one make a small cut to the middle between two petals. Only cut to the middle where the folds meet dont cut it in half.
On flower two cut out one petal as shown.
On flower three cut out two petals together as shown.
Keep the petals you've cut out we'll use these later.

On each flower, put a little glue onto one of the petals beside the cut/gap where you've cut petals out (call this petal A). Then glue the petal on the other side of the cut/gap to Petal A. So you should now have 2 petals on top of each other looking like one. This will result in 3 flowers as below. If you look closely at flowers 2 and 3 you can see where I've glued them.

Cut a small hole at the bottom of each flower.

Take your pricking tool or toothpick, and carefully curve the tops of the petals around it. Try and make quite a tight curl (but not a roll) as this will look better later.

Your flowers should now look like this.

Ok now this is hard to explain just through text, but I'll give it a shot! Take the two petals cut out earlier and your pricking tool. Curl the tops of the petals as done on the previous flowers. Now, put your pricking tool on the side of one of the petals and curl it in towards the middle. Do the same to the other side. Almost like trying to make it into a loveheart shape. Once you'v done this hold it at the bottom like a cone and just use your fingers to tease the curls at the top so it looks like below. (yes this is a different paper but the pink didnt really show up at all on closeup) This is now flower 4

Almost there! Put some glue around the base of flower two. (the 4 petal one) and put it inside flower one (5 petals) The easiest way to do it now is to hold it together and put some glue inside the middle and put flower 3 (3 petals) inside. turn them around untill you are happy with the position of the petals. Put a little more glue inside and push flower 4 in. You will probably need to use a little force here to push it through the hole at the bottom but thats fine. Some of this flower will poke out the bottom creating a little stick. DONT cut this off yet. Its really handy if you plan to decoate the flower later. Ok, it should now look like this.

Thake the single petal you cut out at the beginning and curl it around your pricking tool making a little tube.

Push this into the middle of your flower. And done!

Hope these are easy to follow. I've tried to be as clear as I can. You can now decorate as you wish, or just cut the 'stick' off to make a flat base and stick to anything you want. You can make with lots of different papers

And can also decorate in lots of ways. Which I will show in my next post later on. :) Thanks for reading. if you do follow this I'd lov to see what you come up with. :)


  1. What a fantastic tutorial, I'll definatly be having a go at this just as soon as I've picked up some glossy accents.
    I'll let you know when they're done.
    Take Care - Ju xx

  2. Just had to say what a fab tutorial, really clear and great pics to follow! they are cute flowers....I'll have a go when I have a bit more time!! x

  3. They look great. I will have to try this sometime :)

  4. oh wow i love the flowers,they look fab. :0)

  5. That looks great Gemma - now need to get a six petal punch - I have loads of flower punches and dies but not that one LOL

  6. The flowers are gorgeous Gemma and what a great tutorial!:D You have me wanting to go and make some flowers now, although I don't have any flower punches either! I have a flower die for my cuttelbug but don't think it has one like that.

  7. Fabulous Flowers! well done on the tutorial, i could never do one! lol


  8. wow, these are totally awesome. must try making one asap:)

  9. Thats a fantastic tutorial, really clear thank you! I have the punch and the glossy accents, I'm off to make some now!!!!

  10. Lovely flowers and fab tutorial ! karen

  11. These are lovely! Thank you for the instructions.
    Sue x

  12. These look fab. Definitely going to give them ago :)


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