Monday 20 December 2010

Well, had a panic but hopefully over now!

Well I know I've not been about much. Been not a very fun household here. :( caitlins been poorly with some bug, making her burn up and very clingy. Dr says virus but been 3 weeks now so shes going back tomorrow!
More importantly though my gran was taken into hospital last wednesday. :( She'd been sick for a week with nothing staying down so we took her in to be safe and they found a blockage. This was scary as she had bowl cancer 18 years ago so naturally we were worried that was back. Shes now had the operation to remove it though and is recovering well so feel like we can get back to normality a little bit. :)
So to lighten up the bad news heres a funny story about my son. We were in asda on saturday which was obviously busy and I stopped the trolley. going through his 'Why' phase as he is he asked why:
Cameorn - Why have we stopped mummy?
Me - Because that woman is looking at something and I can't get past her.
cameron (shouting) - Beep beep woman! Move your bum!
Oh my god I couldnt breathe I was laughing so much. She wasnt impressed but I found it funny. Its my fault really. I'm always tellign his dad to move his bum!

Monday 13 December 2010

still cyber crop lol

Got a boring next few days so expect layouts at least untill I can figure out how to get photos from my iphone onto the pc. lol
So back to layouts. lol.
Some more old photos :) This challenge was '3 kings' rules were
- 3 photos
- Anything gold (paint, buttons, ribbon, etc.)
- Black Cardstock
- Torn paper
Pleased with this one. :)

This was the only layout I didnt like :( Looked different in my head. lol.

Had Mark print this one off for me from the other day as didnt have any snowy photos left. Rules for this challenge were:
- Use white cardstock
- Use a snowflake (punch/die-cut/hand-made)
- Anything silver/blue
- At least one button
Like this one as I dont usually do big photos but think this worked as shows her smile so well. :)

Another really different one. one thing I love about the cyber crops is I try things I wouldnt otherwise of thought of. This is a good example of that. the class was to write a letter to santa telling him what you wanted. I used it as a way to tell santa what happened this year with my family and what I hoped for them for next year.

So simple this but love it. just using strips of ripped paper. think the papers go great with this photo of Caitlin at her birthday party. the papers are called kaitlin too so ideal. :)

well off shopping tomorrow for the last of the xmas bits!! yes I know ive said that before. lol Think i mean it this time :)

Sunday 12 December 2010

cyber crop :)

Well its been an interesting week. First my youngest neice was taken to hospital with breathing problems (shes ok now) then my poor gran got very sick. :( However she seems on the mend now. Food staying down :) So can sleep again now.
Well other than that not been up to a great deal so thought I'd share what I did in the recent cyber crop.
last year I made decorations of all the kids in the family. Obviously Lillie wasnt about yet so made this one of her this year. :)

How cute is my little baldy!! This challenge was called 'Santa claus is coming to town' and I had to use a photo of opening gifts and include red, white and black.
Only have a few photos of previous christmas' now so getting there in scrapping everything. lol. Saying that I havent devloped any since June so sure that pile will be huge again soon!

Love how this turned out. Its camerons first time meeting santa. Wasa digtal class but I dont like digi so did it on paper. :)

I LOVE these photos of caitlin. We were in butlins and she loved the dance games. Obviously couldnt do them properly but did her best to follow the lights. Love the little thumbs up she gave. :)

This one is blank as its a secret family recipie that will be put on there. lol. Every year my gran makes a big batch of scottish tablet. We have family we dont see all year but come down to my grans for the tablet. lol. I love this paper so didnt do much to it.

Well other than taking care of my sick gran we took the kids to a party at our local pen green. Mark takes them to dads group there each week and they had a big party for everyone. The kids loved it :) There were balloons and loads of food and a magic show which cameron loved. Great to see them enjoying themselves so much. :)

Wednesday 8 December 2010


Well today we braved the freezing winds and took the kids to see santa. Was a couple of hours drive to the garden center and with more snow predicted we went prepared! Boot had two quilts, crisps, flasks of hot choc and tea, sweets, fruit and a crate of fruit shoots. All just sat there though as was quite an uneventful trip lol. Still, best to be prepared!
When we got thewre we found out it was opening late as there were school trips first (no mention of that on the website but hay ho) so we went to the pet section first. Kids ended up loving this and stood talking to the parrots.

There were also lots of sparrows just flying around eating the bird food! Caitlin though it was great fun to chase them about the shop. lol

We also fed some carronts to the reindeer. :) Cameron enjoyed this but caitlin wasnt too sure.

Look at this, my husband has taught my daughter to wink!

When we went to see santa you first had to queue to go onto his slegh ride. This was nearly an hour queue but both kids were great. was really proud as lots of kids screaming around them. lol. Tried to get a photo of them both smiling, this was the best I got. Cameron had been smiling for a while by this point so his was more of a gimice. lol

After the train you then had to queue again for 45 mins to see santa. Luckily there was a big electronic santa telling stories that kept the kids entertained.

Was actually amazed seeing santa because Id told cameron all day 'it wont be a train gift, dont be upset as it wont be a train gift' and what was it?! A train track with a blue train like thomas! Almost makes me belive in santa again :)
After santa we went to a shopping center across the road. Theres a paper mill there so I got the huge box of card on my desk for £3! Love it. Also got some more shimmer mist and a wheel of pins. :) Every year we also buy the kids a decoration each for the tree. When they grow up they can take them for their own tree. :) Caeron picked a wooden train (surprise) and caitlin loved this bird :)

Right going to get a pizza and watch inception with hubby tonight, considering Eclipse STILL hasnt came yet!!!!

Tuesday 7 December 2010

christmas tree is up :)

Or what there is of it! Some of our decorations we've had since me and mark first got together 5 years ago. So really have had their day. lol. We decided to just put them up anyway and buy some more in the sales. Because yes I am that tight. lol.
Couple of pictures of the kids concentrating :)

This star is now broken thanks to Bella attacking it. lol. Poor Caitlin was inconsolable but we promised we'd buy a new one and she could pick it. Watch she'll find one for £60 or something knowing her taste!

Very proud children. :)

Poor Camerons very much worse for wear at the moment. Was boiling all day yesterday and said his eye hurt, so took him for an emergency appointment at the dr who looked in his throat and said his tonsils are badly infected! He'd not once said his throat hurt! So got meds and hes picked up a bit today so hopefully still going to see santa tomorrow. :)

Monday 6 December 2010


Ok so its all gone now but was nice while it lasted. :) We didnt get as much as other places in the uk but had enough to play in which was the main thing for the kids. lol. Was a bit wary gettig the sled out as last time both of them hated it and screamed the place down if i put them in it. Well obviously a different story this time!

Both of them loved it! We did plan on going to my mums as she has a big hill in front of her house but pulling them around the garden for a bit seemed to be enough for them. lol. Daddy also enjoyed himself. I was in the bedroom sorting out washing (not throwing snowballs at him out of the window, that was someone else of course!) and he came into the bedroom and hit me in the head with a huge snowball! How mean! Thought I was safe inside, obviously not. lol
So after the winter fun everyone came in for hot chocolate and watch toy story (for the millionth time, lol) Caitlin took this picture of mark and cameron with my camera, was quite impressed!

Glad I got her a kiddizoom one for christmas now :)