Sunday, 5 September 2010

Bind it all simple stamp book

Well I know I promised this a couple of days back but life has an amazing way of getting in the way! lol. So here it is, better late than never!

You will need:
- 2 Pages of chipboard/thick card for the front and back
- x amount of cardstock for the pages (depends how many pages you want)
- Bind it all
- bind it all wire
- Acetate

This is SO easy to make. I bought some sheets of acetate ages ago with he idea of printing on it and making apeture cards (think thats what they're called) But never bothered with it. Then recently noticed stamps stuck to them so though, worth a shot!

1 - Ok so first cut your chipboard to size for your cover and back pages.
2 - Cut cardstock to size for your inner pages. However many you want.
3 - Decorate your front and back pages to taste

4 - Cut acetate to the same size as your pages.
5 - Punch holes in all pages and acetate using your bind it all.

6 - Organise pages in following order
Cover page
Acetate page
Cardstock page
Acetate page
Carstock page
And so on untill you wish to end with back cover.
7 - Stamp images you wish to store on each page, onto the next carstock page. As shown below (dont bind yet!)

8 - Bind pages together in your bind it all
9 - Put stamps into your book onto the acetate pages.

10 - Enjoy your book!


  1. Fab idea Gemma - really like that.

    Love the TH flower die too - hope you will bring it in February.

  2. Fantastic :)......think my collection would need quite a few books lol

  3. Great idea Gemma. TFS. ~Glen~ PS. I noticed a pic of Edward on your desk. If you put a photo of yourself on your blog, I would love to do a little photo editing as a surprise. *Ü*

  4. I keep intending to do this with my stamps, but haven't got round to it. Maybe this is the excuse I need to buy a Bind it All!

  5. oooh i like it too...did you see the version i did in Craft Stamper?
    great to keep those stamps in check, huh? ;0)

  6. Great idea! I may need to try that! xx

  7. great idea , hope you don't mind if I copy xxx

  8. What a clever idea, I love it and will definitely be pinching it! :o)


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