Friday 19 January 2018

My children are weird

So this is Jered, not Jared, Jer-ed. My Mum asked me to pick up a pineapple for her from Asda so like a good daughter I did.
So I bring it home, put it on the counter and the children have now adopted it, named it and talk to it. House FULL of toys and they're playing with a pineapple.
This weeks movie was Wind river. Its an older one but we didn't see it the first time round so went to the senior showing. Really glad I did :) It seems to have had mixed reviews but I really enoyed it.
It was slower than other thrillers these days but it was still worth a watch if you like crime thrillers.
It didn't leave everything all wrapped up in a nice bow, but sometimes that just makes things more realistic I think. Enough was resolved that I didn't feel cheated though :)
My mojo also seems to have come back, yey! I've done 4 layouts so far this week and I love them all which is rare.
This is one I did last year though, I still like it :) I'm working my way through older photos and really making a dent in them.
I'm hoping to scrap more chronologically once I'm more up to date, just for the ease of remembering what stories I've done and also putting them into albums too. While I dont scrap in order I do put them in albums in order which is a bit of a pain when I scrap a 6 year old photo and need to find where it goes in my albums.
This photo isn't too old, it from when we went to Haven a couple of years ago. (It might even have been 2016) There were 4 different Pokemon keyrings in the 2p machines, it took us ages and cost a fortune to get them all for the pokemon obsessed Cameron :) Was great fun though :)

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