Tuesday 23 January 2018

Whens spring?

Its not often I agree with my daughter, but her comment the other day 'We should just have Christmas and then go right to spring' well you can't argue with that!
Its freezing here. It's been a really cold winter all round really. Before this Winter the last time we had 'everything stops' snow was when the kids were in the infants, this year we've had it 3 times. It's lost its novelty now lol.
Scamp is not a big fan of the cold either lol. He is such a marshmallow, unless the heating is on he'll just curl up under a blanket and sulk, so walks at the moment are fun!
He's still his happy self when he's warm though :)
Bad weather does leave lots of time for scrapping though, and I'm so in love with my daylight lamp, no idea how I managed without it :)
I was nearing the end of the Shimelle kit by this layout I think so made this to use up the strips of paper I had left. There were lots of little ice cream stickers in the kit too so good to use them up.
The photo was from a couple of years ago and we had freakshakes at a nearby cafe. They were a huge craze at the time but have died down a bit now. It was basically a huge chocolate/peanutbutter/strawberry milkshake topped in cake or doughnuts or something then covered in cream or sweets or both. Yum, but not a daily food lol.
Kids loved it though :)

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