Friday 9 February 2018

A, B, C, D

Well plan A today was to do some ironing in the morning, then meet my Mum for coffee and shopping this afternoon. However my poor Mum is now laid up with a bad bug so plan B was crafting this morning and ironing this afternoon. Then I went out to the garage for some bread (we have a freezer out there) and found some of Camerons Nerf darts on the floor with parts nibbled from them. So plan C was spending the morning pulling out all the stuff dumped the garage, tidying up, chucking bits, making a 'donate' pile, advertising stuff for sale on facebook, and putting traps down.
I've now got an hour left before I need to go get the kids and no ironing done yet lol.
Next week is half term though so plenty of time to chill out I guess, we have a few day trips planned but hopefully a couple of nice and cosy days at home too. Though today is a good example of how well my plans tend to go!
One plan I reallllllly need to get started on is sorting out my layouts. The past few months have been amazingly productive in terms of scrapbooking, to the point where I'm almost up to date with my photos :O However I am very behind when it comes to putting my layouts in albums.
Thing is albums are so expencive and papers are cheaper and so much prettier to buy I just never do it, so layouts end up in a pile which is a shame after the work I put into them.
*sigh* Anybody want to buy me a load of albums then come sort out my layouts? I'll pay you in cookies and coffee?
Im scrapping a lot with white backgrounds recently. My friend Jacqui only uses white backgrounds so she certainly has inspired me with the fresh, clean way it looks. Here I used a mix of old papers and embellishments and some of my Shimelle papers I got for Christmas. I love how bright it is :)
The photo is from when we went to Birmingham in Summer. We took the train down and stayed in a hotel overnight so we could do the 'Great bear hunt' that they were putting on at the time. We've been on trains quite a lot now after going down to London a few times and both kids love it. It always surprises me when I think about how different my childhood was, I dont think I went on a train until the kids were born and we went to London to catch the Eurostar to Disneyland. They are so well travelled compared to me and Mark and I love it :)
Right I better bite the bullet and go and get the ironing done. I'll finish with a conversation that made me giggle yesterday though.
Me - Cam there’s a form in your bag you were supposed to fill out and give to the schools digital ambassador by today.
Cameron - I didn’t know how to find the digital ambassador!
Me *points at his sister who is wearing a badge saying digital ambassador’
Cameron - Oh yeah.

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  1. I'm sorry your fun plans were sidelined for a lot of UN-fun WORK!! At least you got an awful chore completed and can do some fun things next weekend! I do hope you get rid of your critters! I don't know what you have, but it sounds worse than mice!


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