Thursday 22 February 2018


Look at my happy doggy, look at my pain in the butt, so annoying happy doggy lol.
We gave him this toy this morning, within 5 minutes he'd ripped it open. We sewed it back up, lasted almost 10 before needing repairing again. This time less than 5 before the whole arm came off.
I put it in the bin, Scamp sat beside the bin crying *rolls eyes* He's worse than a baby sometimes!
I think he was still in a mood with me later that day. Mark and I had tried everything to clip his claws but he was growling and snappy and wouldn't stay still. Caitlin comes in and suggests rubbing his tummy, 'I don't think its that simple' I reply. Caitlin rubs his tummy and he lies perfectly still while I clip all the claws.
I could almost hear him thinking 'I like her better than you, you threw away my teddy'

So I said last time I blogged about setting some aims for this year. I've done it the past few years and besides reading aim I dont think I've met any of the others lol. This year though I seem to have a different kind of outlook on things. I honestly don't know why but I feel like I have a new determination this year.
So I have a couple of personal aims (debt and weight) that I won't blog about here, I have apps to help with those, but books I've read and layouts I've done I will. :) Another thing I want to keep track of are freebies/money earned. This might sound like a weird one but I do questionnaires and surveys and test products and Marks asked me to keep track of what I actually get out of it in a year so doing that one too.
Im also going to keep track of the kits I kill. I don't really have an aim for this one, rather I'm just interested in how many I manage to use in a year.
So using up kits leads me nicely to this layout :) One of my kits came with pages of stickers. These were pretty but quite translucent which I always struggle with because you can see whatever patterned paper is behind them, being square I struggled with these even more.
Then I found this photo of us at the Bear hunt last year with my fave bear. This was a huge moasic bear made from all different types of tile and mirror.
A grid layout went perfectly with the photo and I managed to use up almost all of the stickers too. Bonus.
So my aims are to finish 365 layouts this year, read 60 books and keep track of how many kits I use up and how much I earn though questionnaires.
Sounds easy enough lol.

Scapbook layouts - 50/365
Books read - 7/60
Kits - 2
Money earned - £93.68

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