2016 Summer scavenger hunt

1. A "wild heart" - a naturally occurring heart
Found while I was walking Scamp. Spotted a neighbours fence had these leaves poking through. Quite glad I got this as the next day they had cut it all down!

2. A footprint or pawprint
When Mark and I got back into the car at the town I noticed a cat (I assume) had walked all over the windows with dusty feet. Mark found it funny I was photographing paw prints when we live with a dog, but I like getting photos that have a bit of a story behind them rather than just 'Scamp walked over my floor after being out in the rain'

3. A skeleton, bone or x-ray
Mark had a bone density scan at the start of the week. I did ask if I could have a copy of the scan but no :( The nurse did let me take a photo of a skeleton in the corner though :)

4. A book or magazine read during 2016

5. A porch or deck

6. A camper (caravan)

7. A family gathering

8. A drawing, art project, artistic photograph, scrapbook page, greeting card, or art journal page created by you

9. Someone playing with, in, or around water.

10. A bicycle
The kids brought home a leaflet from school offering free tickets to see Wall-e at our local cinema. The kids love that film so of course I booked tickets. However I didn't read closely enough and turned out it was a bike-a-thon! The projector was powered by dynamos so you had to pedal to watch the film.
Of course you COULD just sit and watch, as many did, but my bike mad daughter dragged me up to take part lol. So proud of her though, she was the youngest who took part and lasted the longest, even got a round of applause from everyone when she finished :)

11. Fresh produce
As Cam was upset after dropping off Cait at her brownies weekend we went to a garden center we passed to pick him up a treat. There was a little hut next to it selling fresh fruit and veg so obviously I snapped a photo.

12. A window

13. The moon

14. A buffet of food

15. A team logo

16. A map showing a trip taken during the time period

17. Twins

18. A supermarket cart, basket or trolley full of groceries

19. A seasonal cocktail or beverage
I love all the summer frappes that costa and mcdonalds do. This year mcdonalds have a chocolate honeycomb one which is amazing! Driving down to drop Caitlin off at camp was much further and hotter than we thought so stopped off for a treat.
Love Mark, we were driving out of the car park and I asked him to take a photo of my drink. An odd question to most people, he asks 'Does it need a certain background?'

20. Someone laughing

21. A photograph of you with a newspaper or calendar page from the time period covered in the Hunt. Note: you may not
use a substitute for this item.

Alternatives - if you're having trouble finding any of the above, you may substitute from this list (but you may not substitute for item #21):

alternative 1: a lighthouse

alternative 2: a baby (human or animal)

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