Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New year, new start and all that stuff

So safe to say my blogging went to pot recently lol. Christmas was brilliant but kept me very busy :)
Christmas eve was our traditional trip to the panto, Alladin this time. Kids all loved it. Took along Evie and Mollie too which was nice. Evie was just amazed at everything, 'oh look aunty Gemma its a tree!' bless her.
Christmas day was hectic and went so quick! The kids were spoiled and loved all their gifts. Cameron was thrilled with his Wii U and sat hugging it lol. After gifts at home we went to Mums for more gifts. Took more photos there as was waking up by this point. Cameron had woken up at 4:30 then kept waking us every 15 minutes or so asking if it was time to get up yet!
Love this photo of me and Cait :)
SO onto the new year :) Last year was filled with ups and downs. Drama with my sister and Marks health I think got to me mid year and I had a mini meltdown. It's perfectly normal to stand in the middle of Asda sobbing uncontrollably because the pizza you want isn't on offer any more isn't it?! No my Dr didn't think so either so prescribed me with some medication to help out. While I hate being on it I admit I needed it and it has helped a lot with anxiety.
Away from the downs there has been a lot of ups. We got some amazing new neighbours, both kids are doing great at school and having Scamp has really completed our family. We have some fun trips planned for next year so in my opinion its onwards and upwards!!!

Monday, 22 December 2014

Penguins and babysitting

Well that's the last town trip done before Christmas! Very glad it's done too though wasn't as busy as I thought it would be.
As part of Christmas our town puts on various things like live reindeers and ice skating, and today there were penguins. I didn't think the kids would be too bothered but they loved it.
After some quick shopping we grabbed a McDonalds for lunch then home. We were babysitting Mollie this afternoon as Mum and Dad had a meeting so when we got back the kids all went to play upstairs. I ended up putting the TV on mute because listening to them was much funnier.
Cameron, though I love him is the WORST teacher in the world. If he tells you once, and you don't get it, basically you're a moron. Mollie, though I love her is the WORST student in the world. If you tell her once, and she doesn't get it, you told her wrong and you're a moron. So you can imagine how well it went when Cameron was trying to teach her how to play minecraft.
Poor Caitlin was trying hard to be peacekeeper, and among many funny comments this was my fave.
listening to the kids rowing upstairs:
Cameron - Mollie you're being so annoying!
Caitlin - everyones annoying sometimes cameron!
Cameron - Dead people arnt!!!
Can't argue with him really.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Brilliant day :)

So yesterday was very emotional. There was lots of crying and hugging and while a little of it was sad a lot of it was happy :) And annoyingly enough I can't say why!!!!! :) Will later though ;)
So onto today :) Star was very naughty and dyed our milk pink! Didn't matter though as we were off out for breakfast :)
At the start of the month we asked both the kids what they wanted to do over Christmas to make it special. Camerons choice (not surprising) was an 'all you can eat' breakfast at out local beefeater. As kids go free there was really cheap. We had planned to go tomorrow but we're babysitting now so went this morning.
Was SO glad we did :) We got there early, so was a lovely relaxed breakfast at first. Then loads of kids started to arrive, most of who were from the kids school so they went off to play and chat while parents chatted over refillable coffee :) Then the big surprise came, Santa walked in! We didn't realise he was coming but was a lovely treat. The kids got to chat to him and got a little gift too.
3 hours later we left very full and happy little family. Dropped the kids at Grans while Mark and I braved Asda for the christmas shop then home for snuggles and Christmas movies. Brilliant day!

Friday, 19 December 2014

School is over!!

Yey its the last day of school!!!! Past couple of days I've been making a mini book for a friends Christmas and I think Star thought it looked like fun!
Caitlin found it very funny, I heard her whisper to Cameron 'Oh no Mummy is not going to be happy with THIS' when I was coming downstairs lol. Bless her.
So this afternoon was Caitlin singing in our local church. Last year I admit I cried as it was very emotional, was a little more stoic this time but still a very sweet afternoon.
So singing done, kids collected it was hometime!!! I don't know if it was the feeling that most of the hard work was over or what but me, my Mum and my neighbour were all exchausted. I was dozing on the couch at 6:30 when Mark told me to go to bed. Was gone by the time my head hit the pillow.
My Mum however, who had had a sleep earlier was wide awake and decided to phone me at 8:30. Usually no issue but now it woke me and I couldn't get back to sleep so decided to work on the mini book some more, and also sort out my washi.
Decided I need more washi ;)

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Party party party!

Today is hectic and busy! Bad Mummy I am I forgot to get any photos at all lol. But in my defence its been go, go since the moment we woke up!
Star must have remembered after the last disco poor Caitlins legs hurt so she brought them both hot water bottles this morning. Caitlins was a lovely pink fluffy one and Cam got one with a pug in a bowler hat lol.
So first party of the day was Camerons. Dropped him off at school with his back pack, bag with party clothes, bag with swimming clothes and a huge box of cheese sandwhiches. One job done off to get Marks bloods done. Um, no. They were on number 14 when we got there, Mark was number 59. Waited a while but ended up leaving.
Next was town, Asda, pet shop, my doctors then home. Did have more to do but poor Mark was struggling to walk by now so home to bed for him. Housework for me then time to collect Cait and party!
The disco went really well :) Cait had a great time and I managed to get all my jobs done so I could spend a bit of time dancing with her too. Though think she was a little embarrased about me singing 'Let it go' ;) Oh well.
One more day then school is finished for Christmas!!! Think I'm more excited than the kids :)

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Guilty Mummy

This morning Star brought a little treat for Scamp. Poor boy has the vets today for his annual check up and boosters so I think she knew he would need a pick me up :)
Thankfully vets went fine. She checked him over and asked if I had any concerns, gave him a quick injection and we were out of there. Don't think Scamp enjoyed it though. Funny as Poppy had hers the other day and it didn't bother her at all, while Scamp is now sulking about the house acting all sorry for himself.
Must be a male thing no matter what the species, man flu, dog flu lol.
Chilling out a bit tonight as got the infants Christmas disco tomorrow. 4 hours of hyper kids singing and dancing. The wine is in the fridge waiting for me to return! lol

Tuesday, 16 December 2014


Last night Star decided to spray snow onto the kids windows. All I can say is I hope she never does it again! OMG that stuff is dreadful! It goes everywhere and flakes all over the place. Forgot to get a photo but tbh was a bit of a mess so not missing anything lol.
Well today is mainly about planning :) My other notebook is now full so now using one Caitlin decorated for me. How cute is this?!
Shes also put photos of her and Cameron inside the first few pages so I can look at them while I make my lists :)
Today was also camerons school play. He was a singer in the choir and it was so cute to see him singing along and doing all the actions etc. He was very proud of himself which was great as usually he hates those kind of things.
Made me laugh too, he told me on the way to school:
Cameron - We can stand where we like in the choir as long as its not next to someone we chat to too much.
Me - Are you allowed to stand with Cody?
Cameron - No the teacher put him on the other side of the room.
Sounds about right!

Monday, 15 December 2014

Last week of school

Yesterday we were supposed to watch a film together but we had the neighbours round for dinner instead. Star must have known this as brought some sweets and a dvd for us to watch tonight instead :)
I was supposed to be taking Mark for a blood test today but he wasn't feeling too well so he was in bed all day instead. Gave me time to catch up on a few craft projects I need to finish by Christmas.
Cant share yet but will when done ;) While the kids enjoy their film and Mark sleeps I've got a treat of my own.

Sunday, 14 December 2014


Well we had a naughty Star again this morning! She had put socks and pants (clean ones!) all over our tree!
Think she knew she would be in trouble so decided to hide.
Today we were supposed to be going to Twin Lakes on a trip but unfortunately we were unable to go so instead we had a crafty day and made a rocky road house :) We did have a gingerbread house but that went a bit wrong so this was the replacement lol. The kids loved it. Showed thier different personalities as Camerons side was just chucked together and covered in icing, while Caitlins was very precise and neat :) Both tasted good though ;)
So a lovely relaxing day :) Including a funny comment from Cameron.

Cameron messing about and drops wii u remote. Told him if he gets up off the couch no wii u for a week.
He sits sulking.
Mark - don't sulk mate you made a mistake move on, even if u fall on your face you're still moving forward.
Cameron - I'm not allowed to move forward I'm not allowed off the couch

Ever feel like you should just keep your mouth shut? lol

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Santa at the farm!

Every year we take the kids to visit Santa somewhere, This year was our local farm. Star had decided to be naughty this morning and wrote 'Say hi to santa!' on our bathroom mirror. I had a little panic when it wouldnt come off but nail varnish remover came to the rescue!
Was an amazing day out :) Was short as caitlin had a party to go to this afternoon but we packed a lot in.
First making reindeer food.
Then a trip around Santas workshop
A quick visit to Star the donkey. Obviously named after santas favourite elf ;)
before making christmas cards
and meeting the big man himself! Scamp was less than impressed with Santa but was very interested in playing with the labrador who was also in there lol.
I love the santa at the farm. He is so nice and his workshop is so magical. You have to exit through a magic door which appears from a wall of wrapped gifts :) Cameron made me laugh, Santa was goiing around the children asking what they wanted. All the kids were saying simple things like a doll, a yoyo, a bike etc. Then he came to cameron.
Santa - And what would you like young man?
Cameron - A ds came from the Pokemon series called Pokemon alpha sapphire version!
Boy knows what he wants! Santa didn't give it to him there and then of course but gave them both a little toy.
Time to stop for lunch! Kids played with their new toys while we had a beautiful lunch in the cafe beside a proper log fire. I of course had black forest hot chocolate. Yummy!!!
Quick play at the park then hometime.
A brilliant day out!!! Off out with my Mum tonight for her works do. Another girl dropped out so its a free night out. :) Wish me luck, I'm wearing heels for the first time ever!!!

Friday, 12 December 2014

Christmas fayre

Today was our PTA Christmas Fayre. I admit I was worried about how popular it would be as trust me a LOT of work and hassle has gone into it!
Star started off the day well though bringing the kids some cash to enjoy the games :)
Well I shouldnt have worried, it was HEAVING! We made twice what we made at our Summer fayre. It was supposed to run from 1:30 to 4:30 but at 3:30 we had to start turning people away as we had run out of prizes on all the stalls! The kids had a great time too which was lovely. As well as the stalls Caitlins year sang for the parents and decorated trees. This was the one form Caitlins class. Can you guess what film it was based on? :)
As well as loads of prizes I came home with this little bargain. We rented out a few tables to local crafters and one woman made lots of cushions, decorations etc. She did it as a hobby so only charged for materials so this was only £1.20! £1.20! I love it :)
We got her name for the summer fayre too ;)

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Seems much better today :)

Star must have known Caitlin was poorly so brought a little gift to cheer her up :) Such a charitable little elf she had adopted a snow leopard for Caitlin and Cameron a penguin. Was a good job too because Caitlin was so upset when we said we were keeping her off :( She loves school bless her but I explained if she's poorly she couldn't go, and as shes singing at school tomorrow I know she really wants to be better for then, seemed to calm her down.
She scared the life out of me though! mark and our neighbours were taking Cam to school and Caitlin cuddled up with me in our bed. She said she was hungry so I went to make her some toast. Next second there was screaming! I run out of the kitchen to find her standing on the stairs crying because her legs feel like jelly and she was going to fall. Scooped her up and put her on the couch with very strict instructions not to move! Scamp stood guard until Daddy was home.
She was feeling so sorry for herself I gave her her christmas dressing gown early. She loves fluffy things so when I found this super soft dressing gown with little bear ears I knew she would love it. Did seem to perk her up which is good :)
Well we have our Christmas craft fayre at school tomorrow. So much to organise and do!!!

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Nope, not over yet!

Well Caitlin seemed ok this morning so off she went to school. Mark however had spent the night on the couch (Caitlin was in with me, he wasn't in trouble lol) so he was feeling really rough so I still had a poorly patient to take care of.
We were so wrapped up in worry for Caitlin last night that we forgot about Star even being in the house! So were very surprised to wake up and find her sharing some crisps with Caitlins puppets. Maybe it was a good think Mark wakes up a lot in the night ;)
With the house clean, and not being able to venture far was kind of a dull day here. Finished a jigsaw I was doing though
Quite a pretty one too :)
So picked Caitlin up form school, she was happy and chatting away on the way home. Gets home and is ill, very ill. Quick bath and snuggled up in comfy pjs on the couch she seems a lot better now, but really think school is out of the question tomorrow. :(

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

First illness of the season.

Star was very naughty this morning and we found her trying to steal sweets from our sweet box! Please ignore my messy cloakroom lol.
We thought we had been quite clever with this one. The Cameron said 'I thought she could fly, why couldn't she just fly up and get the sweets?' um................ Kids too clever for his own good sometimes!
Today poor Caitlin seemed a bit off. :( She was fine at school, then fine visiting my Mum after school but taking Mark back from the drs she suddenly went really white and said she felt sick. :( Brought her home and she was weepy and said she felt ill so poor baby had to miss Rainbows. :( Proud Mummy moment through when Cameron got out the Elf on the shelf book and read to her to cheer her up.
fx this bug goes away soon!

Monday, 8 December 2014

Santa house

Ok I admit I'm being naughty again. I've let blogging slide and I'm cheating and going back to cover old days while I have a spare few minutes. :) So without further ado, and before another crisis comes up!
Monday Star brought a little gift each for the kids. They looked like ordinary pencils but when you held them and they got warm they changed colour!! Not that Caitlin was convinced, her hands were so cold bless her she couldn't warm it up enough to make it change!
Now that the Christmas party is over there is a lot more room in my house. My floor was covered in goodie bags, prizes, activity equipment etc so was a big relief to have it done. Today was spent tidying up our room and moving the gifts we were storing in the garage into there instead. While our garage roof seems fine I always worry there will be a leak and they will get ruined. particually with the weather we're predicted over the next week.
Today on the event calender was making a gingerbread house. However I forgot about this and used up all the icing yesterday so made a foam house from a kit Caitlin had instead.
Silly Mummy got told off though. Was halfway through the house, gluing it together and making a big mess, when Caitlin says 'the back is coming off of this bit' Yep, they were all sticky backed!!!! Bad Mummy lol.
Love the result though. Its from a huge craft kit I got for £5 in the January sale last year. Has SO much stuff in it! Might keep an eye out for another one this year.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Party time!

Well Star showed up with her party hat this morning all ready to party!!!
As a few of the girls were singing in a choir that afternoon I had to have the party a little earlier than usual so didn't get any 'before' photos lol.
First activity was decorating crowns for the girls, and antlers for the boys.
Activity two was turning the Daddies into Olaf :) The Mums were in hysterics!
Kids all hyper we decided to calm them down and decorate plates for Santas cookies :)
Before lunch and some Frozen on tv. Mums were ready for a small wine by this point! lol
Look, Frozen cake :)
Now we did buy a Pinata, but it turned out to be a little robust for the kids to break with hitting it so I just threw it in the middle of them and let them rip poor Santa to bits!
After playing, running around screaming and generally being crazy, the kids made an ice cream sundae with ingredients from my ice cream bar in their own Olaf cups :)
Party over for another year!! Wanted to get a photo of what I'd put in their goodie bags but completly forgot. Early night needed I think.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

First Christmas party

Naughty Star! This morning we found she had eaten all of Marks fave Christmas snacks! Foul things IMO anyway lol.
Now I don't know about other parents, but I find that my kids have much better social lives than me! This weekend alone we have three parties to go to. The first being at a local community center. Kids were quite excited.
My Mums been with my nieces the past few years but this was the first time I'd gone along. Was well worth it :) £5 got the kids a goodie bag, some snacks, a visit with Santa and a few other special visitors too :)Not the best photo but had to take it quick as there was quite a queue!
Cameron meeting Santa.
Santa knew Cameron well and gave him a fact book on dinosaurs. He was then lost to us for the rest of the party!
After that party was time to drop Cameron off at his friends for a birthday party then home to finish off the prep work for our party tomorrow.
Excited but nervous at the same time!