Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Doesn't take much lol

Went to Morrisons today after a pretty rubbish morning and saw these, how cute are these!!
They're yummy too, the top are basically chelsea buns in the shape of a tree with edible glitter stars, and the bottom is chocolate and orange breads in the shape of a candy cane. HAD to buy them. Doesn't take much to impress me, lol. Also had the last bunting flags from my swap delivered today :) So will be sorting them out ready to post off tomorrow. Hope everyone likes theirs!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Bad luck

My family seem to have the worst luck around this time of year. The amount of car accidents, household things breaking, poor health and just general bad stuff happening is insane! The last year we had a genuinly nice Christmas was back when I was pregnant with Cameron, so 6 years ago now. The year after my sister started going out with the violent partner (yep same one who pops up every now and again now) next year Mark was in hospital, next year my Gran was, last year my Granddad was and this year still Granddad. He went back to hospital yesterday to have the new lump on his arm looked at :( They took a biopsy but they're not sure what they're going to do this time. After twice removing it before and Granddad taking so long to recover each time I think they're considering leaving it :( Yesterday was just a rubbish day all round. I got a letter yesterday morning from Autoglass saying my insurance didnt cover the repairs done and I needed to pay, confused as I'd had no repairs done I rang them. Turned out it was for chip repair I had done back in 2009! Told them no chance I'm paying now they can take me to court. Went town to get a vest to match my top, forgot the bloody top didn't I. On the way back the car overheated so rang the AA, guy came out and checked it all, need a new sensor but nothing big. Ok great off he goes, I go to drive home and........power steering is broken! So needed to wait for the AA to send another guy out to fix that. On a good note though the noise I was worried about is a piece of plastic loose on the heating fan. Irritating but not a hazzard. As a result though wasn't home until seriously late so got nothing done I'd planned to. Had hoped to have my rug cleared but it looks like this
Nope not clear lol. Marks in bed with a medication headache today though so that's him there for the day. Cant hoover or do anything loud so think lots of washing and getting back on top of the crafting is the plan today :)

Monday, 26 November 2012

More bunting :)

Well supposed to be at work today but as its a bit of a drive was worried about the car so canceled :( Hoping to get it looked at this week though, why does all this happen just before Christmas! Managed to get more bunting done last night :) As I've probably mentioned before I've just bought a smallish gift for each of my nieces this year but I'm making a box of goodies for each of them too. As part of it I've made them each bunting for their rooms. This is Lillies, her room is really bright so used lots of bright colours in hers.
Evie on the other hand is a typical tomboy so used more dark pinks and 'distressed' colours in hers.
Hopefully they'll like it :)

Sunday, 25 November 2012

First brain, now everythings broke!

Ugh its been an expencive weekend. Friday morning Cameron broke his school shoes. Saturday my phone broke, and today the car broke AHHHHH!!!!!! Got Cam new shoes from Asda which is fine but £15 I wasn't planning on spending, my phone I'll just deal with as it still works in a way but just wont vibrate and sometimes turns on silent so I miss calls or messages, the car I've no idea what we'll do. Its been making a funny noise when I turn it on for a few months now but as its been driving fine I've been ignoring it.Then a few weeks back the engine overheated, as the water and everything was fine I put it down to a one off but today it happened again :( Oddly enough though it was on a small drive, just down the road to the chrildrens center, while in the past few weeks I've been to Northampton, Kettering and all over the place with no issue. Think if it happens again I'll call the AA, at least then I'll have an idea whats wrong with it. On a good note I finally finished my mums bunting :) I've been working really hard on it and she says she loves it so really pleased as shes hard to impress. Typically though I forgot to take a photo of it but will do next time I'm round her house :) I also finished the labels for the 'Snowman soup' and the cookie mix jars :) Look little snowmen :) The kids now want me to make some for them, despite the fact they can have hot chocolate whenever they want lol. Think they just like the label.
Love my gingerbread men, I know they're cookies and not gingerbread mix but I dont have a cookie diecut lol. i got this one for christms last year and havent used it much but seeing how cute these turned out think I might put it in my 'on hand' box rather than out in the garage. If I ever start doing layouts again that it, still loads of christmas crafts to do. Enjoying it though :) Hoping to have all my bunting done by the end of the week then its just decorations to do. Hope I'll be done by Christmas!!!

Friday, 23 November 2012

Think my brain is broke.

Honestly I made SUCH an idiot out of myself yesterday lol. First I went on a quick shopping trip to the local retail park, went to The range, Next, Poundland then Asda. At Asda the woman couldn't find my wrapping paper on the system so called a member of staff. he then wondered about the store with it trying to find how much it was before I remembered I'd bought it at the range. Mortified! Then to town to meet my Mum for a coffee. On leaving paid for parking but when I got to the car didn't have the ticket. Searched all the bags before Mum found a security guard who checked the CCTV and clearly saw me putting my ticket in the machine, paying for it and walking away, leaving the ticket IN the machine. AHHHH They were lovely though and after a bit of good natured fun being poked at me let me out without paying the £10 lost ticket charge lol. Wasn't all bad though, managed to get a lot of the little bits crossed off my list and have an aim to do a lot more today. :) Think there's so much buzzing about my head at the moment it's struggling to keep up! Also enjoyed a black forest hot chocolate at costa too :)
I LOVE these, chocolate, cherries, whipped cream, whats not to love! Right well better go get started on my list. :) Lots of crafting things so actually looking forward to it

Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Well made lots of progress on the bunting :) Poor kids havent been able to play on the rug for over a week now as all my craft stuff was on it. After finishing the bunting for my swap i thought there might be a bit more room but I was wrong, this is what it looks like now lol.
The 'Merry Christmas' is for my mum, I've finished Merry but just planned christmas. The other ones are the names Mollie, Lillie and Evie for my neices Christmas boxes. HOPE to get the majority of these finished tonight as I have the plan in my head its just getting it put together, but we'll see. :) Remember yesterday I said I'd put a big dent in my Christmas craft list? Think someone heard that and thought 'Oh really? We'll see about that!' Last night Caitlin came home with a cake pop from her class, I thought it was someones birthday but apprently a mum just made them as a gift for the class, now Caitlin wants me to make cakes for the class *rolls eyes*. I'm a little proud she thinks they're good enough to share but thats a lot of cakes! Plus I don't like making cakes for school if I'm honest. When I worked in a school I knew a lot of parents were iffy about giving their kids food from other homes, while I know my kitchen is clean and hyginic obviously they don't; so we came to a compromise, when she gives out her christmas cards I'm going to make ribbon trees for everyone as well. So now have 65 ribbon trees to add to my list as got to do Camerons class too. Oh it's all good fun! lol.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Coke advert!!!!1

Its now officially the start of Christmas!!! We all have little things while make it really feel like Christmas for us, the tree going up, lights being turned on, for quite a few of my firneds its the red cups coming out at Starbucks, lol. Well mine is well and truely the Coke-a-cola advert bring shown :) Based on facebook status' I think it was first shown last week during saturday nights x-factor. I dont watch this so missed it :(. As the week went on more and more people posted about it but I still hadn't seen it!! Wasn't a happy bunny. Then this morning, Jeremy Kyle was on in the background while I was filling out some forms and I heard it, 'Holidays are coming' YEY!!!! I actually screamed, poor Mark nearly hit the roof. lol. Ah well he knew I was nuts when he married me (he says he didn't but he did :p) Its now offically the start of Christmas!!!!!!  As fun as that is its a little scary considering my 'to do' list is still pretty huge. Managed to make a pretty big dent in it over the past few days though :) Posted off my stocking swap parcel, couple of cards/letters and my finished elf door. Ok didnt turn out quite as I'd have liked. I wanted to put some twine around the edge to look like christmas lights but it really didnt, lol, so used the little dew drops around the edge instead.
Also made a stand at the back so it can stand up on its own.
Hope my swapee likes it :) Project of the day today, BUNTING!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Swaps :)

I love doing swaps on UKs, and the ones in the run up to Christmas are always the best! Theres the stash swap ones, Christmas box, stocking swap, 12 days of Christmas, but the past few years I've been trying to do the more creative ones too :) I'm starting to get into more crafting which takes me out of my comfort zone. This year I'm doing the bunting swap again, which I can't share as its not over with yet, and the Elf door swap. This one was actually my idea *big proud smile* as I'd seen lots of fairy doors before so thought a elf door would be a nice Christmas change :) Was actually a lot more complicated than I thought it would be, lol. I had the idea of what I wanted to do in my head but trying to get it onto paper was easier said than done. Did it though and hope my swapee is pleased with it :) Will post it here when shes received it. The one I received is adorable! Look at the little knocker and handle. lol. Will look great on my shelf when we put all the decorations up in a couple of weeks.
Yes only a couple of weeks left before December!! I'm so looking forward to it :) I love winter, slow cooker meals, hearty puddings (apple crumble and custard, yum!) cuddling up watching films at night. :) Its a strange thing but there are certain times when I feel like a 'proper' mum, when the kids come home from school all frozen and I hand them a hot chocolate with cream and they run off to play in the toasty warm room all decorated for xmas its certinaly one of those moments :) God sounds like I live in a DFS advert doesnt it! lol, don't be fooled that nice moment is usually followed by 'Don't knock over the tree!' 'She touched my stuff!' 'He's not playing the game right!' Just like Chistmas' when I was a kid lol.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Half term recovery!

Kids have half term and I don't blog for ages, wonder if theres a link there. lol. Was a fun time though :) They both had a great parents evening report so we took them to Kids kingdom for cameron treat. I HATE it there as its so huge an hectic! But luckily as it was early morning it wasn't too bad so everyone enjoyed it. Then my sister and I took the girls to Disney on Ice. It was amazing!! It was the same show me and Mark saw years ago so was really sweet seeing it with Caitlin. Soppy cos I am I cried when I saw how excited she was, think I'm going to need medication when we go to Disneyland. I managed lots of crafting too, :) Not many layouts granted but this was one I did manage.
Dont often use my paints but like the way it frames the photos here, might do that more often :) Speaking of painting Caitlins room and the living room are now both DONE! Have Camerons room and the hallway to do and then that's it all ready for Christmas. Can't belive how quick it's coming up. I've finished all the shopping but my crafting list is getting bigger by the day. In all honesty I dont mind too much, Love sitting and crafting now its dark earlier and all that, plus now Im a celebrity is on gives me good tv to watch too :)