Saturday, 31 May 2014


Word of the day today has been clothes! I've been washing clothes, drying clothes, sorting, ironing, hanging up......clothes!!! Honestly I think nudests have the right idea. But that's its all done and sorted now :)
As today has been dry and quite nice (nicer than it has been anyway) I've barely seen Cameron and for once it wasn't due to his computer! This morning our neighbour knocked and asked if Cam could play with a new toy he'd got, it was a vest with velcro on and a bundle of balls the boys had to chuck at each other and stick to the vests. They had a great time! I loved hearing them screaming and laughing. :) Honestly can't wait until the Summer when we can get out the water guns and all the other outdoor toys for them to play with. I can sit round the front, sunbathe and make the most of my kindle ;)
On that note this is the book I started last night and I'm hooked! I'd had problems with my back recently so went upstairs to read a chapter of to and get an early night. 12:45 Mark took the kindle off me and made me go to sleep lol.
The first couple of chapters are a bit hard going as they introduce lots of different charecters and I often struggle with remembering who is who, but once they all link together it's a really interesting read. I actually gasped out loud at one point! Only 40% in so don't know how it ends yet but can see me finishing it tonight :)
While I was doing a blog post the other day I realised I hadn't shared the My little pony Rairity I made with Hama beads! I know you're all so desperate to see it so here it is lol.
I actually made two of these in an evening, getting quite quick at them now lol. Still no idea what I'm going to do with Caitlins but when she goes back to school next week I'm going to start putting the bits and bobs on her wall. With it being half term pretty much all jobs besides the basics have stopped! As the weather has improved a little we're planning on hitting the car boot tomorrow, so fingers crossed for more hama beads!

Friday, 30 May 2014

Sketchy scrappers

So I spent today scrubbing the house and getting everything neat and tidy as I expected a visit from the social worker at 3:20. So 3:20 comes and goes, 4:20 comes and goes. 5pm I finally get through to the receptionist and no shes not coming; livid isn't the word. Have a meeting Tuesday so that will be interesting!!!
Well away from useless people I forgot to share this layout I did the other week. This months sketchy scrappers sketch was set by Jess and had the added twist of having to use a song name for the title.
This was my take on it.
This is one of my fave pictures of Caitlin. Whenever we're on holiday I love to sit on the balcony, read and watch the world go by. Last year in Turkey Caitlin would sit with me and write stories and draw in her notebook.
I picked the title 'Far away', which is a Nickleback song and actually mine and Marks song so extra special :) I thought it was fitting a Caitlin always looked a million miles away when she was concentrating on her work.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Happy birthday hubby :)

Well today my hubby is 37 :) I keep telling everyone he's 34 as lets face it I'm not the brightest bulb in the box, but at least I'm getting it wrong in the right direction lol.
Plan for today was to take coffee with bacon and egg muffins to the birthday boy in bed, give him gifts, the swimming with the kids and out for dinner with the rest of the family :)
Annoyingly one of Marks gifts is still in the post :( but the kids got him an aftershave set from Next while I got tickets to a show in the next town :) We saw this guy on Britains got talent and Mark thought he was funny so got tickets to see him next month :) Bargain at £12 each!
Gift giving went well :) Mark loved all his gifts and the girls made him some nice cards, I tidied up a bit and off swimming we went.
and as usual the plan went all wrong lol. Turned out everyone had the same idea and the swimming pull was full and nobody else could go in. They were working on a one in one out system but after waiting nearly 45 minutes and nobody getting in we gave up and went into town. The kids were gutted so took them poundland and got Cam some marbles and the girls some colouring sheets.
Dinner was much nicer and we all had a good laugh :) Home now and in comfy pjs ready to snuggle up with the kids and Mark and watch BGT. Overall think Marks enjoyed his day :)

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Challenge YOUrself

A while ago my friend Lesley started doing challenges over at the Challenge YOUrself blog, the idea being that they set challenges but the photos you use HAVE to have yourself in. I didn't take part as I tend to be behind the camera rather than in front of it but when I saw their latest sketch on Jessies blog I loved it!
There was a twist this time too saying you had to use a photo of you and a female in your life. Simple enough I thought, I have a huge pile of photos bound to be some of me and Cait in there.
Two, there were TWO photos of me and my daughter.
Have to say it was a bit of a wake up call. As much as I scrap so the kids will remember their dad I'd like them to remember me too! So I've vowed to try and be in more photos in the future. Hard as nobody else in the family seems to take photos but I'll give it a go! lol.
Anyway back to the sketch which was this one here.
And this was my take using the yummy Kit that Jess sent me in our swap :) I picked a photo from Disneyland when we went to eat at Walts diner. The meal was amazing and the service incredible.
Caitlin was dressed as Tinkerbell and the staff all spoke to her as if she was the charecter, asking for some fairy dust and calling her Tink.
Halfway through our meal we heard the parade start in the street outside. Because we were sat upstairs Caitlin and some other little girls ran to a tiny window and strained to see them pass by below. Suddenly a manager type man appeared. Oh no, I thought, We're going to be told off here. Nope! Bless him he ushered the girls to a huge window at the front and asked some staff to move the tables and bring chairs so they could sit and watch in comfort. The girls were thrilled! Because we were so high up we had an amazing view and all the princess' were waving at us.
One of many amazing memories from that holiday :)
Well away from magical Disneyland and back to my house in very, very wet midlands. I've given up now lol. Usually we limit the kids to 30 minutes computer time per day as don't want them playing too much. However with 5 days of pretty contstant rain I've exhausted all our craft kits, board games and other rainy day activities so have given in and told them to play away.
Keeping everything crossed the Summer holidays include a lot more sun!!!

Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Are we in May? I almost wrote April, the months are going by so fast!! I actually did loads of SIPIDI this month as I've got slightly addicted to Hama beads lol. Since I made a Rainbow dash pony for Caitlins cake I got loads of requests from Caitlina dn Mollie to make more ponies for their rooms. I've blogged all the ones I've done so far so won't bore you with them again but will reshare my most impressive one I think :) I saw this image of Princess Celestia on Pinterest
And copied it to make this for Caitlins door. :)
Now as pleased as I am with how it came out I will NOT be doing it again! See how the original photo was before it was ironed? Thats because ironing it was a nightmare! As I was ironing one section beads from another section would pop out so I was rebuilding as I was ironing, stressful! I actually got a txt form our neighbour asking if everything was ok because I was shouting so much lol. Woops!

Monday, 26 May 2014

Rain rain go away!!!!

Well another horrible rainy day here. Had planned on taking the kids to the park but not happening now! Made the most of a break in the clouds by kicking the kids outside on their bikes while I planted some plants in the front garden. Had just finished when my Mum and Dad came up the drive with Poppy and Mollie so we retreated inside. Now my house is small at the best of times but with 4 kids, 2 dogs and 4 adults it was crazy! My poor Mum only stayed a little while then they went back home, taking my daughter with them who wanted a sleepover lol.
So with the boys now quiet on the computer I decided to go upstairs and do some scrapping, only to be stopped by Mark suddenly needing a nap!! Ugh. So with my creative cap on I thought I'd have a bit of a blog facelift :) You might have noticed I changed a few bits the other day but I've had the same background and banner for I don't know how long so thought it was time for a change. Problem was it had been SO long I had no idea how to do it! Thank goodness for google! So a couple of hours faffing about later this is my new blog with a new(ish) title :) I've been thinking of changing the title for a while as like my friend Lesley pointed out a while ago I really don't have a very simple life lol. So its now My not so simple life. :)
Right well even though it is only 4:30 my boy is moaning at me for dinner so I better get on! If he eats like this now I dread when he's a teenager! Quick layout share before I go, another quick one I did the other night to use up scraps, title idea from Jess so thanks for that :) Photo is from the first time we went camping and while all the other kids were running around Cam and Cait were happy to cuddle up with us in front of the bonfire :)

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Another rainy day

So another rainy day to wake up to. Usually rain doesnt bother me but when I've got two hyper kids to entertain it's a bit annoying. Did try and take the kids on a bike ride but got the the end of the road and decided that trying to keep two kids from swerving into the road while trying to keep Scamp from going the either their wheels or the wheels of a car was too much so went home and drove to my grans instead lol.
When we got home the sun had decided to make an appearance so I decided to start digging in the garden. We had a lawn laid a few years ago bu the soil around here has dreadful drainage, its basicsally clay, so whenever it rains the garden turns into a swamp and the grass all dies. We want to put down gravel instead but to get someone to do it is around £500 so I'm attempting it myself. Might take me a while as this was an hours work and my back was killing me by the end!
So slightly productive day even with the rain :) Managed to photograph a couple of the layouts I did the other night too. This is the finished one I took a half finished photo of, as the layout was about Mark and Caitlin being big kids I used a sheet of AC stickers I got ages ago but haven't used beceuase I thoguht they looked too child like. Also used lots of scraps here so a great 'use it up' layout :) Journaling says about how they spent hours just walking around the pool with Caitlin on Marks back.
I LOVE this photo of Caitlin. It was her very first school photo but she was really poorly that day and I wouldnt let her go school. After much arguing with her I agreed to take her in for her photo but not let her stay the rest of the day. She wasn't pleased with this so refused to smile out of protest. I'm so bringing this out on her 18th :p
You might recognise the banner at the top from her birthday cake this year, waste not want not and all that!

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Scrap day

Every now and again I let the kids have a PJ computer day and I have a scrapping day :) As it is POURING it down outside I figured today would be a good one to let them do what they wanted while I scrapped. I've finished a couple so far and this is my current work in progress :)
Glad I'm enjoying scrapping again. I don't know about other crafters but sometimes I scrap mainly because I feel I should, then other times I do it and I feel great after it's done, like scrapping therapy. So much cheaper than actual therapy, though think Mark might disagree with that ;)
Really not much going on today at all! Besides scrapping I've been blog hopping, sorting my online photos and making lists of challenges I want to do, watch this space!

Friday, 23 May 2014

Half term time!!

Yey its now half term!!!!! As usual on the last day of school I've been playing catch up making sure we're all stocked up to stop me needing to go shopping while kids are off. This morning that meant a sudden trip to the town when I spotted on FB that wilkinsons had reduced all its suncream to £2! During sunny weather Mark needs to use suncream daily as his meds make him high risk for skincancer so you can imagine how much cream we go through. Plus Cameron gets really dry skin and oddly enough, as we discovered by chance in Turkey last year, Nivia aftersun is the only thing which helps. We did think it was the aloe vera in it but tried other creams with no luck. So stocked up on them both :) Saved £85 so cant complain!
Also got home to find my Tassimo delivery had came. Yey! I had a voucher from when I bought the machine and as they were doing a free delivery special I stocked up on that too. Love getting a bargain :)
So kids are now home :) Mark was at his friends tonight so I planned a quiet night scrapping. Was all going well until Cameron came into my room sobbing his heart out. Between sobs I calmed him down enough to find out why. Perry the platapus on tv was sad. *sigh* When he gets tired he tends to get very weepy and had got himself into such a state it took me a while to calm him down. He didn't want to sleep on his own so agreed he could camp out in his sisters room. They didn;t go sleep for another hour or so but were playing nice and looking at puzzle books so let them get on with it. PJ lazy day tomorrow I think!
Did find out some more drama related information today which I won't go into but it is odd. My Mum always used to say whenever she felt like she had had enough, and maybe it was better to walk away something happened to remind her she couldn't. After yesterday I was ready to just throw in the towel and let them get on with it but now my resolve is back full force. Will wait and see what happens now!

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Hard choices

Well today did NOT go as planned. The outcome of the meeting was the exact same outcome we had 4 years ago when Nicola was pregnant with Lillie. Nicola has to choose Rob or the girls and has 2 weeks to pick. But we all know she'll say shes not seeing Rob, will lie and see him anyway, we will wait months to get proof by which point he'll probably batter her again, she'll dump him and social will let her keep the girls as obviously shes no longer with him anymore. *sigh* I really didn't expect that to happen if I'm honest. To be 4 years down the line and no further forward, it's insane. I think I need to sit and make some hard choices about the whole thing. :(
While we were in the meeting we got a txt from my Dad saying his scans had come back and his neck and back are much worse. I think he said the discs in his back were starting to pop out or something along those lines but hes got to see a phisiotherapist and has been given stronger pain medication in the meantime.
Well a good point of today was I got happy mail! :) My friend Jess and I decided to do a kit swap and this is what she sent me :) Love all the bright colours and the clouds ;) I asked for the clouds lol. Might actually hide upstairs, lock the door and scrap a bit tonight :)
Well currently no plans for tomorrow! Hopefully a little more positive day than today.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The Lion King!!!!

I'm so excited!!!! I've wanted to see The Lion King down in London since it started but I've either never had the money or time. Mainly the money, lol. Anyway I was talking to a friend today who told me that she gets reduced train tickets and theatre tickets due to her disability so I looked into it and so does Mark! Tickets now booked for August, thats my birthday pressie sorted lol.
On a less fun note we also had another social services meting this afternoon. Was a bit pointless really as was supposed to be to check information before the big meeting tomorrow but as Nicola didn't show wasn't too much we could do. My Dad has a drs appointment tomorrow too as his health is just getting worse and worse so a lot riding on tomorrow. Might be getting a bit stressed out with the whole things as my head is pounding. Off to take some tabs and get an early night I think!

Tuesday, 20 May 2014


Well this morning didn't start off the best, among other things Cameron accidently dropped my phone down the stairs and broke the screen. Poor Cam was gutted and gave me the £5 he had left from his birthday bless him. Told him thanks but costs a bit more than that lol. Oh well its still functional just need to be careful not to cut my finger on the sharp bits!
Well the money finally went through and as we hadn't been shopping for a few weeks other than basics we needed a big shop to restock the cupboards and freezer. Morning saw us going to town for Primark, home bargains, farmfoods and iceland/ Mark was already flagging by this point so stopped for a break. A friend had told me about the mcdonalds app where if you sang into your phone you won a free drink. I was too embarrassed to give it a go but god love him Mark did it for me and won me another frappe, yum. :)
Refueled we went to the next shop on the list The Range. I won't be going back there in a hurry! Was taking something off a shelf when I knocked a giant ceramic duck down and it smashed all over the floor!! the staff were really nice and told me not to worry, but my husband then decided to follow me around the shop quacking at me!!! Mortified! lol. Time to finish our shopping trip with asda and then HOME!
Tonight will be homework, packing away shopping and a good clear out and organisation in the cupboards like I always do after a big shop. Joy. lol

Monday, 19 May 2014

Mojo :)

Well today I was planning to go shopping but my money hasn't been put into the bank yet so that was out. Did some ironing and tidying and decided to spend the unexpected free time scrapping :) Managed two layouts so pleased with that as not had much motivation recently.
First was Cameron and Caitlin when they both got 'Star of the week' awards at school. As I still had my Slice out form cutting Camerons letters I cut a star out from the corner. I always use my Slice, think 'I should use this more often' then put it back into the cupboard for months on end lol.
These are really old photos from when we went to Peppa Pig world a few years ago. I was photographing Cait playing in the water area and think I was annoying her as she ran up, grabbed the camera and shouted 'I've said cheese!!!!!' lol
think she's more used to it by now :)

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Camerons day :)

This morning was the car boot sale again. :) Love car boot sales and managed to get lots of bargains as usual. Mark got some warhammer which is great as you very rarely get it, Cameron got some ben 10 figures and Caitlin got some my litle pony toys for £1.50 which she had asked for for £11 in Asda the other week :) I got a small box of Hama beads which amazed me as last time I went there was a box on every second stall but now I want them nobody had them! Typical. I did get this bag though :)
I think it's a school bag or something but its the perfect size for lots of 12x12 kits and has loads of little pockets and holders for other bits and bobs. Great for when I go away and don't want to take everything with me :) Bargains at £2 :)
After car boot Caitlin had a party at a local bowling ally. I didn't want to leave her alone so booked a lane for Cam and I to bowl at the same time. Was nice spending time just the two of us :) There was a delay with the party bowling as a child was late so we finished way before they did! Caitlin had settled and when we got there I realised a couple of the other Mums were on the PTA with me so I felt confident enough to leave her and take Cameron to a Mcdonalds down the road for lunch.
He had a happy meal and I treated myself to one of their new chocolate chip frappes. OMG it was yum! I dread to think of the calories in it but hey ho life is too short ;) Cam and I sat and chatted and I made a right idiot out of myself! I'm not the best at maths which we all know but tried to be clever and when Cameron asked about getting some kinder eggs with his birthday money I decided to make it into a sum:
Me - if kinder eggs were 50p, and you have £10 left of your money, how many could you get?
Cameron - 20!
Me - No.
Cameron - Yes it is!
Me - *Pause* Is it? *thinks a moment* Yeah it is Cameron, you're right don't listen to me.
I shouldn't try and be clever without a calculator!
Before heading home we went to Asda to get some ice cream and a dvd Cam wanted with his birthday money (better than 20 kinder eggs loL). OMG I have never seen it so busy! I think the second the sun comes out everyone decided to have a bbq. The staff had obviously gave up stacking shelves and had just left pallets of rolls in the aisles. Everyone obviously had the same idea as us on ice cream as that aisle actually had a queue. After getting Cam his fave lollies (calippos) Cait hers (Rocket lollies) Mark his (magnums) couldn't believe it when the guy in front of us put, no joke, 23 tubs of phish food ben and jerries into his trolley. He had took the lot! God love Cameron though, I told him not to worry I would get some another day and he stuck his head right inside the freezer until he found a tub hiding in the back behind the other flavours. He said he didn't want to me to be left out. That boy will go far ;) After the chaos that was the tills we went home to enjoy the rest of the sunshine. Mark was wiped out again as he doesn't do well in the heat at all so I put Camerons football goal round the front and let them play while he napped. :)
Ended up staying out until way past dinner chatting to the neighbours and relaxing. As a result the kids have done their homework but we have to do baths and iron uniforms tomorrow morning before school. Whoops!!

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Farm again :)

Today the weather is absolutely beautiful so we decided to go to the farm. As usual it didn't go to plan lol. When we first got Scamp I read up on his breed to learn anything special I needed to do to care for him. One big thing a lot of places mentioned was that they don't do well in heat. So today as it was nice I had the garden door open so he could go out to play in the sun or come into the cool house if he wanted. I did put a big bowl of water out in the garden for him drink but he started splashing his paws in it so put a second bowl next to his food inside as usual for him to drink. Now I thought that he would be smart enough to think 'Oh I'm a bit hot, I'll go get a drink and lie down in the cool' Um, no. By the time we went to the farm at 1pm he had run about so much that in the car on the way there he was panting like mad! I wasn't sure if he was too hot or just overexcited so asked a friend and she suggested forcing him to cool down. When we got to the farm I sat with him in the shade and kept putting the water right in front of him and he soon settled. Looks like I'll need to keep a closer eye in future!!!
With Scamp in mind though (and mark tbh) we only stayed a short while but it was a nice visit anyway.
Kids enjoyed hunting for caterpillars though we only found two.
Scamp looks very unimpressed here!
Glad we got him out for a little while though, we're going to the car boot tomorrow morning then bowling so he'll be on his own for most of the day and I always feel guilty. Sure he'll be fine though :) Had planned to scrap tonight but think the heats wiped me out!

Friday, 16 May 2014

Weekend is here!

I've been looking forward to the weekend and yey it's finally friday! First though to get through today lol. Dropped Cameron off with his school project. He had to do anything he wanted to show the lifecycle of a butterfly or frog. he picked butterfly and did this :)
Couldn't belive it this morning when we bumped into our neighbour and he said 'All I did was the colouring' Um no! lol. I cut the letters (not letting him use my slice lol) and I mounted his writing but he did the rest! Crazy child. I'f I had done it I'd have made the butterfly symetrical and there would be a lot more stickles used! :p
I did do this however. Caitlin has now decided she wants all the ponies for her bedroom wall so finished off fluttershy. Rarity next!
Tonight Mollie stayed for a sleepover. Kids had a great time playing and now Caitlins in the bigger room the girls got to sleep on the floor together which they loved. It was so sweet to hear them chatting and giggling :) Mollie also brought me more hama beads and asked me to make her a Princess celestia, so guess what I'm doing tonight!

Thursday, 15 May 2014

May counterfeit kit

Ok so I'm a bit behind but oh well :) There were two images this month to cop from:
I really liked the look of this kit, full of bright colours and travel aspects which is what I chose to take from it. These are the papers I picked. A bit different this month were a lot of 6x6 papers. A while ago I bought some paper pads from TKmaxx to go half with my friend Jess; they were dirt cheap anyway so a bargain when splitting the price. :) The papers went really well with the theme plus give me lots of bits to die cut from. I don't know about you but I'm always really reluctant to cut into a 12x12 sheet for a shape punch or die cut but 6x6 feels more like scrap paper iykwim.
As i'm trying to use my punches and die cuts more I've put in less embellishments than usual, but did dig out some of my new packs I keep for stroking more than anything else, lol.
Really love the resulting kit :) Lets see if I get around to making anything from it!

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

coffee morning

Twice a year Homestart run a coffee morning at Rockingham castle. I love doing it at christmas because the castle is all decorated but the view in Spring is pretty nice too :)
Once I had finished there I rushed home to finish painting Caitlins room. I'm thrilled with the colour as it's just what I hoped for, girly but still grown up :)
Last night I also managed to finish a layout I've had half done for I don't know how long lol. I found it in a bag with an old half finished kit so decided to get it done. :) Photos are from when we were in Turkey and the kids obviously loved playing with their watermelon.
Well no crafting tonight as its 'date night'. Nothing huge planned just cuddling up and watching tv. Got to love the simple things :)

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Productive, just

This morning I took Mark for some more blood tests. Car ran fine there, but as soon as I turned the engine on to leave the warning light came on :( Seemed to be running fine so I chanced it and drove to Asda hoping it would go off. No such luck. Rung the AA who checked it over and said it was either than we needed a new throttle, or that the throttle was having a tantrum and decided to send an error message. As the light was off now and the car seems to be running ok we're hoping it was the later! As proud as I will be of both my kids no matter what they grow up to do, part of me is hoping one of them will decide to be a mechanic and save me a fortune!!!!
With all that done was time to race to town to do jobs there, then chill out with a coffee with Mum :) Mark also bought me a little treat while there lol.
Ok I'm 29 so probably too grown up for a sticker album but who cares :) The kids have each got one so now I can collect stickers too! Well after a very hectic day, I'm off to relax and scrap for a bit :)

Monday, 12 May 2014

Where has today gone?!

This morning I woke up full of determination. I made a to do list, planned to get on and get it done so I could scrap in the afternoon and I was SURE I was going to do it lol. I really should learn that my plans never work out.
First was another assembley to see the kids get an award, :) This time for 100% attendence. Was funny when the very first name read out the girl was away as she was on holiday! Didn't manage to get a photo as Cameron rushed back to class so didn't get a chance. Got home and made a few phonecalls from my list then on to bills. Here's where it went wrong. Early last month I noticed I was being charged by Orange for £5 of extra data, but I was well within my monthly use so phoned to ask why. Turned out was a fault on their end so she took it off my bill. When I got my bill in a week ago it was back on it! So phoned and complained and it was taken off again. So imagine my surprise when I went into my online banking and saw that my phone bill was coming out tomorrow with the extra £5 STILL on it. I was raging. Took 3 phone calls and me getting very annoyed before they agreed to take it off again. BY the time all that was sorted it was 1pm! Just managed to get some painting done in Caitlins room before rushing to collect them from school. Hope tomorrow is a little more productive!

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Caitlins day

This morning after breakfast and homework Cameron vanished next door to play before being picked up for another party in the afternoon. As a result I've barely seen him all day! Was a perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with my little lady though :) She spent a couple of hours cuddled up looking at books and tv with Daddy, then asked if she could help me paint her room. As its only the white undercoat (and we're replacing the carpet anyway) I said yes. Was a very pleasent couple of hours paining away and gabbing about school, music and everything else. Bless her she was asking about my favourite songs etc when she suddenly went all quiet, looked at me and said really sincerly 'I love talking to you Mummy' Awwww! I really hope she feels that way as she grows up.
After all that hard work she chilled out with a cold drink while I made dinner. Caitlins choice, sausages, noodles and peas. Not wanting peas I made corn on the cob for me and the boys. Dished out theirs, which they took off to eat, and was just dishing out mine went I spotted a hole. On closer inspection I found this. EWWWWW!!!!!! All the corn is now bagged back up to take to the shop tomorrow. Put me right off my dinner. :(
Sunday night is always really chilled out in our house. Tonight kids were reading, mark was watching TV and I made this for my niece.
I'm actually really enjoying making things form these beads. I think with scrapping I can only do it upstairs as Scamp is a bit too big now and jumps on my knee for cuddles or wants to see what I'm doing and can get a bit in the way if I'm surrounded by papers. Crosstitching I like but takes so long while these I can do while watching tv, in not much space and make something quite quick. :) Caitlins now decided all the beads are mine and she's buying me some more for my birthday in July. Is it wrong to admit I would actually love that? lol. Overall it's been a really lovely weekend. :) Hope you've all had a great time too!

Saturday, 10 May 2014


Today was next doors little boys birthday party. I had a few things to do before we went so I got up running, not so much with these two lol.
Bowling was really fun :) As obviously I'm friends with the family I stuck about and had a cup of coffee. Was nice seeing my two play too.
Cameron got really into it and came second in both games. He wasn't fussed though, I'm proud to say he's not really that competitive :)
Caitlin I was worried would feel left out as she was the only girl but she chatted with me and the birthday boys mum which was nice. She used the runner for a while but soon just threw the ball. Was very proud of herself when she did it without help. That said al the boys were very gentlemanly and were happy to lift the balls for her and help her. So cute!
The boys were all hyper and crazy by the end of the party. One of my friends has 5 sons, I honestly don't know how she does it!
After the party they all went back next door for some hot dogs and cake which gave me time to finish Camerons room. I'm thrilled with how it has come out now and he's really pleased with it. I felt bad at first giving him the small room but it seems to work well with him. I'll try and get some pictures tomorrow but ATM hes never out of it! After the rest of the boys had gone home our neighbours came round ours for pizza and a drink. Was really nice to sit and chat and put the world to rights. The kids had a great time playing games upstairs so we barely heard form them once we got the computer all set up. I admit it's nice to have another couple we can hang around with. Short of my friends online I only really talk to my Mum so to have someone else to socalise with is great! Bless her though, the mum decided she wanted to do some form of crafting to try and make things to sell and asked my opinion on diecutters and papers. Well that was it, even Mark groaned lol. Within moments I had my papers out, punches, die cutters, templates etc and was explaining the differences with them all. Don't think the poor girl realised what she was asking! We managed to figure out what would work best for her idea though so hopefully I'll be able to share more of that with you in the future :)

Friday, 9 May 2014

Busy busy.

Well today has been non stop, just how I like it :) First was the school assembly to see Caitlin get her golden book award. Had the nice surprise that Evie was getting a star of the week award so got to see that too. :) Both girls were very proud of themselves :)
Then home to finish off a few jobs that need done today. First Caitlins Princess Celestia I've been doing for days. Really this is huge. Was a NIGHTMARE to iron! I had to do it bit by bit but when I did one bit beads popped out from other areas so I was ironing and rebuilding at the same time. Crazy! Not sure I'll do such a large one again but live and learn.
After finishing painting, a minecraft cake for next door, a gift for next doors wee boy and housework it was time to take Cameron to Beavers for his integration :)
Yeah I cried lol. He was very proud of himself and we were all so proud watching him. I'm glad he enjoys it so much. I think it will do him good if he sticks to it when hes older. Most of the more sensible teenagers I've met have been part of something like scouts or army cadets, I think it helps ground them a bit. Fingers crossed he sticks with it!
Well this weekend is full of parties lol. Have next doors little boys party tomorrow, then they're coming round to ours for pizza and drinks, and Sunday Camerons going to another friends party at his house! They have busier social lives than I do! lol