Tuesday, 31 August 2010

MY corner :)

Was planning to blog last night but started watching Sex in the city 2 and got distracted. lol. To be honest wasn't really impressed with the film. Was a bit like porn in places and was really daft. But I LOVE putting my headphones on, putting a film on the laptop and sitting scrapping. :)
Being a mum and wife in a house with desperate need for DIY means I don't get too much 'me' time, so blocking out the outside world and doing something I love means SO much to me. :)
Well last night I was halfway through a layout then discovered I've lost two of my favorite stamps. :( At the moment all my stamps are stuffed into a little bag, so vowing to sort them out I started making a book to keep them in. :)
Not finished yet but heres an idea of what I've done so far.

Quite pleased with it. :) Was planning on finishing tonight but been up since 6 after going bed at 2 so hitting me now. lol. Couldn't sleep so got up early, did lots of cleaning and made everyone their fave brekkies. Cameron had jam, toast and cereal, Caitlin porridge and Mark home made chocolate chip pancakes. Felt very Martha Stuart shouting everyone down for breakfast. lol

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Being a mum means feeling guilty all the time

When I fell pregnant with my son it prompted a chat at work about what it means to be a mum. One thing that was said is that being a mum means feeling guilty all the time. 3 years on and it is so true! lol. Do I not do enough? do I spoil them? do I play with them enough? should I let them be more independent? You just can't win! As I;ve said on previous posts we're trying to get sorted for christmas and it is impossible not to feel guilty. Caitlin is having more spent on her as she is getting a bike plus little gifts, while Cameron is just getting the little gifts, but hes got more gifts in number than Caitlin will. AHHHH!!!! lol. Never mind that logically Cameron already has a bike and everything he'll ever need, I still feel bad I'm spending more on Caitlin, and I'm determined not to do what I did 2 xmas's ago, which was just buy things for the sake of it. As they were still opening gifts come new year and I swear some never even got touched. Just going to have to be logical about it I suppose, lol. Not like they're gonna notice, they play with each others stuff anyway! lol. Nobody said motherhood was easy!
One thing that is easy is buying craft stuff! Went into the range today to look for wellies for Caitlin, they didn't have any in her size but they did have these adorable stamps! I'm getting into stamping and card making a bit more so love these. :)

Well as there were no wellies in The range needed to go into Next. Well as the weathers been horrendous lately, I've got all the winter clothes out and discovered that while Camerons wardrobe is literally stuffed with clothes, Caitlins is much more empty (cue another guilt trip!) So I said to Caitlin she could pick one pretty outfit. Now while Caitlin can count, obviously this knowledge went out the window and she ran about pulling clothes off the walls and handing me them saying 'pretty mummy pretty!' God help me when shes a teenager is all I can say!!!! Well finally got it narrowed down to 2 and she picked this one.

Good taste. :) She likes bright colours. Hope everyones enjoying the bank holiday. Meant to be nice tomorrow, fingers crossed!!

Friday, 27 August 2010

Its not still friday is it? Must be sunday at least!!

OMG today has dragged! I think because I didn't sleep too well last night today and yesterday has kinda blurred. lol. Poor Caitlin was up all night with a tummy bug (fx tonight is better) then my sister rang me at 7am, silly girl had fell down the stairs so needed to take her to get checked out. Shes fine though, just very bruised!!
Kids have been happy enough, Camerons been building huge train tracks across my livingroom floor

Did this all by himself! Was quite proud, lol. Also to cheer her up we bought Caitlin a new jacket. Shes SUCH a girly girl when it comes to clothes, lovs them! Not like her Mummy at all. lol

This was for a challenge on UKS, not done one for a while but liked this one. Rules were:
Something old - Papers
Somthing new - flower in corner
Something with circles - The paper. :)
These los are all pictures from Camerons 2nd birthday. :)

Really like this one of Caitlin. First time she had cake. lol

This was for a challenge on twilight board. Rules were:
Photos of a celebration - Camerons birthday
Use more then one photo - Done
Do some sewing - Didnt manage this bit. Sorry Ali!

Hoping to relax a bit tonight. Have a dvd 'The Jones' to watch so hoping kids sleep and let me chill out a bit!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Wow, this is gonna be a long post as I've started it for the past 3 nights then never got around to posting. lol. But first things first!
Well yesterday I started scrapping again. I've done a few los lately but to be honest my heart wasn't in it. Then I dug out some American crafts 'everyday' papers I bought an age ago but never touched. These seemed to have woke up my mojo a bit and I'm enjoying it again. :) So that's pretty much hats on my desk at the moment. lol.

Also today I took Lillie down to my grans for a visit. Nobody is talking to my sister at the moment after a disagreement so she hadn't seen Lilly in over a month. She was thrilled to see her and was amazing to see how big she's getting. Shes smiling often now and makes noises to respond when you talk to her. :)

At the car boot on Sunday I bought this wildcats outfit for Caitlin. She loves it and runs around with her pom poms. Does make her look far too grown up I think though.

Ah this box, this flaming box! Some of you may remember I bought plain wooden toy boxes for my nieces for Christmas, then painted and decorated them. Well as Caitlins dress up clothes are getting too many to fit in her drawers I got one for her. Bloody nightmare! Had the wrong screws and holes weren't drilled in some place, so had to piece it together as best I could. Kids had a great time 'helping' though.

Layouts! This was the first I did with the AC paper. Love how bright and fun it is. :) I think it goes great with the picture.

These I dont love so much. I did these when my heart wasn't in it really but hey, I did them and its a bit more stash used up! lol

This is the result of Cameron getting a hold of my camera. lol

This is the box built. Dont think its too bad considering, lol. Plan to paint it and decorate it a bit but not as much as the girls ones were.

Hope to be on a bit more regularly, lol. Had a lot going on recently (including someone getting a hold of my bank details. grrrrr) so not been about much but miss blogging; and need all the good cheer I can get at the moment! lol

Sunday, 22 August 2010


I honestly don't know whats up with me! lol. Since Thursday I've just been shattered, though we have been busy every day since then I suppose.
Today we had a great day, though horror of horrors, I forgot my camera!!! I know, I MUST be tired! But anyway life goes on, lol. We went to car boot as planned, got a few bits and bobs for the kids, hubby was happy as yet again got some warhammer bits. Was surprised as you don't often find any let alone two days in a row. Kids got the usual Thomas/Peppa pig toys. Caitlin also got a little buggy with a baby in she was chuffed to bits with. :)
Weather turned out better than we'd hoped so set off to the park afterwards. Think my mum would have cried if she was with us as kids set about splashing in every puddle they could find. lol. This was fine as they had wellies on but Caitlin decided to take it one step further (as she does) and sat in it. Good job I had spare clothes!!
Came home and set about sorting out garage and toy boxes in the house. Starting to look like toys r us again. lol. Going into town tomorrow to get a cheap wooden box from argos and going to paint it up all pretty for Caitlins dressing up clothes.
Well, off to veg on the couch for a bit. Hope everyones well!

Friday, 20 August 2010

What day is it?

Yesterday was a weird one. Was poorly thursday night so Mark let me sleep in bless him. Did a bit of housework then collected a TV for my Gran from some nice feecycle people. Was horrified the other day to find out her old, huge tv is rented!!!! £10 a month shes been paying for it! So went to collect a TV from freecycle for her. She was so touched bless her. My grandad couldnt understand how he was getting a TV without paying for it. lol.
So back to Thursday, lol. (will catch up) Was too tired to blog Thursday night so heres some photos from Thomas land again.
Kids all playing on James, Couldn't get Evie off! lol

Cameron pretending to be asleep like James.

Nice picture of my Mum and Caitlin.

Just the girls. :)

Could NOT get Cameron near this, lol. Oh well.

Kids all had a brill day so was really pleased. Much busier than we last went though so didn't get on as many rides.
Today we went to a 'townwide garage sale' Basically the town (Burton Latimer in this case) made a map showing which houses were having sales then we walked around town looking at what they were selling. Got a few bargains but nothing amazing. Well except hubby, lol. He managed to get a big box of warhammer with a limited edition model for £5. Of course I've got no idea about this stuff but he seemed pleased. lol.
Supposed to be a nice day tomorrow so hoping to get a picnic together and go to our usual car boot and park afterwards.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Long day!!! Hubby took kids to the park this afternoon so just been pottering about doing little jobs. Its amazing how quick the day goes when doing this! Going Thomas Land again tomorrow so Camerons bouncing off the walls, lol.
This morning he and Mark set up all of camerons 'take a long' track in the living room. Cameron was really good at remembering where all the bits went, and loved playing with it when it was done.
This picture shows how much he has.

This shows how happy he is having it. lol

Well been a while since I showed any los. This is one I did from an old SC kit and DT lo. The title is 'her 2nd bithday' because not only is it her 2nd birthday in age, but the second party we had. lol. So liked the double meaning. :) Stamped onto the plain foam letters to tie it into the paper more.

love how simple this LO is. I've never been one for embossing papers untill recently, now I'm addicted. lol. Love how the simple embossing just adds intrest without being too busy.

Another simple one. Can you tell I was in a ribbon mood that day? lol. This is of Cameron at disney when he was about 9 months old. Hense the messy eating. lol

The letters are my fave thing on this lo. I took part in a stash swap recently and this is one bit I got. They were plain plastic but I mounted them on red paper with glossy accents then cut around them. :)

And now for the shopping! Im one of those who start saving for chirstmas at the start of the year then shop stupidly early. So true to form we went christmas shopping while the kids were at nursery. :) First stop was tk maxx, I love that shop. You do need to rummage a bit but you can get some really good buys I think.
This is for me from hubby. :) Ill let him put this lot away, lol.

For me again. :) Love this range.

This I've wanted for ages. Got it in our new home bargains. Plan to alter it and make it all pretty. :)

This is hubbys fault! We say everytime we get Cameron more trains/track that its the last. Never is. Normally me but hubby spotted this and kept going on about it so ended up getting it. lol

So of course had to get this adorable dress for Caitlin, only fair. lol

So shopping done, will now do Whats on your workdesk wednesday' and this week, not much! Been finishing off some los I started at crop. Still nto done them yet. lol

Well off to Thomas Land again tomorrow so will either colapse as soon as I get home or will have lots of pictures to share. lol

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Warning! I will be talking about christmas!

No photos so kind of a boring post today. lol. Havent got around to taking any pictures latly. I must be sick!
One thing I have been doing though is shopping. I'm a horder and have saved a bit each week all year for xmas, I know its that evil word again, so today me and Mark took some out and went shopping! He can't shop for too long because of his knees so we do it little and often. :)
Today we did get a few bargains which I'm pleased about, went into TK maxx which is a store I LOVE! I do think you need to know where to look and root around a bit but you can find some gems in there. Also went into our new Home bargains. We had a little one already but its moved into a huge new location so even more bits too look through. So a good amount spent today! lol. Shattered after late nights/early mornings latly but dont have much planned for tomorrow so will hopefully have some photos to share!

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Car boot. :)

Evening all! Had a great time at my crop yesterday (as usual. :) ) Managed a few los but forgot my timmer so need to finish a couple. lol. Will share tomorrow.:)
Today was a bit up and down, went car boot and got some great bargains, also had £50 pickpocketed. :( Apprently its happened a lot there recently. But still bargains. pmsl, gotta look on the bright side! Also the £50 was our shopping money so will help the diet. lol. Oh, it was taken after we bought all this, Im not spending our money on toys rather than food. lol
This is the first lot I've photographed. :) We got a video player a while ago so love getting disney videos. So much cheaper and if kids like them can upgrade to dvds. :) Was pleased to find Cameron a Thomas umbrella for 50p as almost bought him one for £5 the other day. :)
Caitlin's fave buy was the little black bag. It originally had some plastic fruit and bits in it, but she loved it so much she carried it all day! When we got her some new peppa pig pjs (25p!) and slippers she put them in her little bag and carried them too. :)
One of our big bargains is the big track at the back. One thing Cameron does NOT need is more track, but everything he asked for was either too expencive (£4 for a tiny plastic train which does nothing, no thanks) or rubbish, so couldnt say no when we got to this near the end of the carboot. It's all as new and was only £5. his grandad and dad hd a great time setting it up in mums garden and playing with it. lol

This lot I'm putting away for christmas. I know it sounds cheap getting them toys at car boot for christmas but new toys are SO expencive and lets face it, they dont know the difference. Obviously just gonna give them the dough tubs but was pleased with the sets as theres loads of different tools doing lots of random things. lol. Can see lots of mess being made with this!

Was thilled with this lot. Caitlin loves to dress up, but one set from disney store is £25!! So all of these as new for £1 each was bargain. :) Along with a Thomas hat and scarf set for Cam, winters on the way it seems. lol

Saved the best for last (IMO anyway) Saw this in Argos a while back and planned to get it for Cameron when he gets his new Mid sleeper. Thought it would be ideal to put under his bed and store his trains/track. £23 in argos (plus p&p as online only) £3 new at car boot!!

Ok I admit I like bargain hunting. lol. Going to chill out tonight and watch Shutter island. Seen it before but my mum rented it so borrowed it from her. Night all!

Friday, 13 August 2010

Box of goodies!

Well recived a bit of bad news yesterday so hubby got me the Sarahs cards clearance box to cheer me up. £75 worth of stuff for £25. Cant argue with that! Was ment to be putting it aside for my chirstmas but he gave in and gave it to me today. hehe.
I got two last time they were out so was very excited (and must say pretty impressed) when it arrived this morning. I know I'm really nosey to see what was in everyone elses boxes so thoguht I'd share what was in mine.

HUGE rub ons, never seen any this big before.

Love those AC pink stripy alphas.

HOW lush are those prima flowers?!

So easy to say I'm thrilled, lol. Got my crop tomorrow so will take this lot along with me too. :)

Wednesday, 11 August 2010


Evening all. :) Nice relaxing day today. Not done Whats on you work desk Wednesday in a while so thought I'd make an effort this week. :)
So on my desk is really an old Sarahs cards kit. :) I've been really good for a while now in not buying any more papers/embellishments and trying to use up what I've got. I've done really well but starting to panic now as my stash is SO much less than what it was. lol. Still have far more than I need granted but still, its less!

So did some scrapping last night and today, This is what I did.
A lo of the kids playing in the sandpit at wicksteed, I had loads of alphas left over from this set so thought I;d use them up by drawing around them. I like the effect but don't think it sits well on this lo, but will certainly use it again.

This lo was to use up the last of the set, which is why theres so many random embellishments. lol. The title is 'I biti' as that's what Caitlin used to say when brushing her hair. Her version of 'I'm pretty' lol.

Followers may remember this lolly!! Won it first time on an arcade game a while ago. We ended up hitting it with a hammer and melting it into biscuits. lol

Another wedding photo, look how skinny I was!!! lol. This is scrap lifted from Rachael ward on the scdt. :)

Well planning a nice dinner with hubby tonight. Hunters chicken, wine, dvd, very romantic. lol. Now just need Cameron to go to bed!

Monday, 9 August 2010

Im back! and ready for bed. lol

Well I'm back! lol. Been for a nice weekend away with Hubby. Obviously not often we get time alone so was nice to walk about just holding hands and not needing to worry about buggy/potty training lol. But first the bits I did before i went away.
Well I mentioned Caitlin ruining her walls again, thought I'd show you. lol. Its actually worse than this, but hard to get good photos.

Would have gone mad normally but planned to paint anyway so not too big a deal. Just going to have to search her for pens form now on!

Also took Cameron to see Toy story 3. He was really well behaved, was so proud! He doesn't like loud noises at the best of times but apart from one bit with a psychotic monkey he sat really well and wasn't scared at all. Though tbh the monkey is really freaky and I wasn't surprised he climbed on my knee at that bit!
So now our weekend. :) We booked this ages ago as a birthday gift to me. We both love the city of York and this is our fourth visit. Its also been our fave b&b. :) We stayed in Feversham lodge in the romantic room.

It was smaller than expected but the details were brill. A very well stocked hostess tray, comfy bed, clean bathroom with fluffy towels. Was very pleased. :) Also had a dvd player which was good as first night there I was too tired to go out so we just watched a dvd, lol.
Next morning breakfast was amazing! Fresh fruit, big fry-up, home made cakes, home made jams and marmalade's. Loved it, I had rhubarb and orange marmalade and it was SO yum! hungry now, lol. After that we walked into the city center.
Mark loves churches and old buildings so was in his element here. York minster is a very beautiful and very imposing building.

Love how 'in awe' Mark looks here. :)

This is part of the cathedral inside. You're only allowed to take photos in certain parts, not that that stopped some people. Had to say I found it really disrespectful some people taking photos next to big signs telling the not to. So stood in front of them a lot of the time. I found it funny, they didn't. :p

Couldn't get any other pictures due to restrictions but the stained glass windows really are amazing, it's well worth a visit. Apparently 50% of all the stained glass in Britain is in those windows.
Around the city there were lots of street performers. Some were ok but loved this guy. He was a fire eater/juggler and he was really funny. Did juggling on a ladder which was interesting to watch.

This guy was a bit different, he had a small saw attached to the bike pedals so when he pedalled the saw would cut. He'd then cut out the name of your choice for £2. Got one each for the kids for stocking filler. :) That's right I'm thinking about Christmas already!

This is the shambles. A street with lots of 'home made' type shops. Was great to see everything being made and then trying it out afterwards! We had lots of wine/beer samples (well I did, lol) fudge, chocolates, sausages etc. Very pricey though, a slice of fudge same size as half a slice of bread would have been around £5!

Betty's was one place I was happy to spend some money! We love coming here whenever we're in York, the cakes and biscuits are brill. And so cute!

So shopping over we went to dinner. Was pleasantly surprised tbh. At an Italian resturant, starter each, main course each, bottle of wine, coffees and dessert each just £46! food as amazing too, so fresh and well made. Really ate a lot this weekend. lol.
We also went to the cinima to see Inception. I wasnt sure about this but its now one of my fave films. :) Really clever and interesting. If you get a chance to see it at the cinima in IMAX I'd def do it as I dont think it would be so impressive on dvd. Walked back through town to get to hotel. Bed, breakfast in morning then home to my babies. :)

So now home and shattered! Ran a few little errands today but glad to be back with the kids. One night away is enough, 2 just seems strange. lol