Sunday, 30 January 2011

Tiring weekend :)

Well on my part anyway, Caitlins still wondering the halls so obviously not for her! Saturday was spent doing housework and pottering about, but as Mum had Caitlin that night me, Cameron and Mark settled down with dvds and munchies! Chocolate and crisps for them, weight watchers biscuits for me. :) Was really nice as Cameron was in fits of laughter at some points and its nice to spend time with just him. :)
Today it was dads group in the morning, then to a home start activity day. As Cameron didnt want to go dads group let alone anywhere else, I left him home for some boys time. Also known as covering the living room with Thomas track. :)
The home start activity day was great! I helped out while there as Im a volunteer for them but mainly played with Caitlin and my two nieces I took along too. We painted plates, made pictures, decorated cakes and Caitlin planted a flower for me. :)
In the middle of all this I finished my book. Wasnt that impressed to be honest. Havesting the heart didnt really 'end' while I like stories that have everything neatly wrapped up by the last page. Theres enough uncertainty in real life!!

Friday, 28 January 2011

New camera :)

Ok so its been a productive week. :) Ive been busy getting everything ready for disney and my weekend away! Me and some lovley mad girls from uks have rented a barn for the weekend and we plan to scrap and chat. :) However I didnt realise at the time when I agreed to go that we return on the sunday and I go to disneyland on the monday morning! So been busy getting it all done so all I really need to do is come home, dump my stuff and I'm ready to go the next day.
Well as part of getting sorted for dieny I got a new camera! I didnt really pay for it (wayyyy to skint for that) as when Mark bought me my old camera on my brithday last year he bought insurance on it that covered accidental damage. Good job he did as 3 days later it was in a wet bag with a bottle of water which burst, so the insraunce paid for itself within the first week really! lol. Since then Ive changed it twice as the kids keep getting a hold of it. The last one just seemed to die on me though, worked at times but sometimes would beep and not turn on. Not good if you're trying to get a picture of 3 kids who wont stand still too long. So we took it in to exchange it. I was a bit gutted as they dont stock my old one anymore, but I got the new version. I dont do change well so still getting used to it (and not liking it too much at the moment) so hopefully will be ok by next week. lol.

Well i have also done some scrapping but since all I seem to post is layout after layout think ill take a bit of a break from blogging them for a while. lol. Going to curl up in bed with a book tonight I think. :) Currently have 'Harvesting the heart' By jodi picholt from the libery. I love her other books so hopefully going to be a good one. :)

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Tickets and shopping!

Well hospital didnt go as well as we'd hoped. Marks bones are thinning so he's being sent to a bigger hopsital for a spinal scan. Wont be for a while yet though so more waiting, which I'm not very fond of.
ON a hppier note our tickets to disneyland came this morning. yey! Starting to get excited at times. Think becuse Im going to a retreat the weekend before it seems like ages away. The kids know they're going now, we were going to wiat untill they got there but as was shown at christmas I have NO willpower. lol.
Speaking of willpower we had another visit to TKmax this week. Really, I need more paper like I need a hole in the head but I DO need more albums. Now album refills alone are £5, so to get an album, refill, papers and embellishments for £5, well you'd be daft to say no! (wouldnt you, of course you would. :) )
So dispite the fact we can not afford them at all my lovley hubby bought these for me. :)

Ok so the middle one doesnt have an album but it was £3 and included stiched cardstock, would have been daft to say no to that too :p

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Blogging from the hospital

Don't worry it's nothing serious. Marks having a bone density scan to see if he has osteoporosis and as Caitlin quite happily making her toy lamb dance I'm bored!
Yesterday was a fun day though, we took the kids to cheeky monkees (that's how they spell it I've not got it wrong :p) they were so excited as the haven't been since before the summer holidays last year. It's usually manic but was really quiet for some reason so I was able to sit and relax. They make the BEST hot chocolate there so there's nothing better than curling up on one of their couches, hot choc in hand and watching kids go mad!
This afternoon I'm taking kids dancing, which Caitlins very excited about as Camerons comming too :) then I've really got to sort put my desk! It's currently covered in all manner of crafting stash. I did have it organised before Christmas but then between gifts and sale shopping it's reached overflow level again! Lol. Sounds good as means lots of new stash but also means I've been scrapping on the rug lalty which is not good for my back! Lol.
Well Apprently lamby is bored of dancing now so got to entertain Caitlin, will post pics of my messy desk layer if I can :)

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

I know what I want.......

But why does NOWHERE sell it?? We have a teeny garden which currently has a huge swing/slide set, mini trampoline and a wendy house. The slide set is jus too big, it has a slide, two swings and a boat swing. The boat swing is never used so we want to get rid of that and the little trampolie and get a big tampoline and a smaller set for the kids birthdays. So all I want is a wooden set with a slide and two swings. It just oesnt seem to exsist! lol. They either have lots of swings, huge slides or sand boxes/climbing frames/spaceports which bump the price up to about £8.00000000. Saying all that, mark rightly pointed out their birthdays arnt untill april/may, and we arnt getting any garden toys untill after august when we get the garden redone so i may be getting a little ahead of myself. lol. God love him, I do tend to do that alot, freak out months in advance and hes got to bring me down to earth a bit. He tends to need to do that when I see pretty stash too. lol.
Well with the weather being rubbish the kids have been enjoying baking and playing with their christmas stuff. As you can see Camerons lego is going well.

So more layouts :) this is last Christmas where we gave cam his train table. I've been keeping this chipboard for ages to use on a train related layout and think it works well here :) As I'm on my iPhone at the min I can't scroll down to go to the next photo. Not sure if it can't be done or I just don't know how but there u go lol. Anyway it's Cameron playing on a bouncy hours, a bit like a space hopper thing but easier to use. I looked everywhere to buy one but no luck.
Well it's now 1am and I'm up in a few hours so better go sleep!

Monday, 17 January 2011

Ironing is dull!

Normally I have a film or something to watch when ironing to take some of the dullness away, no such luck today! But got a huge pile done so done for another week. :)
This is a photo of me and Mark at christmas my mum took and showed me last night. This is actually the first photo of the two of us since our wedding 4 years ago. Can you tell I dont like getting my photo taken! Made me laugh when I saw it though as Marks got a can in his hand which I hate as it looks so chavy. He's allowed to drink after his transplant as his liver damage was caused by lupus not drinking but still he very rarely does. Trust my mum to take a photograph of one of the few times!!! Maybe I can photoshop it into a cup of coffee or something. lol

More layouts. These are photos of butlins again, the kids were hiding in this tube thing and kept jumping out at Mark who kept pretending to be surprised. lol. Oh well whatever keeps them happy!

Photos of Cameron on the slide at wicksteed.

These are photos of Cameron opening gifts on his birthday. I love the background paper on this and have kept it for ages but forced myself to use it. Quite pleased with it. :)

This layout I did way too late at night. lol. Behing the photos is about 3 sheets of PP all cut inked and layers. Oh yeah that looks pretty I think, put the photos on, Cant see any of it!!!! Oh well, I call it 'hidden embellishing' Dont think its going to catch on somehow.

Nursery for the kids tomorrow so no idea what im doing. MIght rent a dvd with our vouchers and relax with brekky in bed. Ohhh sounds like a plan :)

Sunday, 16 January 2011

No sleep = lots of layouts.

Well since Im not sleeping much latly and theres not much to do at night, Ive managed to get lots of layouts done. lol. Which is no bad thing really as the stash is really starting to stack up again! Im also actually running out of photos! scary!
This is a photo of Caitlin at camerons second birthday. I didnt put a title on it as I didnt think it needed one really. I love how it looks like shes looking at the butterfly down in the corner :)
The big chipboard flower I bought in Northampton a while ago, theres a big shop there where everything is 99p and they had 12x12 sheets of huge chipboard embellishments. Snapped those right up! lol.

Another old photo of Mark teaching Cameron how to drive the racing games at Butlins. I love wathing them play on these because Mark tells Cameron how to do it in great detail really elaboratly, knowing fine well Camerons not listening to a word hes saying and is just slamming the wheel back and fort as hard as possible. lol

The jigsaw, THE jigsaw. lol. This is the first jigsaw Cameron ever got, which he loved so much he got another and another and now his wardrobe is half jigsaws half clothes.

This was scraplifted from an old magazine. I love it though and think its so cute! Caitlin used to get so tired from runnign around at Butlins that when we stopped for dinner she'd always fall asleep. bless her.

Well ironing tomorrow. Joy, put it off as kids wardrobes are still full but got to do some adult clothes. lol. Wish I was rich enough to just keep buying new clothes. Or pay someone else to do it for me. :)

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Holiday booked :)

Yeah another one, lol. We're off to disney in a few weeks which if I'm honest dreading it at the moment but will enjoy it when there. I hate travelling with kids, they might get lost, trains get delayed or cancelled etc which is fine alone ill get a coffee and a magazine and I'm fine, however with 3 kids under 5 not so fun. Once we're there though sure will be brill. :)
Anyway having our holiday in Febuary doesnt leave much to look forward to later in the year, so we started collecting tokens from The Sun for their £9.50 holidays planning to go in september. Was when we needed one more that hubby pointed out Cameron starts school in September so cant go then, woops! So we're now going gt yarmouth in may. Well its a little later in the year. lol.
We are now SO skint. we did have a bit of money at the start of the year but the cars broke down a couple times which wiped our savings. Also I tend to go a little mental in the sales. Particually the Next sale. Here is Mark showing my recipt.

£750 worth of stuff. lol. Though I never keep it all, anyone whos been to a sale when the store first opens knows how hectic it is, so my method is to grab anything in the right size, put it on my mums store card and return what I dont want/cant afford. Thats usually most of it. lol. But like most of the UK the next few months will be spent paying off cards and building a bit of savings back up.
One of the best gifts we got at christmas was the Kinnect for the 360. It was really for Mark but we got kinnectimals for the kids too and they love it! Theres one mini game where you need to drive the cat in a little car around to pop bubbles. Cameron does his best bless him concentrates really hard and tries. Caitlin on the other hand just waves her arms widly and jumps about like a nutter.

Caitlin somehow manages to get all the bubbles EVERY time! We've no idea how, lol.
Well thought Id end on a cute pic of the kids dressed up. :) both smiling and both looking at the camera, doesnt happpen often!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

I hate winter!!

I never used to, I used to love it pre-children, now its just too scary! I admit this flu virus is scaring the life out of me. Since having my kids I hate disaster films or virus films, I can protect them from bad people and all that but not so much a virus I cant see or a natural disaster. I dont know why I read the papers or watch the news, not like theres ever any good news!!
I do admit I've been staying home due to worry. even consdered keeping kids off nursery for a while but since flu season lasts till march dont think its really plasable. Just got to keep everything crossed they stay healthy!

Saturday, 8 January 2011


Ok so a scream is needed! Since about October somebody at any given time has been sick. :( Luckily we've avoided the dreaded flu but Camerons got a bad tummy bug at the moment. Been ill since Thursday and is literally screaming in pain at times. :( Dr couldnt see him till monday but if hes no better tomorrow might take him hospital. :(
Well sad stuff aside, when I'm stressed I either clean, cook or scrap. :) This time I've picked scrap. lol. So got a huge pile of layouts to photograph and blog. Gives me something to talk about I guess!

This is an old picture (as most of mine are now. lol) of Cameron on the train at wicksteed park. Always at his happiest where trains are concerned!

These are pictures of Mark on our honeymoon. :) We went to greece for a week 4 months after we got married as mark was too sick to go before then. We stayed in a little village called Tolo which we LOVED. We'd been there before (where mark proposed) and its so quiet and peaceful. Really want to take the kids there one day but too worried at the moment incase they get sick or anything.

Well as I said before my gran was really poorly over Christmas. :( Shes recovering well now thank goodness but hadnt seen the kids since the end of november, so was pretty much climbing the walls. lol. By tuesday she said she was feeling up to it so took the kids down to get their christmas gifts. They were SO excited to see granny they actually walked right past the gifts and ignored them! After lots od hugs they started ripping the paper off however. lol

Gran as usual went overboard, Caitlin got lots of peppa pig things and a really creepy Dora head. Its for the bath and her hair changes colour in warm water. They love it but it freaks the hell out of me when Im just walking past and catch a glimpse of a head in my bath. lol.
Cameron got the usuall thomas and a REALLY annoying fire engine that converts into a mini city. I refuse to put it up, its too fiddly, thats daddys job. ;)

Sunday, 2 January 2011


Ok ok I'm really behind but thats what happens when you need to buy, wrap then put away a santas grotto worth of toys! As you can guess the kids were spoilt again this year. Doesnt look like much but theres about £400 each there. Plus more at my mums. lol. The kids were really excited this year. I think its the first year they both really know whats going on so that was nice. I woke up at 6:30 then couldnt get back to sleep! Cameron finally woke at 7:15 and I went and woke a rather naffed off Caitlin. lol.

Caitlin unwrapping her Belle dress. She's still at the stage where she unwraps each gift, then plays with it for a bit. Drove Cameron mad as he had paper flying everywhere. lol. Kept telling him to slow down and wait for Caitlin to open a few.

I dont think i need to tell you what the main theme for Camerons gifts were! Hes got a stupid amount of track now, really has to be enough as its taking over the livingroom! Think my dad and mark are hoping he'll be into hornby soon and they can play too. lol.

Off to Nannies for breakfast and more toys, look how grown up my boy looks!!! I admit I cried. lol. Was funny at breakfast as the kids sat quietly at the table and ate their food and my mum as usual was gushing 'Look they eat so well! Oh she wants more bread, Brian! Wheres the bread!' Its always funny as my neices eat nothing, seriously they would have a spoonfull of rice for dinner and be quite happy. My two on the other hand take after their parents. (lose weight is a resolution again this year. lol)

Caitlin in her pretty dress opening her dolls house.

Yeah sorry Lillie. lol

Look at my happy little girl!!!! Isn't she just the picture of sweetness and light! Yeah I know, god help me when she turns 13.

Another happy one of caitlin. lol. Oh well, everyone else looks nice. This is actually the only photo in existence of the four of us together. Next resolution, more photos.

All in all a great christmas :) I got some great scrapping stuff along with a very pretty ring and braclet (pictures to follow) and Mark loved his signed Jamie Oliver book. :) Finding places for all the toys was not so fun however. Still settling stuff in now and we're 9 days gone! lol