Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Ok, I've been a bad blogger. lol. Have been busy this time though so have an excuse for the days speeding by. Last friday we took the kids to Thomas land. We've been plannign to go for ages but were just waiting for a nice day. They had a great time. :) Took lots of photos but will show them tomorrow. Weekend was the usual stuff, dads group and housework. The weather was amazing so spent most of it outside. :) Then monday we went strawberry picking!

Was really sweet as one of the programes the kids like is Special agent Oso. Hes a teddy bear who goes around helping people and in one episode helped a young girl pick strawberrys by 'twisting them then pulling' so Cameron and Caitlin were telling everyone how to pick the strawberrys like Special agent Oso did. lol.
So whats on my desk this week. Um, a mess again. lol. Im hosting a stash swap on UKS so have a few parcels which have arrived waiting for the rest of the group. Ive also got some layouts which need finishing touches before they can be put away. :) You also might notice the take away boxes of letters are still out. lol. When going through my sheets of thickers I found lots which only had a few letters left on it. So decided to cut them up and put the letters into the boxes to neaten things up a bit.

So thats my job for tonight. lol.

Will blog more tomorrow. Weathers getting rubbish again so sure I'll be about more. lol.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Well thats a few days gone and I've no idea where! lol. I've been doing housework, painting and taking the kids about and the days have just flew by. This blog has came in handy as I've also been organising my phootos. I like to have them in folders on my computer based on what month they were taken. So I've been looking back at posts to find out. lol.
For those of you who were wondering how long my desk would stay tidy. Ummm, not too long. lol. With sorting out old layouts and my masses of thickers and letters its a bomb site again. Pile of boxes ot thickers (and my breakfast bowl. lol)

Pile of layouts which need titles and pizza box full of thickers and letters. lol. Will be working on this tonight. :)

I did manage a few layouts though. :) Like this one of me and the kids on bonfire night. I used an old piece of Core-dinations card I found. :)

Nice simple one of me and the girls at our twilight retreat this year. :) FBG stands for fat bottomed girls. Don't ask. lol

This was mainly to use up the many stickers I had sitting in a box. :) Love using things up

Cameron at Easter. It was a very 'white' photo so wanted the colours to be muted too.

Last one for now. :) Caitlin at the park. Really like this one. Very girly and love the butterfly sticker. :)

Well plan to do more scrapping tonight and maybe watch some nice relaxing tv. lol. Hubby is out again and last night I had to ring him to come home as I was watchign the crime channel and scared myself a bit. lol. Maybe just E4 or something tonight. :)

Friday, 17 June 2011

Thickers overload

So I finally got the boxes upon boxes of thickers and letters from the garage. There were a few more than I expected! So my aim over the next few days is to go through them, throw away the ones I dont like anymore and find ways to use up whats left. So will be getting my creative thinking cap on for that one. :)
In the meantime here are some more layouts I've done. :)
Super simple one of the kids at halloween last year. Caitlin was a fairy and Cameron was Thomas. Big surprise. lol.

This photo was taken while I was trying the get a nice picture of all the kids together. I love the look on caitlins face here, Lillie is crying and shes looking at her as if to say 'whats your problem?' Typical Caitlin.

I don't know why she did this, honestly. lol. The title pretty much sums it up.

Love the cheeky grin in this photo. The rabbit was actually off her finished hat. I'd thrown it away the day before I did this layout and actually went through the bin to pull it out and use it. lol. Luckily it was near the top. The things we do for our hobby. :)

The finished easter bonnet. Used the ribbon from Caitlins hat too. :)

Well I've spent most of the day going though old albums and adding journaling, titles and other bits needed. Still have a huge pile of layouts that need 'editing' but will hopefully be making dinner for my dad and Mark tomorrow so might not get a chance to do much. I say hopefully because if my stomach is no better might take a run over to hospital to get chekced out. Still really painfull and starting to worry me a bit now. Sure it's nothing big but better safe than sorry.

drugged up = mojo

Well the past few days I've had a really bad stomach. not sure what it is but feels like I'm in labour every time I eat. Good for the diet as I'm now scared to eat but not the best for everyday life! lol. Drs sending me for a scan on my liver based on my skin colour and something to do with my nails but I'm not too concerned. In the meantime however I've been taking Tramdol and paracetamol to help the pain. now Tramadol has a weird affect on me, it makes me slightly high. lol.
It also seems to have the strange affect that it makes my mojo go into overdrive! Over the past 2 days I've done 22 layouts. Most of which I'm really pleased with. lol. I think when I'm slightly out of it I don't over think as much and just slap it down where I think looks nice. Seems to work well. :)
This is part of a double layout of when the kids made their Easter bonnets. I need to go around the letters in black pen but still not got one yet.

Other side.

I LOVE this layout. While still on a mission to use up stash I decided to make some 'fireworks' from some of the cheaper bling I had sitting about. Took longer than expected but I love the result. Another nice photo of me and Caitlin. Cameron hates posing now so dont have many of him sadly.

Bit of a random layout from when the kids first had a Mr wippy ice cream. Cameron got more of it on his face than in his mouth. lol

Another one from fireworks night. The title reads 'Just a little wet'. It wasn't really raining much that night but it was the type of misty rain that seems to stick to you and soak you. Kids had fun though. lol. They had their wellies on so had agreat time splashing in puddles on the way home.

Another layout I really like. This one I was surprised at as what happened was I'd put away all my papers and scraps, then turned around to find I'd forgot these bits on the couch after cutting them off other layouts. Rather than put them away I just threw it all together to make this layout. :)

My mum has Caitlin tonight so Mark and Cameron are having a 'boys night'. So basically they'll eat junk and watch tv. lol. So night to myself, maybe more scrapbooking? lol.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Well I managed it. :) Over the past few days I've done around 15 layouts and used up pretty much all the bits and bobs on my desk. :) Looks MUCH neater now, and I've even managed to bring down all the kits I was hiding in the wardrobe because I didnt have the room for them. :)

More neatness

Half finished project. Got to be one hasnt there. lol. I love this stripy paper, some of it is embossed and shiny. Not sure whereit came from, think it was a really old qvc kit.

As well as being back into scrapping I'm enjoying doing the challenges on uks again. We used to have a challenge each month on our social group but it kinda fizzled out so I set one this month to try and revive it. :) The rules were:
Use something you've been saving - The ribbon slide is from my first SC kit in feb 09lol
use a punch somewhere - On the photo mat
Use something you've altered - Misted the chipboard circle purple
Use thread - wrapped around the circle.
Really like this layout. :) the photo of me isnt bad which is most of the battle! lol. I also did it with my bo bunny christmas papers which I'm sadly running out of now.

More layouts tomorrow I'm sure. :)

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

More layouts and movie reviews. lol

When Ironing I always watch a film to make the time pass more easily. As yesterday was a mamoth session I watched 3 films. lol. I now have an empty ironing basket though. :) The films I watched were 'The next 3 days', 'Morning glory', and 'The dilema'
The dilema was rubbish. Seriously. I thoguht it was a comedy but really it was just a film about how married people all cheat. Oh well. Morning glory was better. Was quite surprised as reviews wern't very good but I thought it was pretty funny. The next 3 days was another good one. bit slow at first but I really felt for the poor mum in prison while hubby tries to get her out. And I liked how it wasnt a typical action film there was real heart to it too. Didnt like the ending though but I wont say more on it incase someone reading wants to watch it. :)
Mre layouts. :) These are still more from what I did on Saturday and I did even more last night. lol. Not sure I'll meet my targer for having my desk clear and organised by tomrrrow but I've made a good dent in it. :)
This layout is still missing an S I admit. lol. Thing is I've got a huge pile of alphas in a box by my desk, but most have run out of the 's' and 'e'. In the garage however Ive got lots of takeaway boxes which each contain all the letters I started out with. One box for a, one for b etc. When I first started scrapping (and I hadnt bought TOO much) I cut up all the sheets of thickers and letters and seperated them in this way. However it soon got too big a job and now they just sit in the garage untill I'm desperate for a letter and I pull them out. I have yet to get the motivation to go and get the s box yet though. lol

This was taken again in Thomas land. Caitlin went mad seeing the dinosaur behind Mark and started shouting at him bless her.

Hopefully more scrapbooking tonight so might have reaching my target by tomorrow. :)

Monday, 13 June 2011

If it aint broke dont fix it!

Why must people fuss about with things that work fine as they are? Drives me mad! 2 big changes at the moment are my iphone blog and my internet banking. HSBC have came up with this 'great' idea of sending me a little calculator type thing, everytime I want to log on I now need to put in my username, two passwords then generate a passcode by tunring on the little calulator, putting my pin in, it will give me a code, then putting the code into the pc. And I need to do this EVERY time I want to log on! Keep in mind I do this at least once a day I'm getting bord of it pretty sharpish.
Next moan is that my iphone has changed the way I view my blog. Before I could see it in the same format as my pc, now its only my posts and comments I see. Which yes looks neater but means I cant see my list of blogs I'm following and whos updates recently! grrr, it was fine before!
Ok rant over, Camerons in a bad mood today which is putting everyone else in one too, so got to vent somewhere! lol. Been doing quite well on my mission to use the bits on my desk. While I didnt go to my crop on saturday (long story) I did manage to get a fair bit of scrappign done and did 9 layouts. Some were really simple like this one of the kids at a fete. I loved the bright background paper and wanted as many photos as I could. Simple as it is I like this one. :)

Another simple one scraplifted from sarah in the Sarahs cards dt booklet way back in March 09! lol. Yes I'm only just getting around to using this kit.

More from the same kit. Love the litte face in the bottom corner. It was actually a keyring we 'won' in Haven this year. I say 'won' because remember the little bear on my desk in my last post? Well that had a RRP of £4.99, I spent about £10 winning it out of the 2p machine. lol. I get addicted to those REALLY quickly which Mark usually just smiles and lets me get on with. I think this time though he got a bit bored as I'd only put 50p in the machine to win this keyring when he went over to a memeber of staff and convinced him to just open the machine and give us a couple for the kids. lol. Did I ever tell you Mark won salesman of the year 3 years running when he worked in Dixons? lol. You can see why. :)
I also used my ribbler on this one on the red paper. Havent used it in ages but like the texture it adds.

This is a bit of an odd layout. I dont think I like it much but oh well. I originally did the background for another photo ut ended up not using it so put it with this instead. The fairy wings are from a doll Caitlin recently broke. Waste not want not! lol. The journalling tags will read all the nasty/funny things shes said recently as I love the 'butter wouldnt melt' look on her face when shes really a little devil at times. Such comments I plan to journal are:
While playing a dancing game with the kids
Cameron - You can do it Mummy!
Caitlin - I don't think you can do it mummy, you're rubbish.
me - Caitlin why are you stroking my back? Am I your kitty?
Caitlin - No mummy kittys are pretty, You're my doggy.
Shes lovley really. Honestly. lol

Will show more layouts tomorrow as just ironing and cleanign today so wont be anything interesting to blog unfortunatly. lol

Saturday, 11 June 2011

My desk, the bomb site.

Well that's another week gone and I'm note quite sure where. lol. One place it certainly hasn't gone is on tidying up my desk.
My work desk

To the right, look at my poor letter holder. :( think it needs neatening up!

Albums I'm going through

Pretty little bear and the warhammer bloodthirster my strange husband put there so it looks like its attacking the pretty little bear. :s

Anyway, problem is that while my desk does need tidying, theres actually nowhere to tidy the stuff away to. lol. Stash is overflowing everywhere (I've even been putting it on top of the boxes on Marks side, shhhh don't tell him lol) So, rather than promising myself I'll sort it out, I'm setting the aim that by Wednesday I'll have USED all the bits and bobs that are causing the problem. I'll sort the albums, use up the kits and scraps and reclaim a bit of workspace. How realistic this may be remains to be seen but I'm going to a crop today (which I havent done since November, having 'what to pack' panic attacks lol) so thats a good start. :)
I've also managed to do these two tonight. :)
The Caterpillar here I actually found stuck to the side of my desk while going through the scraps, so thought I'd best use it for fear of it disappearing again. lol

I LOVE this layout. I havent used paints in a while but obviously with the photos being all about Cameron using himself as a canvas I the page had to get messy. :) So the backgrounds painted, chipboard in the corner painted and paint around the edge of the main photo. One of the few layouts that looked the same in my head as on paper. lol.

Right well I'd better get on with the impossible choice of what punches to take today. :) Hope everyones having an amazing weekend. :)

Monday, 6 June 2011

D-day, well part of it

Tonight we go for a meeting with cams school to tell us details about when he starts, what he'll need etc. I'm excited and dreading it at the same time. I'm not ashamed to admit I'll be a mess the day I drop him off. He's a baby! My baby! He shouldn't be going to school he was only born a little while ago!! At least I still have my baby girl. God help me when she starts school next year, I'll need to buy a puppy or something as I'm not having another baby lol.
Hopefully he'll be ok with it. He's been going to nursery since he was 9 months old though admittedly it's only one morning a week, but he still cries more often than not. It's strange he used to love it, then about a year ago he suddenly cried every morning. Hes fine when we've left and says how much fun he's has when we've picked him up but still hate seeing him cry. We're making a big deal of it, saying he's going to get big boy clothes and he can pick his lunch box so he's excited about the idea at the moment but long time to go yet! Luckily the school is really just round the corner from us and you cab actually see it from my mums house so we've been walking past it often so he knows he's close to home and seen all the kids comming out. We're hoping to get him his own blue ds xl for when he starts too and if he goes in without crying he can play for a little while when he gets home.
Am I going ott? Lol there won't be nearly as much worry when Caitlin starts, she loves nursery so I think she'll be fine with going to school, while Camerons so much more sensitive and hates crowds. God it's only june, I've got 4 more months of stressing out about this! Lol

Does my son have a death wish?

While I would never harm a hair on his head, my son is certainly pushing the idea at the moment. No hes not being violent, or rude, or breaking things, hes copying me!! Honestly, every word I say he follows me around and says the same thing back. Apparently its 'the shadow game Ethan plays at nursery' Yeah thanks for that Ethan. Ok it sounds cute but nearly an hour after he starts it really starts to grate on you. lol. At the moment Im sitting silently typing and hes standing staring at me with a joker like grin on his face waiting for me to speak. This phase ends soon doesn't it??
My daughter also came out with a gem this morning. Was lying in bed and she was pushing my top up and poking my stomach. I asked why and she replies 'I like your tummy Mummy, its all stripy!' Yeah Caitlin those are strecth marks, wait till you have kids your tummy will be stripy too! 1pm is too early for a glass of wine isnt it? lol.
Anyway, last night after I finally managed to get Cameron to sleep I did a couple of layouts. This was a scraplift from an old SC kit. I love this photo of Caitlin at a sponsored walk looking so proud of herself. :)

Another Thomas land photo here. :) A lovely photo of all the girls (at the time) cant believe Lilly will be toddling along next to them soon! i decided to do the layout based around the title tag which reads 'If friends were flowers Id pick you' so pretty much covered the whole thing in flowers.

I've also been watching the Breaking dawn trailer. :) :) :) see it on the movie website. ITS SO COOL!!!!! Honestly it's sad how much my heart was pounding when I watched it. Its too long until November, its just not fair!

Sunday, 5 June 2011


Yes you read that right I have been scrapping! I kinda abandoned my desk and set all my bits boxes and non-kit papers onto the floor and for some reason this seems to have kick started my mojo. :) Ignor Bella who decided to come say hello. :)

These photos were in Thomas land the first time we went, long time ago now. Caitlin decided to share her crisps with a t-rex model. She was actually really sad when he didnt eat them bless her.

Another one from Thomas land but this was taken last July when we went for my nieces birthday. I think Henry looks really evil here when you can't see his smile. lol

One from the Movie world parade in Disneyland. :) Didnt turn out how I'd pictured it in my head, but I'd had a glass of wine and some strong painkillers (I've hurt my knee, lol) by then so thats probably why!

This is the first one I did before the wine and painkillers. lol. I love the colours on this one. The papers are lovely but SO busy so wanted to use them just a bit and quite like the effect. :) Again one from Thomas land first time we went. Evie was just walking by herself there! She'll be 3 soon, lol.

Planning some more scrapping tonight (children allowing as Camerons having none of this 'sleep' business!) so hopefully more to share tomorrow. :)

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Finished. :)

This is my front garden half finished. it used to be all that big green bush right up to the wall. We cut most of it down them moved some slabs from the back garden round to the front.

And this is it now. :) We finished cutting down the bush and dug up all the roots, put the log roll around it and put the gravel down this morning. SO pleased with it. :) No longer looks like the front of a messy council house. :)

This morning we also took delivery of Caitlins new bed. We did order this over a month ago but Argos delivery isnt the best, lol. She only has a tiny room so was pleased she now has more room to play.

These are her toys under her bed.

So thats two big jobs finished in one day. :) productive day! Put me in the mood to keep going so had a clearout of clothes and books from our bedroom so have more bags for the charity shop. Ready for bed now, lol, as this photo caitlin took shows! Was quite impressed really I think its quite a good photo for a 3 year old.

I think she's pleased with her room. :)

Planning to scrap tonight as my bits box is getting pretty full. Also watching the britains got talent finial. My moneys on Rowan to win but would LOVE if Steven hall won. Those who havent been watching it have got to google him. Hes SO funny!!!