Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A great day :)

Well Sunday was SUCH a lovely day, :) Good thing too as looks like the last bit of sun we'll be having for a while! Started off by taking kids to car boot sale at Wicksteed. Same one Mum and I did last week but was just buying this time no selling, lol. Got fair few bargains for the kids including this for Caitlin, anybody remember these? I loved Keypers when I was young, I didnt have this one but either my cousin or sister did I can't remember. I had the bunny and the snail :) Love getting things for Caitlin that I had, reliving my childhood is one of the best parts about having kids. lol.

After the car boot, park and going out for lunch (yummy :) I came home to do more scrapping from the twilight cyber crop this weekend.
Jessies challenge :) Picked Use more than one photo, two different alphas and 3 patterned papers. The Yellow is a pp I just used the plain side lol.
This is the floating globe at Peppa pig land, the kids (and me and mark lol) were fasinated with this, the globe is a solid piece of granite and isnt connected to the base at all it just sits there. the water pressure underneath moves the ball ad the slightest touch from even caitlin made it spin round as though it weighed nothing. BUT if left to spin alone it will right itself to mirror exactly the earths axis with the north pole at the top and at an exact 23.5 degree angle :)

This was a card challenge from Karen. The challenge was to make a card using any inspiration from hers you liked. I dont do cards so scraplifted the design for a layout instead :)

Well i did actually start this post yesterday but life keeps getting in the way. paricually with Cam being off school. Think hes going to phone childline if I take him shops or town again, lol. Today wasnt so bad though, just one quick shop for milk this morning then down to see Caitlins sports day :) She did really well and came second in running and hurdles, first in throwing and 3rd in the egg and spoon race. She loved it which I was pleased at because did worry she was going to refuse to do it!

Saturday, 28 July 2012

My week in pictures

I remembered to do it this week :)
Saturday me and Mark had a dvd night, been watching Castle and so addicted! Both of us loves firefly and its very similar humor plus crime thriller so all round great in my book :) We'd got some sweets from asda that day including these

Anybody else remember these? I used to love them as a kid and not seen them for ages. :)
Sunday Mum and I did a car boot sale, it was SO SLOW compared to how it usually is and we both only made £30 each. Granted I did spend £15 or so on bits so my own fault really lol. You can see how impressed mum was.

Monday was a lovely day so took the kids round my mums on their bikes. Caitlin attempted riding with no stabilisers for the first time and was so confident on it :) Will be trying more often.

Tuesday was Mollies birthday, she was having a small party at the local bowling ally so I took Cam along. Caitlin hates bowling so she wasnt bothered, lol. Cameron won from his team so had a very happy little boy lol.

Wednesday we took the car to get the brakes fixed, £140 later all done, joy. Was much happier when I got home to find this on my doorstep. Was a prize from the ATDML cyber crop and its IDEAL for a project I have in mind for Caitlins new room :)

As the kids had had such a boring Wednesday we took them to the cinema Thursday to see this. Was a really good film and nice to sit in an air conditioned room lol.

Friday I have no photos of yet lol, yesterday was the start of the twilight cyber crop on facebook so will hopefully have lots of layouts to show you tomorrow :)

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Im dreadful for lists. Love having everything organised and sorted and making lists. As it's the summer holiday, like most Mums I bet, I'm struggling to stay on top of the usual jobs and not kill my overhyper son lol so I've been making more lists than usual. Shopping lists, housework lists, things for the kids to do lists, bill lists, the list goes on (see what I did there lol) so to keep them all together I've been using the book I got in Turkey.

Was a bargain at £3! Was one of those things I bought because it looked cool but had no idea what to with it, probably would be nicer to use it for something a bit more impressive but could be waiting a long time for something like that lol.
Well off to the cinema tomorrow to see the new ice age film :) Got the kids a big bag of sweets each so going to get a costa, rela and watch the film with hopefully little interuptions! lol

Monday, 23 July 2012

Sunny day!

Well woke up this morning to the sun shining :) Caitlin was supposed to go nursery but decided to keep her off and let her and Cam play. Glad I did as we ended up having a great day :) Played in the garden and had a picnic, then took their bikes over to the park. My sister with there with the girls and Caitlin wanted a go on Mollies bike which doesn't have stabalisers. Told her I didn't think she was ready but Caitlin being Caitlin insisted she was. Once again she showed me :) First time I let go she carried on riding for a bit before falling! Tried a few more times before she'd got bored but she did really well. :) Going to try and take her a couple times a week and hopefully by school she'll be doing it on her own. :) Thought seeing her do it might inspire Cameron to try but no chance lol.
Sunday Mum and I did a car boot sale, was really quiet so only made about £30 each but cleared out some junk :) Also got some amazing bargains, a HUGE box of lego including a lego castle for only £3! Cameron (and daddy) were thrilled :) Some dvds and a few dress up outfits for caitlin and these for me :)

2 Stampin up sets for £3 :) Wanted the forest friends one for a while but they're so expencive! Don't often see crafting stuff at car boots so snapped it up :) Just need to get some mojo back now to use them! lol

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Good feeling

Dont know what it is but woke up this morning with a good feeling about today. :) Have quite a nice day planned, off to 'work' in the morning then coffee with my mum this afternoon. Marks having a good few days so taking advantage of it while it lasts lol.
Managed to photograph the layouts I did on my birthday, unfortunatly my mojo has done a runner since then but oh well. This is one I did of Cameron using up some of a VERY old SCI kit I bought from QVC. I think it was about 3 years ago now. Love these photos as he's laughing really hard at Mr Bean on the tv.

You can't see it very well in the photo but I used a rub on saying 'laughter' for the title.

Love this one. :) Ally bally is a scottish lullaby that has been sung to all the kids in my family :) My great gran sang it to my gran, my gran to my mum, and so on. Caitlin even now loves to climb on my lap and be cuddled while I sing it.

Last one for now :) Did this with the leftover bits from my kit swap kit. Also used my new washi tape I got for my birthday. Loving that stuff. :)

Cut lots of the circles from the paper to make a cluster. Loved how they had chickens on them which I think goes well with the whole 'chicken spots' theme, lol.

Almost school holidays :) Really looking forward to having Cam home for a while, feel like by the time hes home from school, had dinner, bath and homework its bedtime so dont really get much chance to spend time with him iykwim. Fingers crossed we actually get some summer as would be nice to go to the park and have picnics and all that stuff we usually do.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Awol again lol

Well since my birthday i admit I've been awol, lol. I did try and do my photo a day but been another hectic week lol. One of the big things was Caitlin has her transfer day at school. I've been dreading it as she is SUCH a mummys girl and still cries sometimes when I take her into nursery. She's been going she was 9 months old so you think she'd be used to it by now! Anyway I could not have been more amazed. She loved it! She went off on her own fine and actually cried when we had to leave :) Shes now so excited to go and keeps showing everyone the brochure of the school, such a weight off my mind.
Today was such a great day too :)Was the next sale this morning so mum and I were outside waiting at 3:30 lol. To be honest it wasnt anywhere near as busy as it has been in the past. In fact I think it's the quietest I've ever seen it. That said the people that were there pretty much swept the shelves, was so little left by the time we were done the staff were putting out the non-sale clothes. I was SO happy though as got enough clothes for the kids, plus all the stuff I needed to re-do Caitlins room. :) Bedsheet, curtains, wall art, lights. Only thing I couldnt get was the rug :( So mum and I decided to go over to Northampton to check there lol. Got the rug and a few more clothes, plus toys in the mother care sale for christmas! yes I'm shopping for Christmas now. Lets face it summers gone so I'm skipping ahead. lol
Speaking of summer its almost the holidays!!! I'm looking forward to spending some time with both my babies :) Planning lots of little bits and bobs to do with them. caitlins requesting lots of baking, she's really into that lately. We made chocolate muffins last week and she loved it. :)

I was really good and didnt even have one :) Doing really well on my diet and exercise, bought some 14s n the Next sale today and they fit great!! :)

Monday, 9 July 2012

Happy birthday to me :)

Well today I'm 28 :) Which Cameron is taking great delight in telling everyone we come across, lol, it was a LONG walk to school this morning!
Mark 'surprised' me with some craft bits. :) I really bought them myself in the Sarahs cards sale a while back but I'm not complaining lol. :) Cameron and Caitlin gave me a kiss and a cuddle each. Best birthday gifts ever :)

Lately I've been slightly addicted to Pintrest lol. I've started thinking about Christmas and gifts to make, but I saw this great idea of taking a photo of your daughter in your wedding dress to show at her wedding. :) So a short photoshoot yesterday and this was my fave. Shes laughing at the Rugrats on tv.

As we're very skint, rather than going out today I'm just going to relax, scrap and read. :) I got a head start on the scrapping last night lol using this kit from a recent swap on UKS. The idea is that someone makes a page kit up for you and includes a sketch, you then need to make a layout of the sketch using only the items in the kit. Loved the papers in mine and managed to make this page and started a second too.

Used lots of Ice stickles to go with the Ice theme.

Well I'm off to carry on scrapping. :) Hope everyone has a wonderful day

Saturday, 7 July 2012


Well I've just finished putting the washing out, sat down and the heavens opened. I'm ignoring it because I'm NOT going out to get it lol.
Well I've been having a little break from blogging. Mainly because we went away for the weekend, then had all the housework to catch up on when we got back. Never fails to amaze me how I can leave the house clean when I leave, yet within an hour of being home its a tip! Poor mark also had his Birmingham hospital appointment on Tuesday which knocked him out for wednesday, then we had Caitlins introduction evening on Thursday, and Camerons school report, so busy busy!
I've also started this :) A few of my friends were raving about it so at £5 form play I thought it was worth a shot. day one and two I felt like I was dying, day 3 not too bad and day 4 I felt fine afterwards :) Theres 3 levels on it and you do each level for 7 days. dreading moving up a stage though as saw some clips of the exercises and its scary looking! Does feel like its taking effect though, my 'mummy pouch' is certainly smaller. :)

Start of the week was also reveal day on Sketchy scrappers. I did this layout a while ago but couldnt share it until reveal day :)

Havent done much scrapping lately, have been reading that '50 shades of grey' though. Onto book two and so far, not seeing the reason for all the hype :( Pretty badly written and really want to shake some sense into some of the charecters. But I've started so I'll finish, lol