Friday, 31 March 2017

March round up

Wow March was busy! Blogging completley went out of my head but instagram, Facebook and other social media meant memories were still recorded, yey!
So this months round up:

Books read
The lure - S.W Hubbard
The devil on my doorstep - Annabelle forest
Betrayed - Rosie lewis
15/52 - Little less than usual this month but still on track.

Layouts done
27! Had 2 retreats this month and a weekend cyber crop so lots done. I have realised however that my 365 target was a little ambititious so I've decided that a layout every two days is much more reasonable.

Pokemon caught
31! We had a few days away and the area we went to had loads of new Pokemon. Scamp enjoyed LOTS of walks ;)

Been a very fun and busy month :)

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Christmas pjs

I was catching up on tivo the other day and some Christmas ads came on, it honestly took me a few moments of panic before I realised they were just old ads and it wasn't Christmas!
I admit I was a little sad when the logical part of my brain remembered it was March. I miss Christmas, all the traditions and events, Spring is nowhere near as fun.
The good thing about scrapbooking though is that I can have a little bit of Christmas all year round :) Yey!
One of our biggest traditions is the Christmas eve pjs. My Mum did it before I can remember and I've done the same with my kids. Each year on Christmas eve we they get a new pair of pjs, some popcorn or sweets and a book or dvd.
Its a good way to calm things down before bed, and of course means nice new pjs on all Christmas morning photos ;)
I used an old Like for ever kit for this layout called 'Wish list'. It was one of my fave ever ones with lots of muted colours and beautiful embellishments.
It also included some lovely textured cardstock which I used as a background here. I didn't think you could make out the pattern very well leaving it which so I added mist which I don't do often but I love the affect here. :)
Added sparkled, vellum, a pretty bow, love this layout :)
Only 291 days until Christmas!

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Keepin it real

OK I know it's Wednesday but lets be honest, my blogging takes ages these days.
So I had a brilliant weekend :) Every year a group of us rent a beautiful cottage on the welsh boarder and drink, eat, scrap and have a great laugh.
How pretty is this view!
Seriously hoping to rent this later on in the year for a family getaway too.
I haven't photographed any of the 9 layouts I did over the weekend but still have old ones to share lol.
This photo was taken at Disneyland paris a couple of years ago. For one of the meals we went to the New York hotel for a buffet, it was really weird lol. There were lots of meats, but nothing to go with it iykwim, meatballs, but no pasta, chicken, but no chips or rice or anything. There was nothing that Caitlin would really eat so all she had was bread rolls, doughnuts and yogurt, as you can see in the photo lol. Thank goodness for the sandwhich shop near the hotel!
Hoping this will work, never put a video on a blog before I don't think. This year my baby boy turns 10, 10! We want to make a big deal out of such a milestone so we bought him a big gift in the form on a Nintendo switch :)
Me being me and having no patience however we gave it to him 2 months early lol. It was more of a surprise that way too!

I rarely take videos but I love this one :)

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Challenge YOUrself!

So this morning finds me in a cranky mood. I've just spilled a whole mug of coffee on a craft project I'm doing and my dog seems determined to bark, scratch, climb everywhere he shouldn't be! Grrr.
On a happier note, its time for another challenge over at Challenge YOUrself
What is negative space you might ask? In design terms, negative space refers to an empty block of space on your page. And in the scrapbook world, negative space doesn't just happen by chance - it is a planned part of your design! This month we want to see your pages using negative space . . . we are looking forward to seeing what YOU create.
**Please don't forget, your page must include photos with YOU in them!**
I'm not the best with white space, I've seen some which looks beautiful but mine always looks unfinished. This was my best attempt lol.
The photo is from Christmas when we first got Scamp, look how teeny he was!!
Right, better go restart my project, and maybe find a lid for my coffee mug.....

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

February round up

Books read
Casey Watson - Daddys boy
Cathy Glass - Girl alone
Ruth Ware - The woman in cabin 10
Amanda Prowse - Perfect daughter
Chrissy Olinger - My boyfriends back
Richard Herley - The penal colony
Eleanor Moran - In a new york minute
12/52 - Doing well on reading :)

Layouts done
12 - Thinking I'm going to have to lower my aim a little this year.

Pokemon caught
Ok theres a bit of a change here, rather than catching 150 I've put my aim up to 200. There's 80 new pokemon added and I managed to beat 150 within a day or two of those coming out lol.