Sunday, 18 December 2011

Christmas banner

Saturday was my monthly crop. As it was also the day we were giving out our secret Santa's, this is how Deanne decided to dress. lol.

Id been looking forward to giving out my secret Santa for ages. :) I'd got Cazz, who LOVES buttons. So I decorated a celebrations tub and begged, swapped and bought as many buttons as I could get my hands on to fill the tub. Was so excited to see her open it. She seemed thrilled so job well done. lol.
I didn't actually do much crafting at the crop. I mainly made flowers to do decorations (not finished yet) but I did receive the bunting in the post from my last swap on UKS. Everyone had made a bunting flag of one letter then we all swapped so we had a banner that spelt out merry Christmas.

You cant see the M very well but theres a beautiful tree die cut on it.

Mine is the R, but my favourite letter is the C, just beautiful.

Last of the letters. :)

Never done a swap like this before but really glad I did. The finished banner is just amazing and so unique.
Right, got lots of housework to do this morning, then baking with the kids this afternoon. Hopefully will be a fun run up to christmas!

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Christmas fun :)

Well yesterday, for one,went to plan and Caitlin and I went to see Happy feet 2 at the cinema. As it was wednesday we showed up early as its usually mobbed. Yeah I think there were about 6 people there lol. Meant we could sit in the premier seats though :) lol. While waiting Caitlin had a great time playing with all the ads to the films coming soon. There was also an Alvin and the chipmunks one and she was amazed that Alvin was 3d so she could hold his

The film itself was actually really good. I admit I liked the first one so expected to like this, but it was really cute and a generally sweet film. I was amazed though that Caitlin and I were the youngest one there by far! Everyone was about the same age as my gran and grandad. lol. They were all smitten by Caitlin though who got up and danced to the last song. lol.
Today was Camerons christmas tree festival at school. The idea here was that every class decorates a tree based on a christmas carol, then they are all displayed and parents come and have to guess which carol they represent. There were also other games like finding elves and tombola. Apart from it being REALLY crowded it was a nice afternoon out. :) Kids stuffed themselves with cakes and I won some wine glasses. :) All good, lol. This is Cameron standing in front of his classes tree. :) Its covered in pictures of men called Noel. Can you guess the carol? lol

Tomorrow is painting Camerons room, then coffee with my mum and any last minute Christmas shopping we need to do. :) Camerons staying at my mums tomorrow night so will be a girly night here. Thats if he's well enough bless him, seems to have a bit of a cold but managing ok so far. Last day at school tomorrow then hes home for nearly 3 weeks. :) I admit I'm looking forward to having him home. Lots of christmas crafts planned!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Goodies in the post :)

Well as this week is going to be a busy one I've actually scheduled this blog post as doubt I'll get a chance tomorrow. lol To be honest theres not much about my day anybody would be interested in hearing. Lots of cleaning and ironing. However I did manage to get to the post office to pick up my parcels, lots of swap goodies!!
This was my second 'found in a ball' swap. Very pretty giant snowball. :)

Filled with all these goodies. :) Loved all the little flowers.

Next one was my 12 days of chrismtas swap. Now I do admit I've never managed to actually open one per day as I'm supposed to. To be honest they usually last untill christmas then all get opened at once. But look at this wrapping! Its so cute I don't know if I'll be able to open it at all! lol.

Last one, these were from the felt embellishment swap. I did snowflakes ages ago for this and am thrilled with all the bits I got back. how cute is that heart!!! This is why I love doing swaps like this, you get back so many unique items. :)

Also got my stocking swap but think thats enough photos of wrapped parcels. lol. Off to see Happy feet 2 with Caitlin this afternoon, assuming no other emergencies come up. lol. Also got to bake some cakes for Camerons bake sale tomorrow. fingers crossed they turn out ok!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Toy box. :)

I've been meaning to do this for ages, lol. But obviously with having a million and one things to do for Christmas I decided now was the best time. :) Typical Caitlin, I got the pink paint, pretty stickers etc, settle down to do it 'I want pink and purple please!' she announces. *rolls eyes* couldn't find any purple gloss so ended up using the matt I used for a wall in the bedroom. After a couple of coats it looks ok though. :)

Building camerons tonight and painting it tomorrow. Also have a few parcels at the post office so hopefully have some craft swaps to show you too. :)

Monday, 12 December 2011

Ice skating!

Well Saturday we went to see Santa again :) This time with my two eldest neices Mollie and Evie.

Santa was good, but nowhere near as good as last week. Cameron was dissapointed there was no secret door. lol. The highlight of the day was defintely ice skating :) None of them had been before so were given these penguins to help them balance.

Typical Caitlin used the penguin for about 5 minutes, decided she didn't need it and was off on her own! She actually did really well, had to force her to hold my hand for this photo. :)

Included in the price of the grotto was also the mini fun fair. Really got value actually, plus the park was dead so no queues!

Well by now everyone was hungry so we went to a nearby pub for lunch. Cameron was amazed to see this in the car park! lol.

All in all a great day out. :) Caitlins now bugging me to go ice skating again. Not yet though, get christmas out of the way first!

Friday, 9 December 2011

Christmas crafts

12 months to get ready and I dont think you ever fully are. lol. 2 weeks to go and I've got SO much still to make! One big thing are these.

Now my mum is a typical non-crafter. She looks at something I've done, and while she loves it, she has NO idea how long it takes or what work goes into it. So true to form on Saturday she asked me if I'd make her more of these. 5 more. I made some 2 years ago and took about a month and shes had another grandchild since then! Granted these alone don't take too long but with kids and housework everything takes 10 times longer doesn't it. lol. So I have 5 of these for my mum, 9 for my gran and two toy boxes to build paint and decorate. Oh and 2 bake sales and 3 christmas parties too, and usual housework, and drs appointments. Is christmas over yet? lol

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Lessons to pass on

One thing I strongly believe in is that if someone else has needs which are greater than your own, then their needs should be met first. This is a lesson I am pleased to say I'm passing on to the kids too. :) Personally while they're obviously the center of my universe, I think it's not bad thing for them to learn they're not the center of THE universe. So while I'd never let them go hungry to feed someone else, I'd certainly expect them to share.
To be honest I'm amazed how quick they are to do it anyway. Both often sort out their toys to give to charity, and both have done sponsored events with me. I think it might be because they see me doing the same thing, plus their dad and I often explain to them how lucky they are and some other children aren't so fortunate. However moments like today just bring home how lucky I am to have such great kids. I've been promising for ages to take Caitlin to see the new Happy feet film. She LOVES the first one and has been desperate to go since she saw the ad for the second. We were supposed to be going today and were both looking forward to it.
However last night something came up where I had to help some other little girls today who have much less than my two do. I told Caitlin we couldn't go and why, expecting tears, or at least a mini tantrum 'Ok Mummy we'll go next week' she says. Wanted to cry I was so proud!
Just a picture of my wonderful, understanding kids. :)

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Touch wood but great day so far!!

Well a very happy bunny this morning :) Touch wood though as Mark is at the hospital for his usual checks plus his 6 monthly scan so can go very wrong very quick! But staying positive for the moment. So, sent mark off on the train very early, got the kids ready, had a mad panic about missing gloves so sent Caitlin in in Camerons spare pair, lol, got both to nursery/school and came home to clean and relax a bit. :) Decided to check my boots card. I lost it back in 2009 and wondered if anything was on it. £25! Result. :) Buy myself something nice in the sales I think. :) Then the postman came and brought more goodies. First this :)
This was one of the balls from the Found in a ball Christmas swap. Not the best photo but was in a rush to open it. lol Took me ages! lots of goodies inside wrapped in about a mile and a half of fibres and ribbon. lol

And look what else the postie brought! Yep I won £100 worth of iceland vouchers!!! I never win anything. lol. I was literally dancing around the living room.

well loads still to do and got to go pick caitlin up in 20 minutes! Wheres the morning gone?!

Monday, 5 December 2011

Seeing Santa

Yesterday we went to the local farm to see Santa. The kids were a bit shy about the idea of telling him what they wanted so choose to make a list they could hand to hin instead. Caitlin dictated hers to mark and he wrote and drew them. Top of the list was Doggie Doo. A game where the dog poops out playdough and whoever gets the most poops wins. I HATE the idea of this game but shes been going on about it for weeks now so ordered it last night. lol

Camerons list he dictated to me, then he copied it and drew a picture himself. Top of Camerons list was the Micro Scalextric Disney Pixar Cars - RaceORama Race Set. Which again, we hadn't bought (we haven't done too well this year have we? lol) To be honest I think he's too young, its not cheap and when hes played on similar sets in the past hes done the typical thing of holding down the switch so the car goes flying off. But hubby insists that if its top of the list we HAVE to get it, so that went on the credit card too *sigh* oh well will have two happy kids come Christmas morning!

Well lists done we set off for the farm. I've never been there at Christmas, choosing to go further afield even though this is right round the corner, well I'll certainly be going again next year! The santa was amazing. It was in a big barn, you went into the first part and made cards while you waited, then when santa was ready you went into his office. really it was amazing. Santa was sitting at a huge desk covered in papers and toys, one was was just covered in wrapped gifts and there were lights and toys everywhere. Santa asked the kids names and checked they were on the nice list (they were, lol) then spoke to them for a while about what they wanted and about his sleigh etc. Was so proud as both kids were very chatty :) He then pulled a big lever and a toy train came chuffing out of a tunnel in the wall, holding a little scroll. Santa told them the elves used the little scrolls to tell him all about where the children would be on christmas, so if they were staying at their Nannies or somewhere he would still know. After giving them a gift, he pulled another lever and a secret door opened in the wall of gifts for us to leave through. It was really all magic and the kids loved it. :) After Santa we went for lunch. The cafe was in a beautiful old fashioned room with proper log fire. so cosy and really fitting. :)

All fed and off to play! The kids loved the park and didn't even seem to notice the cold, lol. Caitlin was so excited about going on the barrel ride. Its basically pulled along by a little tractor around the farm and through a big puddle. Think by her face she wasn't too sure when she went on it but she went on twice more so think she got over it pretty quick lol.

All in all was a great trip :) Today is a lot more boring. Ironing, washing and hopefully a little bit of crafting this afternoon. Marks at hospital tomorrow for an all day thing so want to get the house sorted so its that bit easier. lol

Sunday, 4 December 2011

shh its a secret

Ive done loads of crafting over the past few days, but I cant show any of it! lol
Done a few things for swaps which haven't finished yet plus decorated/made the gift for my crop secret santa. But I know that the lady I'm giving to sometimes reads my blog so can share it yet!
I can shre my proud mummy moment though. :) Friday was Camerons christmas play at school, he played a perfect angel, very fitting I thought. lol. The play was really cute, all about an angel who was to clumsy to do all the important jobs, but ends up being the one who led the wise men to baby Jesus. Cameron did his dance and song so well. Very proud mummy. :)

Saturday was a chill out day in our house. We watched Christmas films, ate junk food, put the tree up and baked. I was planning on making mince pie wheels but Camerons reaction when he tried a bit of the filling put paid to that idea! seriously thought he was going to throw up. lol. So put marshmallows, chocolate spread and dried cranberries in it instead. The kids loved cutting up the marshmallows. Cameron took it very seriously. lol

Turned out quite nice for an experiment. lol. Today was another great christmas day, but I'm SO ready for bed now lol so more on that tomorrow.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Well as well as christmas things we've still been selling off computers and bits. Most has gone on the house and christmas gifts, but some we kept for ourselves. So mine went on guess what? yep craft stuff! lol.
I've wanted the bow punch for AGES but never seen it anywhere, so was thrilled to see that, and the Snowflake punch back in stock at Sarahs cards. They also had these circle punches which I used loads at the reteat.

Speaking of the retreat this is a kit from jens class (which I still havent finished, lol) I LOVE these papers and thickers so decided to buy a second. :) Not sure what I'm going to do with it yet but arnt they pretty. :)

Two photos now. :) Of my bargain GRAB BOX!!! I LOVE when Sarahs cards does these. They're always stupidly good value with lots of yummy stuff in. £75 worth of stuff for £25 with free postage. Can't complain can you?! This is photo one. Lots of yummy Christmasy things I've put together in a little kit. Have a crop coming up so hopefully use it then.

This is photo two. Love this glitter paper, really thick and the glitter doesnt come off in my hands. Got to be gettings some more of this. :) Lots of flocked and embossed paper too. If I had the money I'd buy another one of these. lol

Well more shopping today. :) Christmas food shop then off to Northampton with my mum for the stocking fillers and any little bits and bobs we can find (and afford!) Hopefully the weather will pick up. Currently sitting here with the lights all on!

Monday, 28 November 2011

Where has this month gone?!

Honestly, I can't belive its been so long since I last blogged! This month has just sped by. Suppose it'll go by even quicker now we're getting closer to christmas!!
Well this month we had Caitlins dress rehersal for her ballet show. Was gutted to be honest as she was really poorly the day before and still not quite right on the day. :( Took her along just incase but while she did try the outfits on she didnt feel up to dancing so just sat on my knee and watched. I'm not sure she's going to do the main show as its on a huge stage in a proper theatre which I think is a bit much for kids her age. But we'll see. :)

We've also started our Christmas celebrations! I LOVE that the kids are that bit older now and I can do more with them. :) We took them to see the Arthur Christmas film last week. Cameron said it was the best film ever! I didnt think it was that great but oh well. lol. We also had our little christmas party for the kids. :) Wasn't sure if I was going to be able to do it this year with my sister and all but went ahead and glad I did. :) The kids and adults all had a good time and all were pretty well behaved. Except my mum who got a bit over excited when she won a board game and made Cameron cry!! Not sure if naughty step will work at her age. lol

Well I promise to try and blog a bit more now! Have lots of fun things coming up so like the idea of recording it here for future journaling if nothing else. lol

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Sarahs cards saturday

So cold today!!!! As much as I'm missing the good company and fun classes from the retreat this weekend this morning I'm seriously missing the coffee machine!! I'll start by apologising for any spelling mistakes in Thai post. Currently blogging from marks iPad as the computer is doing a disc check which seems to be taking hours. Lol. Anyway, back to the retreat :)
First thing Saturday morning we had a card class, which I forgot about so haven't photographed yet lol. So will blog that tomorrow. :) instead I'll show you one of the make and takes I did. Amazingly simple peg magnet for the fridge.

Another layout with the Christmas kit. Pretty much used up except scraps now, whoop whoop! Just another 13 or so kits left. Lol

love these leaves. Got a pack from the charity table at the retreat so no idea where they're from. Anybody know?

This class was Tactile Memories by Claire Wheatley and it was VERY messy!!! lots of modgepodge covering the whole thing and lots of screwed up tissue. i revisited my childhood and spent some happy moments peeling dried glue from my fingers lol.

An unusual way to use paper clips. Though beware they do go rusty from all the glue.

This is Krafty Adventures by Lou Stevenson and was actually my favorite class. Lots of little details without being too much iykwim.

Lots of twine used here. Wouldnt have thought of simply wrapping it around a circle to make an embellishment.

So lots of classes done we had dinner. Oh my god I've not laughed so much in ages!!! Honestly it was like Fawlty towers with one mishap after another. The starter was stilton and broccili soup. I've honestly enevr tasted anything like it! It was dreadful! everyone sent it back poor staff didn't know what to do. Last year when they kept messing up we were given free wine, this year we got hot chocolate. hmmm, I think we did better last time. lol.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Sarahs cards retreat!

Well yesterday I got back from the Sarahs cards November retreat. As usual I had a great time. Lots of laughs, great classes and interesting food. lol. Shopped too much, as usual, so the mess on my desk has now spread to the floor.

Got to sort that out today (said that a few times before havent I!) But first the run down of the retreat. :) We entered to great goodie bags, as usual. The tables were allocated this time which was a good idea as usually its a mad rush for a seat. i was a bit worried I wouldnt be sat with people I'd get on with but I really neednt have worried! I sat with Debbie, Lynn and Jill, 3 very funny, friendly women who were So nice and fun to sit with. :) On all our goodie bags had these tags on to show us were to sit.

Must use them in a layout one time. After settling in we had our first class. Through the Window by Natalie Grant. Here we cut out a window from the middle of the paper, and opened it up to put the picture and embellishments in the middle. A quite simple idea but looked great as added depth and showed the other side of the paper too.

After dinner was scrapping time. I did these two using an old Christmas kit. Which hasn't actually seen the light of day since the retreat back in march! Pretty much all of it is used up now though. lol.

Love the banner across the bottom. Reads 'It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home'

This one was for the Friday night sketch challenge. Really pleased with it, and used a bling swirl too. Slowly getting over my fear of using them. lol.

Under the vellum is the list of gifts Caitlin got for christmas last year. Well what I could remember anyway. I thought it would be interesting to do it each year for the kids and see how their tastes change.

We also played bingo and scrapped untill the wee hours (3am for me) but no pictures of that. lol. Was great fun though, and the bingo machine didnt fall apart like last time! lol.

Friday, 4 November 2011

double layouts

Never done a pre-planned blog post before but as I'll be spending most of today driving don't think I'll get a chance to blog. lol.
One thing I've been doing lately is double layouts. I've never been a fan of them before, mainly the ones where it looks like its one long layout cut in half. As I use D ring albums the layouts have a big gap between them so it never looks right I think. However I've started to do some which which are more like mirror images. Which I'm quite pleased with. :) With two kids I'll quite often have two very similar photos of them, so I like doing a 'boy' version and a 'girl' version of the same layout iykwim. This is one example. :) Both kids made Mark a fathers day card at school, inside they told their teacher why they loved their daddy and she wrote it down for them. Cameron said loads, 'He's silly' 'He gives good cuddles' 'he plays trains with me' Caitlin said 'he dances' lol. Well at least its something!
This is Caitlins one.

Little butterflies. :)

This is Camerons. SO much harder than caitlins, but I do find boy layouts a lot harder. Thank goodness for my Gadget gears die!

Made this little banner :) so cute!

This is another double layout I did. ) We went to a local park and they kids both sat in this story seat. As usual I had two sets of the same photos just with different kids. lol So another mirror image layout was needed.:)

Right well hopefully I'll be at Sarahs retreat safely and will be scrapping by tonight. Will take lots of photos to share when i get back. :)