Friday, 26 November 2010

WHY do I do it to myself?

Mark says I'm just a glutton for punishment. lol. This year I got christmas done very early so as the big day approaches we have some pennies and some spare time. So what do I do, decide to redecorate half the house! lol. I've finished Caitlins room and made a good start on the loft, pretty much finished the kitchen and now moving onto the hall. lol. To be honest it's not really cost too much. I'm quite good at getting stuff from freecycle or using paint I've already got to make things cheaper. The pain for the kitchen for example I got for free months ago. I bought the pink paint for Caitlins room (for when I got around to it) and it was buy one get one free. So I just picked a pale green I liked but had no idea where to go. lol. Now its in the kitchen. :) The tiles we're going to do the hall in we got from freecycle a while back, another 'I like it but not sure what ill do with it, well its bound to come in usefull' thing. Its dreadfull as our garage is always stuffed with bits and bobs waiting to be used. But means the house is done nicely and cheaply! lol.
Well I've managed to do a few layout challenges and phtograph them in time to enter, lol. This one is from uks. Rules were:
One photo - Done
One word title - Done
Circle shape base - Done
Ripping - Done, circle was made by putting a pate on the paper and ripping around it. :)
Title has two meanings, its my son in the sun. lol

Another challenge, rules were:
Out and about photo(s): done
Sketch: done
Bling: done (top right hand corner
Non scrapping item: didnt manage this one. lol
Love these photos, a bit bittersweet really as was taken a while back when mark could run around with the kids. Cant really do that anymore. :(

Didnt go see peppa pig today. Took the kids messy play instead which they enjoyed. :) Then home to do the dreaded housework. lol. Not going out tomorrow, going to make some jam tarts I think. Caitlin loves helping with those. lol

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Where has this month gone!

I really should know what date it is as I look at my calender every day, but I still cant belive how quick this month has gone! I think its because a lots gone on so times flown really. It always made me laugh when I was younger and my mum and other adults would say 'Christmas has snuck up on me this year' thinking 'well how can it its the same time every year!' But now I'm the one organising it all I get it! lolMore layouts. lol, these were for challenges but took me so long to photograph was a bit late!
Kids at cheeky monkeys. lol, hense the title.

The challenge for this was what would you do with an extra hour, my jurnalling reads how I'd spend it with my kids. :)

One of my two with my neice Evie. :)

Snow allowing I'm taking the kids out to see peppa pig tomorrow. Will either go down really well or really badly! lol


Mess. thats whats on it. I did tidy it up on Sunday so really I should be pleased it's lasted so long! Also the best mug EVER! Our cat always bloody trys to drink my tea so a mug with a lid is ace. :)

We took Caitlin to get her photo taken for her passport today. Personally I think it's a bit daft that kids ones last 5 years. I get its just too expencive and a logistical nightmare to do it too often but Camerons photo was taken when he was 6 months and it now looks nothing like him. I think its some kind of unwritten law though that your passport photo must be dreadful. Marks honestly looks like one of those terrorist mugshots. With his long hair and glaring at the camera. Cameron looks daft as he had a cold so had to breathe through his mouth so his tongue is sticking out, and I look like the walking dead as I was 6 months prengnant and dealing with a sick Cameron at the time! Caitlins is no different. lol. she was NOT happy about getting her picture taken and the photo certainly shows that. The phrase 'if looks could kill' come to mind.
More layouts. :)
Cameron getting his cake for his birthday. Thomas, big surprise. lol

Love this photo. Think the flash went off the red or something but makes it look really evil. lol

Have dancing tomorrow with Caitlin, then really should sort out the wardrobe a bit. The christmas gifts are taking over! lol

Monday, 22 November 2010

Christmas list!

As I said yesterday the kids are really excited about christmas this year. I've shot myself in the foot a little as I told them when they open the last door on their advent calenders santa will come. So now they think its some kind of magic box and want me to open it all now! lol. My own fault really.
Well today hubby accidently left the wardrobe open with Cameron in the room and he spotted one of his gifts. Woops. I told him it was for his equally Thomas mad cousin Evie which calmed him down because he adores her. But to cheer him up I suggested we make christmas lists to send to santa so he knew what to bring. This worked and cheered him right up. lol. Obviouslt he cant write very well so he had to tell me what he wanted while I wrote it down. Wasn't surprised at most of them, 'Misty island lego, thomas nightlight (got them both wrapped already. :) ) But he also asked for a peppa pig dvd for Caitlin (so cute!) and a blue jacket, (his is green, obviously not thomas like enough. lol)
In my Diy maddness I forgot to share the bonfire night photos. :) We went to our local council display which wasn't too bad considering the problems they've had latly. I got a quite nice photo of me and Caitlin.

Can you tell it was raining. lol Kids enjoyed splashing in muddy puddles though. peppa pig has a lot to answer for!

Also forgot about this. Bargain! We went to the argos warehouse the other day to try and find curtain poles. We went when the kids were at nursery so we didn't end up buying stuff for them. Well we ended up buying stuff for them. lol. Wasnt toys though was more practical! Got a couple of bits for Caitlins room and this cute little table. Its got a bit in the middle cut out where you can store pencils and the like. £15 down from £60. :)

Some more layouts. This was was scraplifted from scrapbook magazine (i think it was)

An olllld photo with some more new dies. :)

Got to love it. they LOVE dressing in hats and scarfs in summer, see when I try and get them to wear them now, no chance!!!

Nursery tomorrow and hopefully finishing off the kitchen!

Just ironing tomorrow! lol

Its a bad sign when I'm looking forward to just doing ironing. lol. Seems like its been non stop from the word go lately! Been doing lots of little crafty projects, diy, housework, but really pleased as seeing the results. :)
Well as the kids have been such stars recently in letting me get on I promised I'd do something special with them. My original plan was to take them out on their bikes but its been SO windy and foggy here that went out the window! So made a gingerbread house with them instead. :)
They really enjoyed it and are getting so excited about Christmas which I love. They're old enough now to understand the whole santa thing so are much more involved. They were really good with the house too, being really gentle putting the sweets on. lol

This is the finished result. The kids were more than happy to eat the leftover sweets. lol.

As well as the DIY I've been doing some layouts. I'll stagger them though as done about 9 at my crop. lol.
This is Caitlin in her dads cap, such a girly girl she is. lol

This really went wrong, lol. I wanted to cut the circle into a quarter and use it in the corner. Don't know what happened when I cut it but didn't work out that way so just adapted it as best I could. Quite like it though. Used one of my new tim holtz dies too.

Ok I admit I got bored with this one. lol. Did the bottom then planned to decorate the top under the tile. Didn't though and just shoved it on. :)

Planning a nice night for me and hubby tomorrow as not spent much nice time together lately. Fingers crossed it goes well. lol. Things tend to go wrong when we plan nice things!

Thursday, 18 November 2010

nearly done. :)

Yey! I've been working in Caitlins room, repainting it and getting it ready for her new carpet yesterday. Well that's all done and we put all her furniture back and she LOVES it! We also bought her a toy storage unit from our local Argos warehouse. Bargain for £10!
I love how proud she looks here. :)

she had these butterfly stickers in her room before, but silly mummy I am put them in arms reach so most got ripped! Lol learned this time!

Just need to pick up a curtain pole from argos tomorrow and I'm done! Then onto the loft, lol

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Christmas is officially coming!

I love how everyone has their own idea of what symbolises the start of Christmas. For some it's getting the tree out, or lights going on in your town; for a lot of my friends it's the red cups in Starbucks, for me, it's the cola advert! As soon as I hear the 'holidays are coming, holidays are coming,' I know christmas is on the way!!!!
I saw the ad for the first time this year last night and have been feeling all Christmasy since. :)
And I know I can't be the only mad one who feels like this as there's a facebook group dedicated to it. :)
Though there is also a group for people who talk to toilets :s decipher that how you will! Lol

Monday, 15 November 2010

Blogging from iPhone!

Well since I got my iPhone I don't go on my pc as much. Before I'd go on to check my emails and end up doing 8 other things, now I just check from my phone. Lol. However I've never blogged from here before, so here's my first try! Can't figure out how to do photos, so that's a first for another day :)
Since I last blogged I've been busy, I had my crop Saturday which was great fun as usual :) our last until January which is sad but we're all so busy with Christmas and other things there's just not the time. Speaking of which I've also gone into the big Christmas diy maddness! I know lots of people that pretty much re-do their houses and buy new couches and everything but I've never bothered. This year though I've got the home improvement bug! So far I've repainted Caitlins room and have ordered a new carpet, and plan to board the loft, paint the kitchen and attempt to put new Lino down. Lol. Key word there being attempt! I've never done that before but the Lino cost £50, to get it fitted was am extra £110!!!! So no thanks! Even if I mess it up twice and get it right third time I've still saved £10!
Right I'm off to watch I'm a celeb. And continue to wonder why on earth Gillian mckeith is there. Lol

Wednesday, 10 November 2010


A broken camrea charger! Had my camera on charge and the kids got a hold of it and managed to put off the plug part. :( So waiting for a new one in the post. Using hubbys at the moment but don't like it. lol.
But in the meantime heres a few more layouts I've managed. :)
Cameron on his birthday, getting the obvious!

This was for a challenge on uks but didnt upload in time. This is a photo catilin took of herself when she was using my camera one time. Love how proud she looks.

Caitlin dancing in Butlins

Love, love, LOVE this cardstock. Got it from the range on sale, keep meaning to go see if theres more but not had a chance yet.

Ok so short and sweet! lol. Been volunteering at a homestart fundrasier today so tired!

Sunday, 7 November 2010

The weekend

Well Saturday we went shopping in Northampton. See every year I buy the kids something special for them to keep untill they're older. Caitlin has had a Tinkerbel trinket box, and a sleeping beauty jewlery box, while Cameron gets the disney store limited editino winnie the pooh. Really long term I think Cameron has the best deal but thats just because I cant find anything he's likly to keep when hes older! Boys are so difficuilt. lol. See each year the disney store brings out a Winnie the pooh chrismtas bear. Its a numbered bear so he'll get 108 out of 5000 kind of thing. I bought him it for his first christmas as something different then just kept doing it. lol.
Anyway, went over and got a few bits including this decoration from birthdays. how cute is this!!!

No idea where I'm going to put it as it's got to be out of reach of little hand but I just HAD to have it. lol
Another thing I just HAD to have. lol. My contract was up and was looking and a new phone, so everyone was telling me its got to be the iphone. Im not much for touch screens and still getting used to it but like it so far. :) Hoping to get some music on it soon then might like it a bit more. lol

Well did some layouts ages ago but with the weather getting dark so early havent had much of a chance to photograph them. Did this one for a challenge in the twilight group. Denise set the following rules:
Favourite thing (one of them, lol, Caitlin)
Use a circle. - Used cirlce edger at the bottom. :)

This was for another challenge, the Sarahs cards skecth challenge. Don't know if I can still enter as deadline is today but will give it a shot!

Friday, 5 November 2010


OMG I cant belive it's been so long since my last post!! Don't know where the times gone. Not even done that much! lol. Well gutted the kitchen, which took two days, but thats about it.
Anyway, on to important things, STASH!!!! Thursday was my trip the the NEC, which I'd gone to hell and back to manage to get to but won't get into that now. lol. Was so worth it. Wasn;t as good as previous years for papers and little bits but there were loads of tools, dies and punches. Was dissapointed with the lack of pretty things to browse through but managed to get everything on my shopping list so was pleased with that. :)
So heres what I bought!! First stall I went to was a £1 stall. Some brill bargains on it! They did have these big chipboard clocks to alter. I'd never use them as clocks but the chipboard bits would make great templates I thought. Also stocked up on bling and DST. Managed to find the Martha stuwart punch I was after too. There were SO many stalls that had these and the prices varied widly! I got this pack for £19 but saw them as much as £24! Also got some pins which Im really into atm for £1 for 2 packs. :) Also got some alpha stickers, some little templates and chipbaord flowers. :) Oh, and a little leaf punch I've been after for a while. My TA friend Karen uses hers a lot and looks great so wanted one. :)

Black magic cardstock. Wanted some of this to try with my embossing. :) Its black but with colour underneath which shows if sanded. Will probably never use it now I've got it granted but there you go. lol.
Also got some glimmer mists, always wanted to try these but never have. Also a glue pen from the £1 stall, a bit acrilic block for stamps and some elastic for my braclet. My friend who recently died gave me a braclet for my birthday which Caitlin broke. :( Was gutted but Mark asked a guy at the show who said this is easy to use to fix it. :)

My dies!!!! Since I got my cuttlebug been really into die cutting and embossing. These were at the top of my shopping list and was happy to find a stall selling 3 for £30. so got 6. lol. Also got some pretty embossing folders, a tree, butterflies, vines and script writting I've been after for a while. :) Also found some little disney dies and a leaf and star. :) Now need to find a place to store all these!!

Finally magazines. :) Bought 4 for £5 from one stall then took out a sub for crafts beautiful. Wasn't too fussed about the sub but hubbys wanted a HUGE tote for a while for his warhammer armies. Saw one he liked which was £70! But if you took out a sub for £44 got the same one for free! lol. No brainer really.

So thats my stash for now! off chirstmas shopping tomorrow (the LAST of it) so bound to have a bit more by then. lol