Monday, 31 March 2014

Whens it half term?!?!

Good god is it not half term yet?! I don't know if this term has been more busy, or longer or what but the kids are just exhausted! Camerons been weepy for a few days now but over the weekend Caitlin barely ate then this morning was very clingy and wanting to stay home. She didn't seem ill so I sent her in but told the teacher how she was. Bless her she did have a bit of a meltdown Saturday night. Mark put her to bed and put a dvd on for her to watch for a bit, a little while later I went to check on her to find her crying her eyes out under the covers! After calming her down it turned out she was terrified of the film. I span round to see what it was, ready to shout at Mark for putting some horror film on for our 5 year old to see she was watching.......Santa paws :s a group of talking dogs try to bring the magic of Christmas to a poorly little boy. NO idea why she was so terrified but took her into bed with me for a bit where she cuddled in and told me she felt safer whenever she was near me. Awwww. So no idea if shes tired, coming down with something or just missing her Mummy. Will keep and eye and wait and see :)
Well assuming I don't get a call to come collect Caitlin I'm hoping to do some crafting today! I have lots of little projects that need doing and im soooooo behind on!
Need to do some soon as these are the last of my layouts I did on the retreats at the start of the month. This one was done with an old Sarahs cards kit. I was struggling with it as I wasn't fond of the dark papers but thought they went well with the photo of Cait in the vintage looking clothes. Thrilled with how it turned out considering how worried I was :)
And last one! Veryyyyy old photo of Mark lifting Caitlin to put the star on the tree, he'd have no chance of lifting her now!

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Mothers day :)

Happy mothers day to all the Mums out there :) Hope you're all being spoiled rotten. I was very lucky and got some chocs, wine and some new kindle books from my babies plus some lovely cards!
The one with the puppy on the front is from Scamp :) We had planned to go to the farm today but Cameron really didnt want to so we just took them round the park instead. The weather was amazing so we took their bikes with us :) They were both a bit worried at first as though they can both ride the bikes were bigger than they were used to so it took a little while for them to get used to it again. Took them a little while and a few falls but they were soon off again/ Turned out quite a nice day despite it all going wrong again lol.
Almost finished sharing all the layouts I did at the weekend so better get scrapping again soon! More elf on the shelf PL layouts :)
8 - Playing Magic the gathering with Eeyore
9 - Brought decorations for the kids tree
10 - Brought a dvd and some goodies to enjoy with it.
11 - Made a snow angel from flour (no photo)
12 - Brought some elf doughnuts (cherrios covered in chocolate and sprinkles)
13 - Hiding in the fridge in my hat!
14 - Brought some magic elf beans (jelly beans)
15 - Elf beans grew into candy canes!
16 - Swinging on the swing she made
17 - Brought tickets to Frozen for me and Cait and some goodies for the boys (no photo)
18 - Hanging on our christmas reef
19 - Star made breakfast (No photo)
20 - Wrapped the kids uniforms and book bags
21 - Christmas countdown!
22 - Watching tv with some treats
23 - Brought some new PJs and a dvd for Christmas eve
24 - Brought a note to say good bye and kids opened their PJs
25 - Made barriers so the kids couldnt sneak out and see Santa!

Saturday, 29 March 2014


One year ago today we lost my amazing, funny Granddad :( One year later we all still miss him and think of him often, partiually today which is very bittersweet as it is my cousins wedding day. Obviously he booked it before last year and while it will be very difficuilt it provides a much needed distraction.
So this morning found me wearing a dress and heels, VERY unlike me of course but what can you do. My Mum took photos so none to share atm but the wedding was beautiful, so many little touches that I'm guessing came from pinterest lol. Rather than a traditional guest book at every seat there was a photo of the guest made into a postcard. The idea being that everyone wrote a message then they would later be made into a book. I knew just what to write:
Life is short, but love is long, stay together where you belong.
My Granddad wrote that in my wedding book 8 years ago, seemed fitting to pass the advice on :)

Friday, 28 March 2014

Fancy dress

Thanks for all the concern for Scamp :) Took him vet this morning and she thinks a super strong round of anti-biotics and antiinflamatories (SP) should do the trick so fingers crossed! They have the oddest doses though, he needs 75% of on tablet 2 times a day, and 45% of another once a day! How do I make a teeny tiny tablet into 45% lol Going to have to just guess I suppose.
Tonight is the schools fancy dress disco. Caitlin wanted to go as Cinderella but her Cinderella dress is getting a bit on the small side so convinced her to go as Merida instead. I think she looks adorable :)
After the disco we went round to see my Mum who was celebrating her 52nd birthday today :) Didn't do anything huge, just let the kids play while we sat and chatted. Was a nice night really :)

More PL style pages :) These are ideal for 'Elf on the shelf' photos. I took one almost each day so will be fun to look back and see what Star did each year.
1 - Elf on the shelf arrives! Brings a book and a special north pole breakfast :)
2 - Santa says hi spelled in marshmallows and sweets
3 - Star brings a gift for the kids
4 - Star tps the tree!
5 - HI in the bath with bubble bath
6 - Warning letter for Caitlin for temper tantrums!
To be continued ;)

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Poorly puppy again :(

Mark often says I overreact, which to be honest is true but a lot of the times I'm right! Today Scamp didn't seem himself to me, Mark said he was just tired but I didn't agree. 2pm came and I went to give him a cuddle, he rolled onto his back like he always does and I noticed a huge purple lump on his tummy, that wasn't there an hour ago! So rushed him to the vets and turned out hes reacting badly to his internal stitches. We knew he had had a reaction as hes had a hard lump there for a while but we were told that could take up to 6 weeks to go down, the purple lump however was full of blood and pus so the reaction was worse than they expected :( They drained it and told us to come back in the morning for the senior vet to see. He might need another op or hopefully just stronger antibiotics to fix it. :( Poor pup pup.
As well as that drama we had Cameron friend Jack, and Mollie round for dinner tonight. That was a daft idea lol. Looking forward to a bath and a martini tonight!
Still haven't had a chance to scrap yet so more layouts from the weekend away. I still prefer doign 12x12 layouts but I do like the results from the PL style layouts.
I took SO many photos around Disneyland doing a 12x12 for each of them would keep me busy for months. Besides theres only so many times you can scrap another view of the castle, or another photo point from around the park lol.
Great to use up little random bits too :)
Mums birthday tomorrow so will need to find some time to do a birthday card!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Today after Mums drs appointment (what a waste of time that was!!) we popped to Asda to get some shopping. I had only planned to get a few bits but as we walked around I remembered more and more things we needed and ended up spending £130!
As you do when spending all that money on food I treated the kids to a Mcdonalds for dinner lol. At the moment they have Super Mario toys so we're collecting them for Cam. I remember getting mario toys from Mcdonalds when I was a kid too, funny how some things never change :)
More layouts :) I love these photos from when we first got Scamp. Hes got so much bigger since then!
Wasn't too sure about this layout when I started it but quite pleased with it now :) My Mum and I went to a Next sale last year and we ended up buying the same t-shirt for Mark, Brian and Cameron. How cute do the menfolk look! lol.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Today tbh was nothing amazing to blog about lol. More jobs, more housework and meetings at the school. The kids took in the invitations to their birthday party so they were excited about that :) Mollie visited the class she will be going into after Easter and loved her teacher and made a friend too so that's a weight off all our minds!
As I haven't done much to share thought I'd share some layouts instead :) This was one of the last layouts I did at the Twilight retreat so was using the last of the scraps I had lying about. Loved how it looks in the end as theres lots of colour like on fireworks night which is what I was aiming for :)
This was a simple one but I LOVE the little button tree I did in the bottom corner. I saw it in a copy of scrapbook magazine a while ago but never got around to trying it.
Tomorrow is meetings, puppy sitting, drs appointment with my Mum, shopping then taking granny to church. Glad I filled the car with petrol the other day lol.

Monday, 24 March 2014


There is not going to be enough hours in this week. Between appointments, meetings, housework, projects I need to do etc etc. Tired just thinking about it! Hopefully Mothers day on Sunday will be nice and relaxing though ;)
Today was about housework, ironing and sorting out the kids wardrobes. Whenever I go to the Next sale I buy a load of clothes in the next size up so I'm ready when they have an unexpected growth spurt. Saturday was the only sale since they've been born I haven't gone, :s Felt wrong! But I have to be sensible as we just can't afford it and I hadn't checked to see what they needed so I know I'd have ended up buying things they didn't need in the end. So to prevent that happening I dragged all the clothes out and sorted through what fits, what doesn't what can be donated etc. Poor Cameron came home to find his room looked like Next had exploded! Bribed the kids with a picnic dinner to try on all the clothes and 3 hours later I had a huge bag for charity, a bag for the bin and 2 wardrobes full of new clothes :) Caitlin needs nothing, her wardrobe is stuffed! Cameron needs some shorts and t-shirts but thats it. Love having the wardrobes full of clothes for them, feels like something ticked off the list iykwim :)
As we had spent so long trying on clothes I agreed to let the kids stay up a little later to watch a film. 20 minutes in this was the result,
You can't see Caitlin well because shes leaning against me but shes asleep too lol.

Funner comment from Mark this morning.

Walking to school this morning talking about the fancy dress party at the school Friday.
Me - so what do you want to wear Caitlin?
Mark - why don't you wear your blue frozen dress
*i give him a horrified look*
Caitlin - do I have a frozen dress?! Did you buy me one mummy?!
Me - no daddy means your green Merida dress! *hisses at mark* the frozen one is for her birthday, she doesn't know yet!
Give me strength.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Take a nap will you!!

At the moment my Dad is really struggling with Mollie being in the house. He's stressed out anyway as he loses his job soon but a VERY active and loud 7 year old under his feet all the time isnt helping :( He had to do some painting in the house today so to get Mollie out of the way we took her and Caitlin to the farm. Obviously needed to take the pups along too :)
It was Poppys first visit and she is NOT a fan of the goats! Was nice to get them out though. The kids ran around and played and Mum and I sat and chatted so hope I helped out a little bit. Both kids are now shattered, particually after Cameron getting up at 5:50 this morning! I've forced them to lie down and watch a bit of TV in the hope they have a nap but I can't see it happening.
Might need to start scrapping again soon, almost finished sharing all the layouts I did on my retreats! Another double page one here, this time from Wicksteed parks Autumn fun day.
The fun days are great because they put out a lot of messy play, simple things to do and just let the kids run wild. It's all free and my two love it :)

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Once I've started.....

I'm dreadful for starting something, half finishing it and moving onto another job. Problem is a lot of the time I cant finish one job until another one is done iykwim. For example I'm halfway through sorting the garage, but I keep finding things which really could go into the loft, but we had the insulation replaced last year and all the loft boards got pulled up so I need to fix that before I can empty the garage. See the issue. So this morning I went up into the loft, dragged everything down (HOW much Christmas stuff do I have?!) sorted it all out and reboxed it all. Tomorrow I need to fix the boards, put it all back then I can start in the garage again lol. It's taking all my willpower not to start the kitchen and the kids rooms in the meantime ;)
One of the things I did find in the loft was our wedding album. I use that term loosely as we had literally 9 photos from the day. Our photgrapher let us down and as its usually me taking pictures at events not many ended up being taken. :( My first ever scrapbooking attempt was to make them into an album and its safe to say it's dreadful!!! Hopefully I can pull the photos off and salvage it a bit.
Away from my dreadful first attempt and onto some of my slightyl better ones from Meadowbarn lol. More double layouts this time from the summer fun day at Wicksteed park. Annoyingly I discovered that I had left a couple of photos I wanted to use in these at home but sure I will scrap those at a later date. :)
Love the picture of Caitlin being a dog with a jelly bone :)
Tonight Caitlins staying at my Mums for a sleepover so will be nice to spend some time with Cameron, and maybe get started on some of my many, many craft projects I need to start!

Friday, 21 March 2014

Busy busy :)

This morning we left the house at 8:30 to take kids to school. We had a few errands to run afterwards and I figured we'd be home by 11 at the latest, I walked in the back door at 1:45 just in time to walk out the front door to get to the 2pm PTA meeting lol.
Well all that went well, kids are now fed and relaxing before bed so in my wisdom I decided to wrap some birthday gifts. When I was sorting the garage the other day I found a pile of Christmas gifts I forgot to give out, plus a load of things I bought in the sales for birthdays in the summer so thought I might as well organise them along with the gifts I had stashed in the wardrobe. Yeah I had NO idea how much was in there! This was the pile I ended up with.
Along with a pair of brand new Next shoes I have no memory of buying :s My Mum is dreadful for doing stuff like this so obviously shes passed it down to me lol.
Back at Meadowbarn I seemed to do a lot of double layouts. I don't usually but it was a good way of using lots of photos from the same event, which I have a LOT of! :) This was one I did from the homestart trip to Twin lakes this summer. As I work for them I get to go along so its a nice perk for me and the kids. :) They're good friends with the kids from the family I work with so it all works out well.
Still using up those little coloured dot stickers. Haven't been able to find them anywhere yet but will keep looking!

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Too much stuff!!!

With Spring just around the corner its time for a spring clean, so thought I'd start the worst area first and tackle a bit of the garage. As you can see its not the neatest of areas!
The majority of the is junk, junk and more junk with some outside toys and garden seating chucked in. Mark is a bit of a horder so a lot of stuff ends up shoved in here to keep it out of the way. The loft isnt much better! So a few hours, lots of items chucked and moved about and to be honest it doesn't look that different lol. I did find lots of bits I forgot I had though, including a load of alphas so not a complete waste of time ;)
Once I'm done (or as done as I'm going to get today) I plan to play a bit with this :) My SJ crafts kit came this morning and omg I love it! The colours are gorgeous and the embellishments are adorable :)
Problem is I love both sides!
Was funny when I took this picture. I always lay the papers out on the rug in the livingroom as thats where the best light is, so took them all, laid them all out so pretty........ just as Scamp escaped from the bath. So I threw myself over the kit like it was a bomb, shouting at the soaking wet, bubbly dog to STAY! Marks trying to catch him which obviously makes it a game so he runs about even more. Wish I had a camcorder could have been on you've been framed! Managed to catch him though and kit is safe. Phew!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014


So this morning I lost my temper with a midwife and my sister went for me lol. So the meeting wasn't exactly the calm, simple discussion I thought it would be. The midwife is new to the team (obviously) and seems to be beliving all the stuff Nicola tells her. At the last meeting she was calling Nicola a lovely girl, a wonderful Mum etc and I kept my mouth shut. This morning one of the girls teachers asked why Mollie had been removed but the other girls were remaining at home. I pointed out there is no bond between my sister and Mollie and the midwife told me not to talk so aggressivly to my sister! I retorted saying I was nice 4 years ago when this started I'm not now, she then accused Mollie of choosing to go to my Mums because she got more attention there and she should be at home with Nicola because Nicola gave birth to her. I lost it at this point, pointing out all the incidents Nicola had been drunk or otherwise intoxicated while caring for the girls and that she didn't have a right just because she gave birth. Nicola jumped in accusing Mum of taking Mollie and when I reminded her she gave Mum Mollie and also offered her Evie she went for me. Ah its all good fun! Nicola stormed out and the midwife admitted she doesn't have all the information (so dont make judgements then!) and it calmed down from there but I was still seething. Theres another meeting in a few weeks my Mum is trying to get time off to go to but we'll see. She feels bad for me as obviously I go in and while the workers might agree with me I know they can't argue my point too much or else Nicola will shut down and not allow them to help the girls so I don't have anybody backing me up. To be honest I don't mind that but shes my Mum and she frets. She's been fretting for a while tbh, everyone has. Apprently I seem really depressed and just 'going through the motions' I don't think I am :s but Mum, Mark and my Gran all do so they're all worried about me. No idea what to say to them as I think I'm ok. Odd situation.
Well away from odd things back to layouts I've done :) This was the sketch Fiona submitted for February. I was a bit worried as I don't do misting so I put it off until the Twilight retreat where I decided to give it a go.
I love the result! I got this paper in a swap or a grab bag or something ages ago. Its got a special resist layer on it so where I spray the blue mist I can wipe it off and it leaves this pattern :)
As the background was so pretty I used a couple of frames, note papers and embellishments and I was done! Photos are from Turkey, we went on a boat trip and Caitlin wouldn't come into the sea as it was too deep. I promised I'd hold her up but still took her a while to give it a go.
Well after today I think I've earned an easy night and a glass of wine ;)

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

More layouts

Well today seemed much longer than it probably was. Did boring housework in the morning, made some puppets in the school in the afternoon then took Caitlin to Rainbows. Theres a social services meeting tomorrow which always worries me but hopefully won't be any big revelations.
Good job I still have lots of layouts to share otherwise would be a very short post! I really like this one despite how simple it is. I bought this paper range as it's called Cameron so lets face it I had to really didnt I ;) It had so much detail down the left hand side I just added a few bits of scrap paper and covered a frame in washi tape and done! Love how simple yet colourful it is :)
My next one was for the Sketchy Scrappers challenge this month. As well as this sketch Sandra Fowle gave us a selection of colours to choose from too to add an extra element of challenge :)
The colours were greens, pinks, and teals so I did this one.
Didn't turn out quite as I planned it but still pleased with it overall :)

Monday, 17 March 2014

Mum needs a day planner

Today was,,,,,interesting lol. This afternoon I met my Mum and Mollie to take Mollie to our local Junior school where she will be starting after Easter. The look around went quite well, the classes seemed nice and the school looked good (relief for me as Cameron goes there in September) but they didn't give us a starting date or class. When we bumped into my sister and Evie who were touring the infants they had, so we decided to go back after I collected my two from school. Thats where it started to go wrong. When I collected Caitlin she was bawling her eyes out, turns out Evie is starting in her class. Now she loves her cousin but Evie is very overpowering at times and we have had issues with Evie not wanting anyone else to play with Caitlin at Rainbows, I calmed her down and had a word with the teacher who assured me she would keep an eye on it and I've promised Caitlin if it becomes an issue I'll sort it out so will need to cross my fingers and hope it works out atm. So one drama subdued we went back to the juniors. Good job we did as turns out we need all kinds of paperwork including a letter from our social worker stating that Mollie is currently living with mum. So walking back to my house I rung to ask for one, conversation went like this:
Me - Hi can I speak to **** please
Receptionist - No sorry shes out on a home visit at the moment can I take a message?
Me - Yes Its Gemma Steele calling about Mollie Cameron could she ring me back please?
Receptionist - Oh, isn't she on a home visit with you?
Me *confused* - No, Mum do we have a meeting with the social worker?
Mum - Oh ****!!!!
Yes we did! Turns out she was coming to Mums to talk to Mollie, which Mum forgot about lol. So we had to run to mums, desperatly ringing my Dad and Mark who were both at mine with the kids and the keys! Finally got through and though we had to sit in the garden with the SW for a bit it turned out ok lol.
Things never go smoothly do they?!
So back to layouts :) On my last retreat I actually did very little scrapping, so unlike me! But I did finish a couple that I started a while ago then got bored of. They arn't the best ever but they're done!
This is what happens when Mark falls asleep and Caitlin gets bored ;)
This was a really simple one to use some of the squares which were left from die cutting lots of polaroid frames. The picture is from last summer where Caitlin and Cameron were trying to give each other a kiss but the helmets kept bumping instead :)
Tomorrow should be a much more boring day lol.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Drive home :(

This weekend has gone so quick!! :( I've had an amazing time though got very little scrapping done lol. The hotel was amazing and the staff so helpful. Cant wait until next year! Hopefully there will be a big enough gap I can stay the Sunday night too as I think that would have allowed me to relax a bit more. Still had fun though :) Last night was bingo and fancy dress, I didn't dress up but OMG the costumes of those who did were amazing! I don't have any pictures which is odd as I'm sure I took some but will put some up after the ladies put them on facebook. :) Gave us all a giggle when they walked though the lobby as they got some odd looks!
back to scrapping this was my attempt at the challenge. There was a cd envelope inside so I added that and used it to put the tickets and map of Disney inside. I didn't bother entering it in the end as it was nowhere near the standard but at least its done :)
Now this I was proud of :) For the third challenge Leslie gave us a wooden door hanger to alter. As soon as I saw it I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I came back last weekend with lots of scraps and crafty bits to give to Caitlin so wanted to make a minecraft themed door hanger for Cameron. Think it turned out quite well :)
Didn't win but the standard of the others was amazing so I wasn't surprised lol.
After a lovely morning I set off. Earlier than I intended but I was getting myself into such a state worrying about the drive I was worried about working myself up into a full blown panic attack. :( I haven't had one in a long time but I didn't want to risk it. Luckily the drive was nowhere near as bad as before. The roads were busy and it took almost an hour longer than usual but it wasn't so hectic and there wern't as many trucks driving what seemed like inches from my side. Glad to be home but sad that I won't see any of the girls for another year :(
The kids were excited to see me :) Scamp going mad as he did last time lol. Cameron was thrilled with his door hanger so was made up :) It's hard to make things for him as he's a boy and most crafty things are girly so was pleased to make this for him :) Good thing I left today in the end as I'm pretty much ready for bed lol. Amazing how tiring a weekend doing nothing can be!

Saturday, 15 March 2014

One and only full day here :(

Wow, what a difference this hotel is to the other one! Our meal was amazing and very efficient. The view at night out the window is beautiful as we're on top of a hill so can see all the lights from the factories and houses down below. Our dinner was delicious and I had the added bonus of finding a slip under my plate saying I had won a prize! Turns out as well as challenges etc Leslie has a few spot prizes to be found over the weekend and I got the first one! I was allowed to pick form a variety of choices, or one of two mystery boxes. I can never resist a surprize so piced one of the boxes and these were inside :)
Love all the bits and cant go wrong with a chocolate orange! :) After dinner we had a quiz which was funny but as usual I think I knew maybe two answers lol again including the Disney one ;) My team came second though so not too shabby! Next thing I knew it was 1:30 and time for bed. I did get there later than I'd hoped but time did seem to fly by. Haven't done any standard layouts yet but I've been doing the project life style ones to use up some photos from Disneyland. Unsurprisingly I took a LOT of photos, most of which are just general photo spot ones with no big story behind them so this is a great way to still scrap them :) If I'm honest I don't enjoy doing these as much as usual layouts, they're similar to a mini book as theres not much room to do anything but feels good to make that photo pile a bit smaller :)
So after an early start this morning (up at 7 so bit later than lat weekend) I had breakfast then back to scrapping :) Leslie has set a challenge which is to create a project using only the papers she gave us so will try that sometime this afternoon. I'm not great at those type of challenges so not expecting to win but will give it a shot :) It's nice to not have to rush and race to classes, gives more time to chill out and chat. Though time seriously does seem to be racing by! I think it's because I know I don't have that long as usual, I can't stop thinking about having to drive back tomorrow, already starting to panic a little, better scrap more to take my mind off it :)

Friday, 14 March 2014

HATE driving!!!

Last night was much more fun than expected. The play center was empty as usual so the kids just ran off and played, it tired them out well enough that i was home, bed for them and a nice dinner for me and Mark :)
Today didn't go quite so well lol. Packed up the car and set off for what should have been a 2 and a half hour drive.......4 hours later I arrived! OMG the traffic was dreadful! Roads were heaving, roadworks were busy and there was a guy in front of me with his hazzards on for 20 minutes driving at half the speed limit. I'm not a confident driver at the best of times so was a mess when I finally got there :( Haven't had to use my breathing exercises to calm me down in a while but had to use them then.
So drive from hell over the hotel is amazing :) My room is huge and the bed very comfy, I even have a balcony! Actually feel guilty being here without Mark lol. The crop room is great too, Lesley has gone way above and beyond with big jars of sweets, tea/coffee and lots of prizes set out for over the weekend. Its great to see everyone too, some I've not met but a lot are girls from Sarahs cards who I know. Very excited!
Havent had a chance to do any scrapping yet so still sharing ones from last weekend :) This is a really simple on as I love this photo so really just wanted to highlight it.
Not too fond of this one, think the title should have been one set of alphas rather than lots iykwim. This Was from when we bought the 'Im a celebrity' game from iceland. Basically snakes and ladders but if you go up a ladder you eat something nice (marshmallow or brownie) and if you go down a snake you eat something yuk (snot balls or grubs) Cameron loved it but Caitlin had to eat one grub (ghnocci) and refused to play anymore. lol.
Well off to enjoy my evening with some lovely, crazy ladies :)

Thursday, 13 March 2014

What day is it today?

Well this morning was difficult :( was walking back from the school with scamp when a fluffy lab type looking dog ran up. He wasn't hurting scamp but obviously I didn't know him so picked scamp up. Was walking away when I heard a man screaming and swearing. The dog ran over and the man started kicking him really badly and screaming at him. Was so schooling and upsetting. Hurried home and reported it to the RSPCA but with only a description of the guy and no proof I'm not expecting them to do anything. Not the best start to the day though :(
On a better note I booked tickets to Disney on ice for me, mum and the girls. I'm trying to get over my fear of driving new places so figure that booking the tickets will give me the push I need to drive to the NIA which tbh terrifies me, not until October though so gives me time to psych myself up! On the note of driving I need to drive to Cheshire tomorrow which is kinda scary. It's near where I used to go for Sarah's cards retreat so hopefully shouldn't be too bad as most of it is familiar, with the car overheating the other day though I'm still panicking :s first I need to panic about taking Caitlin, Caitlin's friend Rosie and Cameron to a play enter tonight. Why did I think that would be a good idea?!
Anyway more layouts ;) and again Photos from turkey. At our hotel was a candy floss machine which the kids loved. Every night they were good we'd bribe them with some candy floss. In retrospect giving them pure sugar before bed wasn't the best idea but they enjoyed it ;)
Next is Caitlin on a boat trip. For some reason she was really against getting her photo taken this holiday, so when I bought her this fan from the market she loved using it to hide behind. Cute photos anyway :)
Plan to relax and chill out with mark tonight before I run off again for a couple of days. Thank goodness for my mum! Think I owe her a very good mothers day gift!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Up to date again :)

This morning Scamp was sitting on my knee quite happy so I tried to take a photo of us, then the two crazy ones jumped in lol. Love the photo I ended up with though :)
Well this morning was supposed to be a social services meeting but its been moved to next week so I used the time to tidy about and catch up with online jobs (bills, paperwork etc) Im out all day tomorrow so wanted to use the time as productivly as possible. Short of a little ironing I'm all prepped for the weekend again now :) Went shops with my Mum to restock the cupboards and got lots of things that were reduced to pennies as the lines are being discontuned. Love a bargain :)
So now I'm all ready I admit I'm feeling a bit better about going away again. :) Dont think I'll book two so close together again though, even a week gap would do but its just too much to organise so close together. Will be worth it though this time round :)
So more layouts! More form Turkey lol. This photo was taken as Caitlin and Evie were sitting on my Dads knee and she was pretending they were squashing him, they were cracking up! Love how natural their smiles are :)
Another Turkey one, was trying to get a nice photo of Cameron but he was having none of it. *rolls eyes*
Should be dancing tonight with the girls but Mollie isn't feeling too well so Caitlin doesn't want to go either, so a nice night cuddled up with dvd is on the cards :)