Tuesday, 28 October 2014


Today we went to the farm with the kids for their Halloween event. We have an annual pass and often visit as dogs on leads are permitted everywhere so it's a great place to take Scamp too. So we were really dissapointed to visit today and see he was no longer allowed in the park area :( I can understand dogs having to be kept on leads and pick up after them etc but will really put a damper on our visits from now on as not much fun for me to stand about and watch form the other side of the fence. :(
That aside it was a nice visit :) Weather was amazing and kids loved running about in the sunshine. We didn't do a lot of the activities as to be honest the kids are getting a bit old now but Cameron enjoyed the spooky house.
Caitlin took two steps in, felt a big furry spider brush her face and walked right back out lol. She did however make a fairy wand from willow and ribbon so that pleased her.
There was also a 'Boob box' where you had to put your hand in and guess what it was. I caught Cameron cheating and looking however. Love his 'What I wasn't doing anything?!' face!
Well tomorrow Camerons going for his first sleepover tomorrow night, only going next door though so I'm not too worried lol. Caitlin has a birthday party to go to until late so going to be another long day I think.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Has time slowed down?

Today seems to have gone on for ages!!! I think it's because we were up early and on the go from the start. Got lots of shopping done, bits a bobs from different stores that we needed, then home to do lots of housework and there's still hours left in the day! Always feel like I've forgot something when that happens lol.
One of the jobs done was to pick up a parcel form the post office which contained this.
A decorated notebook from a swap I'm in :) I asked for a Christmas themed notebook and I'm thrilled with what I got. Seems a shame to write in it to be honest!
Rather than show you photos of my shopping (boring food and other essentials shop) I've got another couple of layouts instead.
Even though my sister is in this photo I still quite like it. Was taken on my Mums 50th a couple of years ago now. This was one of the easy calender layouts. The background was pretty much done so just had to add some embellishments to give it depth and finished!
Another calender one, used the wooden words from my 'use it up' pile to make the title too :)) Love this photo of the kids in their onesies.
Tomorrow is a visit to the farm so hopefully the day won't drag as much as today. :)

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Look, layouts!

When I went away with Jess I did over 20 layouts :) However since I got home they have sat there waiting to be photographed and I finally got around to it!
A lot of them were from a couple of calender kits I bought so were really easy to put together but I did some 'normal' ones too. This was one of them with a quite up to date photo compared to others lol. I haven't actually got any photos developed this year but my Mum did a few off my phone and this was one. Love the relaxed feel to the photo as everyones just lazing about :) Added some family/happy themed embellishments and done :)
This one was for the Challenge YOUrself challenge here. The challenge this month was to use an affirmation so used this tag from my 'use it up' [ile reading 'A family is a gift which lasts forever'. Seemed pretty fitting to this photo of Cam and me beside the Christmas tree.
Other than photographing layouts I've been getting organised for some swaps I'm in, but more on those later :)

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Disney on ice

At the start of this year I decided to try and push myself a little more when it came to things I was scared of. One big thing was driving. I was fine until I was pregnant with Cameron and we drove past a really bad accident involving kids and since then it's been a bit of an issue.
I'm OK driving somewhere I know, or if it's an easy enough drive but complicated places scare the life out of me. With this in mind I booked tickets to Disney on ice early in the year. We've been before, my sister drove and I was freaked out enough as a passsenger let alone driver so I figured this would be a good push. I wouldn't be able to let the girls down once I told them we were going and the train tickets cost a bomb so I wouldn't want to pay for those either lol.
So after a quick pep talk from Mark I set off, and tell you what, it was easy! I was so thrilled when we got there I was dancing in the car park lol. We had a while before the show so we took the girls for lunch and Mum bought me a large glass of wine lol.
The show was amazing as usual and the girls loved it. Both want to go see the next one in March which typically is at the NEC and is so easy to drive to!

Friday, 24 October 2014

catch up again

Well another busy week! But very productive and fun. Honestly it's just flown by!

Today Caitlin took her potion homework into class. We wrote the mixture onto a themed sheet of 12x12, ripped the edges and inked them to look old. love the effect.
Look how proud she is bless her. I carried in in though as she nearly dropped it as was a bit heavy!
I finally managed to make a proper list of everything that needs done between now and Christmas. It's longer than I expected with less time than I thought but I feel much better having it all planned out :)

Started to tackle the list today! First up, finished all the hair clips for the party and then made the invitations :)
Loving my snowflake die :)
Was supposed to be rainbows tonight but Caitlin didn't want to go :( Ended up dressed in a cosy onesie and watching a DVD in our bed. Hope shes not coming down with something.

Back to the list! I'm making a lot of gifts this year to keep costs down and wanted to make the kids a new doorhanger each. Cameron obviously Mario
and Caitlin Hello Kitty :)
Left the room to make a cup of tea and I think Scamp wanted to play, so need to redo Mario I think!
Was so sweet today. I was listening to the kids play and heard Cameron say this to his sister:
'You know how you keep saying you're ugly? well you need to stop that, you are beautiful all the time' Awww!!! God I love them :)

Such a long day! Started up town buying lots of bits and bobs that I needed for craft porjects, Got most of the things on my list but for some reason bog standard a4 white card seems to be nowhere to be found! Did get Scamp a new bed though which he loves :)
Not that hes giving up his old bed yet, I tried to put it away in the garage and he stood at the door and cried lol, so had to put it back.
Now this year for the kids to give to their class Caitlin wants snowman kits. So I looked everywhere for pretzel sticks for the arms. No joke we were wondering about Tesco with Mark singing 'We just want to build a snwoman! But can't find the pretzel sticks!'
Ended in me just buying normal ones and snapping them. My prototype turned out cute though :) drew the face on with food colouring pens.
So had just enough time to make that before rushing to get Cait, get her changed and back to school for the Halloween disco. because I was working there she wanted to go to the reception disco and her year groups. Which was nice as she got to spend time with Lillie who she doesn't see often now.
Was nice to see Evie in Caits year group too :)
While it was fun, 4 hours at the school helping and dancing took their toll on my baby girl, ended up having to carry her home as she was falling asleep on her feet. Doesn't seem that long ago her Daddy was doing the same for me!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

How is it Sunday?!

Where has this week gone?! It's almost 1pm on Sunday and I haven't even had breakfast yet let alone a coffee lol.
I do keep sitting down at the computer intending to blog but something always happens to stop me. This morning though mark's in bed with a headache, kids are happy doing their homework and I'm ignoring the dog who keeps dropping his toy on my lap asking me to throw it.
So catch up of the week:

Thursday was Doctors appointment with Mark who woke up with a very poorly tummy, then a craft class at school which was fun but omg it was chaos! Don't think the reception children really knew what they were doing lol. Caitlin abandoned her project and helped the younger ones in the end bless her.

Much more fun day :) Had a PTA meeting, then managed to get all my jobs done before dropped Caitlin off at her nannies for a sleepover. She packed her bag herself with toys and craft stuff and this was the result lol. Girl takes after her mother ;)
With Caitlin gone, and the boys watching tv I poured myself a cherry shanapps and coke and hid in the bedroom to use my new craft desk and die.
The kids are having a Frozen themed Christmas party this year so I decided to make some hair clips for the girls favours, thrilled with how they turned out!

Today was cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning. In the run up to Christmas I like to go through each room and fully gut it. Chuck anything not needed, repaint any tired looking bits and generally make everything pretty :) My ain is to do as little as humanly possible during the month of December housework wise as its always crazy busy.

So today I decided to gut the kitchen. Obviously as I was going along I decided to do some baking. You know, as you do lol. So while cleaning I made Jamies epic brownie. OMG it was lush! I've only had a bite but Mark, the kids and the neghbours have had some and all love it so thats a good sign :)
As I've been tidying I've noticed we're running low on a lot of staples like flour, sugar etc so plan for this afternoon is shops, more cleaning then the usual bath, homework, bed routine. Hopefully more crafting tonight too!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

My child is......

well, imaginative, a pain in the ass, trying to get me arrested? Or all three I'm not sure.
She came home form school today with this picture.
That is a picture of Mark and I, holding a bag of sweets each and smiling, while Caitlin cries because we won't give her any. I don't know WHEN this has ever happened but expecting a phonecall from social services soon.
Hopefully they won't lock me away before I get the chance to use my new die :) Very excited when this came this morning :) :)
With Christmas coming up I cen see this being used a LOT, and I already have some projects in mind :)

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Happy day :)

Last night was a lovely relaxing night :) Caught up on some TV with Mark, did some homework with the kids and basically just chilled out.
One of Caitlins current projects is based on Georges Marvellous medicine; she has to make up her own potion, make it and write abotu it. So we came up with 'Double trouble' where if you drink it it makes two of you :) I could use something like that sometimes!
Wouldn't drink it though, as well as sugar, salt and tomato sauce there are leaves and orange peel in there. Can't imagine it would taste too good lol.
Today I've been putting together the bits I got from Ikea and look at my new craft area!!!! I am SO thrilled with it!
Caitlins staying at my Mums this friday so going to dump the boys in front of the tv and try it out I think :)
Being imaginative I decided to glue some magnets onto the bottom of my stickles and stick them to the underside of the little metal stands. For the most part it worked great.....
One or two however glued themselves to the table. See this is why I ask my Dad to do DIY, you daren't let me near a drill!

Monday, 13 October 2014

Home time :(

Well thats it, our relaxing, scrapping, shopping weekend over :( Originally I was going to drive but after my flat tyre Jess offered to drive her van. Good thing too as dont think we could have fit this little lot in my car!
To be fair theres a huge tub in there I got from Ikea to keep scamps food in, plus 4 large storage tubs a friend wanted me to pick up for her so theres not THAT much shopping. just a few well chosen purchases :)
It has been an amazing weekend. :) It's funny, Jess and I don't see each other for months at a time but when we get together it's like no time has passed :) Cheesy but true. :)
Was good to get home though, kids, Mark and Scamp seemed to have missed me and its good to be home. Can't wait to put my new craft storage up!

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Scrapping today

I don't know if its the heat here or something, but after being in bed by 10:30 Friday, we managed until just gone 11 last night lol.
Today we stayed in the hotel and scrapped :) Managed this little pile so very pleased with myself.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Brilliant day :)

Well after arriving at the hotel yesterday I wasted no time making myself at home :)
You can't see it but there's a fan in the corner. When we first walked in we thought 'A fan? Its October!' But I tell you what we used it! I don't know if the heating was broken in the hotel or if the staff used to work on some tropical island but it was so hot! Luckily today we didn't spend too long in the hotel. After some quick breakfast it was off to the shops :)
Being skint, as usual, I didn't get much but did manage to get some xmas gifts. We lucked out as there was a food festival on so we sampled lots of yummy foods and I bought a bit to add to Christmas hampers.
Of course I visited the Disney store but I was very good and despite being VERY tempted by a beautiful Anna dress for Caitlin I only bought a couple of things that were on my list. Honestly I deserve some form of award for that!
After a hard day shopping we went to dinner at Jamies italian. Jess had the most important menu....
Which we never ended up ordering from as we both refuse to pay £6 for a glass of wine lol. Did get some yummy stuff from this menu though.
Including the highlight. Jamies epic brownie with salted caramel ice cream. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Well last night we were asleep by 10:30, rock and roll! Hopefully manage to stay awake a bit later tonight.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Catch up

Another catch up post, been a busy week this week! But lets be honest when is it not! :)
Housework and finishing off a number of projects today. I finally got my hama beads delivered so finished my Zelda one off.
I'm really enjoying doing my own designs at the moment :) Good job too as I've had a few other orders!

Today was Scamps first birthday so we bought him a bone from a local butchers. This was the smallest one they had! He was so excited bless him he was actually shaking.
Had time for a coffee with the neighbour while finishing off the Minecraft order, before shopping, banking and other boring things needed to be done.

Very proud Mummy today :) Was Caitlins parents evening and she is doing so well. Uses wonderful volcabulary, involves herself in the class and tries hard. Her teacher is great to be honest as does lots of practical work with them which Caitlin thrives at so shes enjoying it too. :) Did make me laugh reading Caitlins school diary though. Found out the following facts:
- 'My daddy is silly, he thinks he lives on the moon!'
- My Mummy and Nanny used to live in Scotland, they speak spanish there.
- Over the Summer holidays we went to New york.
Must have missed that trip! I asked her about it later and she told me 'Yeah we went to New Yorka!' Well, sounds like Majorca I guess lol.

Not the best start to today lol. Drove to town to meet with my family I work with, got there to find I had a flat tyre.
So did what any self respecting 30 year old woman would do.....I rung my Daddy to come rescue me. :) He came and put my spare on so was ok to get home. He had hoped that the tyre just had a slow puncture and could be fixed but turns out I've run over a giant screw somewhere along the line and because it is in the side or something they can't fix it, so he's going to look at a couple of scrap yards over the weekend to try and get me a new one.
Not the best timing TBH as away this weekend with my friend and I was supposed to drive but lovely girl she is Jess is driving now :)
My Mum sent me this photo to cheer me up lol. How cute does Poppy look!

Yey it's Friday!!! I was really unorganised and hadn't packed anything so this morning was a mild panic shoving things into bags. I'm bound to have forgot something but sure what I don't have Jess will :)
Hope everyone else has a great weekend too!

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Dust go to sleep

Today was a busy, but relaxing day. This morning we went to a car boot with the neighbours and Cameron got a ton of Pokemon figures so he was happy. Caitlin got a couple of bits so when we got home it was time for hot chocolate (it was freezing!) and play with new toys :) Gave me a chance to catch up on a few jobs too so all was good.
Now when the kids were little there was a poem I loved:

"Babies Don’t Keep"

Mother, O Mother, come shake out your cloth,
Empty the dustpan, poison the moth,
Hang out the washing, make up the bed,
Sew on a button and butter the bread.

Where is the mother whose house is so shocking?
She’s up in the nursery, blissfully rocking.

Oh, I’ve grown as shiftless as Little Boy Blue,
Lullabye, rockabye, lullabye loo.
Dishes are waiting and bills are past due
Pat-a-cake, darling, and peek, peekaboo

The shopping’s not done and there’s nothing for stew
And out in the yard there’s a hullabaloo
But I’m playing Kanga and this is my Roo
Look! Aren’t his eyes the most wonderful hue?
Lullabye, rockaby lullabye loo.

The cleaning and scrubbing can wait till tomorrow
But children grow up as I’ve learned to my sorrow.
So quiet down cobwebs; Dust go to sleep!
I’m rocking my baby and babies don’t keep.

So when I was halfway through the ironing Caitlin came upstairs and crawled into my bed to watch a film. She put on Toy story of Terror and asked me to watch with her. So my choices, finish the ironing which needed to be done, or live by the poem and cuddle up with my baby girl.
Cuddles and selfies it was!
Can't believe how old I look in this photo but love Caitlins gummy grin so its worth it :)

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Baking :)

A while ago we made plans to go out with some friends for dinner tonight. However early in the week they found out they had less money than they thought so couldn't afford it. Probably a good thing really as when I looked nor could we lol. So rather than a pricey meal out we decided to just make some bits from the freezer and all stay in.
Caitlin being Caitlin wanted to make a giant chocolate cake for everyone so thats what we did :)
Love her face here. I let her pick 3 tubs of toppings from my baking cupboard which took her a long time to choose lol. Our Asda recently had a revamp of their baking products so were selling off all their old labeled bits for really cheap so I stocked up :)
Good job too as they got a bit excited and covered the cake! lol
As usual was a great night :) The kids played together while the adults had a drink and a laugh. Feeling very lucky to have such great neighbours :)

Friday, 3 October 2014

5 years

Well today is very special to us. Its 5 years since Mark has his liver transplant which saved his life and changed all ours for the better.
That said however amazing it is for us we don't forget there is a family out there who remember this day for a very different reason. We don't know much about the donor except that it was a young man in a moterbike accident. We wrote a letter to his family thanking them and telling them about the kids and everything as really it was the only thanks we could give and obviously we are so grateful.
On that note it was quite fitting that this petition popped up on my facebook newsfeed. I've long thought that the Uk should have an 'opt out' policy for organ donation rather than an opt in one. I know not everyone agreed based on religion or personal views but when I die they can take what they like from me, its no good to me anymore and just seems such a waste to do nothing when my organs could save lives. Controversaily I've also had Caitlin and Cameron signed onto the register since they were born. Which met with a LOT of anger from Mums at baby groups I tell you! But I've always had the view if they needed help I'd want someone to help them so I can't really expect that if I wouldn't be willing to let them help others.
Ok off my soapbox now, if you agree and want to sign the opt out petition hopefully this link works, if not sure a quick google will take you there :)
So in summary, today is a day I will always be grateful for my amazing, loving, hubby :)

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Paper roses

My next door neighbour Gemma makes the most beautiful book folds. Take a look at her facebook page Forgetmenot Papercraftz and see what she does :)
She's always looking for new ways to decorate her books and recently I showed her the little paper roses I learned how to make a couple of years ago. This one here :)
Anyway that night she had a load of orders come through and bless her had a mini meltdown about how she was going to get them all done in time, so I offered to make some roses for her. :)
Quite relaxing watching tv and making roses, managed 24 so far so should keep her set for a while!

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Rented out for a bar of chocolate

Last night Mark put a picture of the wreath I made on his facebook. The amount of people who messaged him asking for one was crazy! I didn't want to do one for everyone but agreed to do some for some of his good friends as long as they paid for the beads. Mark then added on they gave me the bead money and a bar of chocolate lol.
So this is the one I'm currently working on.
Might put some little dark green blocks in to make it look more 'Minecrafty' iykwim. Keeps me busy anyway :)