Friday, 31 March 2017

March round up

Wow March was busy! Blogging completley went out of my head but instagram, Facebook and other social media meant memories were still recorded, yey!
So this months round up:

Books read
The lure - S.W Hubbard
The devil on my doorstep - Annabelle forest
Betrayed - Rosie lewis
15/52 - Little less than usual this month but still on track.

Layouts done
27! Had 2 retreats this month and a weekend cyber crop so lots done. I have realised however that my 365 target was a little ambititious so I've decided that a layout every two days is much more reasonable.

Pokemon caught
31! We had a few days away and the area we went to had loads of new Pokemon. Scamp enjoyed LOTS of walks ;)

Been a very fun and busy month :)

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