Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Challenge YOUrself!

So this morning finds me in a cranky mood. I've just spilled a whole mug of coffee on a craft project I'm doing and my dog seems determined to bark, scratch, climb everywhere he shouldn't be! Grrr.
On a happier note, its time for another challenge over at Challenge YOUrself
What is negative space you might ask? In design terms, negative space refers to an empty block of space on your page. And in the scrapbook world, negative space doesn't just happen by chance - it is a planned part of your design! This month we want to see your pages using negative space . . . we are looking forward to seeing what YOU create.
**Please don't forget, your page must include photos with YOU in them!**
I'm not the best with white space, I've seen some which looks beautiful but mine always looks unfinished. This was my best attempt lol.
The photo is from Christmas when we first got Scamp, look how teeny he was!!
Right, better go restart my project, and maybe find a lid for my coffee mug.....

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  1. Gemma, your layout is absolutely gorgeous! I love how you used negative space here! Thank you!!!!


Thanks for your comments. :)