Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Very merry

So I'm bored, and my choices are ironing, or blog. Not exactly a hard choice!
So today they came to fit Caitlins flooring (yey!) so I was able to put all her stuff back and finally get my room back to normal (double yey!) Caitlins excited too, but I think shes more excited about her new bed next week.
Annoyingly it should have been delivered yesterday but they've pushed it back to next Tuesday. So currently shes sleeping on a blow up bed and piles of sleeping bags and blankets. If I'm honest I think she likes it better than her old bed, hehe.
Her new floor is beautiful. I forgot to get a picture but will tomorrow. It was even better when the fitters told us there was a problem with it lol.
No I'm not nuts, but whoever cut the vinal off the roll put a giant pen scribble in one spot. Luckily its exactly where her unit goes so I wasn't bothered. However when the fitters told the manager we got £30 refunded. Bonus!
While there I took Caitlin into Dreams to see if there were any headboards she liked. I spotted a bedset I loved last time we were there reduced from £40 down to £10!! Good day for me! :D
So with me being in such a good mood it seems fitting to share this 'very merry' layout I did.
During scrapbooking day one of the challenges was to make your own background. We had just been given a HUGE roll of zigzag shaped washi in a kit so I put strips of this on cardstock, misted it and then pulled it off.
Just to make things difficuilt for myself I wanted to make a frame in the middle with no mist so put a bit of card over it and then did sharpie lines around to make it stand out.
I quite like it, but do wish I'd used a ruler for the lines lol.

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  1. OMGosh! I love your background technique! I'm always looking for new ways to use my mists. This is a perfect way to "control" it! Now, I'll have to check to see if I have some zigzag washi tape. If not, I can cut something on my Cricut. Thanks for the inspiration!


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