Sunday, 17 July 2016

Week in review

So been a while since I blogged. To be honest I think I'm being a bit tough on myself with this, I want to blog, then I sit down at night and I'm just so wiped I can't think of anything interesting to say, then I feel bad I haven't blogged in ages.
Why I don't know as lets face it nobody is sitting crying because I haven't blogged lol. Would be worse to look back on posts where I've just blogged for the sake of it and not saying anything on consequence I think.
So this week has been another busy one. Lots of appointments and blood tests etc and also had Caitlins bed delivered. Yey! When we started redecorating she asked me for a reading nook. She loves to read which I love to encorage so I started looking around for some kind of play tent or canopy I could hang from the ceiling.
Thing was everything was either really flimsy looking or cost just under £100. So I decided to make one myself :)
This could have been a pinstrosity but I think it turned out great!!
Its a bed sheet, hula hoop and some bunting from her old bed. I also cut some flowers for the outside and stuck lots of glow in the dark stars inside. She was thrilled and I admit I was super proud of myself :)
Saturday was the Next sale. It started at 5 so Mum and I went 2 hours early as usual at 3, we were the first ones there!!!!
Might have bought a few bits ;)
As usual a lot going back though lol, I'm not keeping all £600 worth!
Today the weather was beautiful so we went to a nearby village which was having a garage sale. It was SO hot! We found a nearby spring and I lifted Scamp so he could get a drink, he decided to jump in and cool down that way. Fair enough :)
Beautiful views.
Got some bargains. Kids got some books and Mark a couple of games. I found one stall where a woman was selling off a lot of card making stuff so got these bits :) Bargain of the day though was the 'wreck this book' journal. I've wanted to get one for Mollie for a while so was pleased to see this one, brand new, for 50p. I couldn't believe it when she suddenly appeared behind me and shouted 'Oh I really want one of those!' Shows how well I know her but kind of ruined the surprise!!
Well I'm hoping to get some crafting done tomorrow as I'm guessing Mark will be spending the day in bed, so will at least have that to blog!

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