Saturday, 2 July 2016

I love you

So we had planned to do a car boot sale today but with the weather yesterday being horrible we decided to do it next week.....then the weather today was lovely! Typical.
So as the kids were happy chilling out today I decided to clear out the garage a bit. WHY I do these things, I don't know. The bins are now overflowing and my back is killing me but the garage is looking a bit neater ;)
Scamp decided he wanted to help so managed to get himself covered in spiderwebs and dust.
Bath time!
Right after bath he wanted to lie on my bed. Fine but he was still damp so I lay a towel out for him. I leave the room....
and come back to find out hes pushed the towel aside and lay on my dressing gown! He's lucky he's cute.

Tomorrow is our monthly family day which I am very excited about :) Cinema then pizza hut! Camerons choice this time :)
This layout took me sooooo much longer than I thought it would have. Worth it though.
I loved this cut file a friend sent to me. I had some papers left over from a Like for ever kit that I loved so wanted to use every scrap I could. These cuts make it easy to create a beautiful layout with very few papers.
The photo is from Spain which is the same hotel we're going to this year. Hoping to take another one in the same place then do a layout showing 2 years difference. Good excuse for a holiday I think ;)

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