Saturday, 27 March 2010

good day!

Well good day today. :) started off with a call from the garage saying my car is ready (yey!) Cost just under £200 to fix which is about what I expected so quite pleased as I can now go to my mums birthday dinner tomorrow.
Then as we were all still lounging in bed there was a knock on the door. God love my hubby who ran down in his boxers to get my box of goodies from sarahs cards. lol.

Was thrilled with this lot for £25! Theres a clearance at the moment to get a £75 box for £25. normally if I get one its low quality paper from brands I've never heard of, but this was all good cardstock, bling, everything. Even Mark was impressed!

This jigsaw will be going in the bin by the end of the day I think. Mark bought it for Cameron yesterday and he loves it. Which would be great you think. But he's carrying it EVERYWHERE he goes, which mean he loses bits, which means we need to find them. You can see how its getting annoying, lol.

Right well better run, got to make a card for mums birthday and finish cleaning. Hope everyones having a good weekend!

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  1. I got a goodie box from Sarahs cards and was very pleased ... wish I'd taken a photo of mine ... the only thing I didnt like was the pink lace paper ... but I have used it as a template, I've used Distress Inks "thru" it and spritzed it with glimmer mists and it worked great and is still sturdy!


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