Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Well I'm now on a serious stash diet!

Well not been about for a while, car that was fixed saturday broke again sunday. Found out today will be £350 to fix, this is on top of the £200 we paid saturday. So we've decided to fix it, go on holiday, then save for a new one! So on a serious stash diet now. :( On this note I've joined the compulsive stash shoppers support group on uks. Its great, lots of other girls who want to buy but shouldn't so we support each other. :)

Anyway, what I've been up to....

Sunday was my mums birthday, but first we went to a car boot sale at Wicksteed park. We LOVE car boots and so do the kids. :) Got some great bargains, lots of thomas jigsaws for Cameron, a wooden dolls highchair for caitlin and this fellow right here.

Shes currently obssesed with barney and we found this one who talks and sings for £1. She hasnt let go of it yet. :) She's turning into a little mummy, spent half an hour 'feeding' him and talking to him in the highchair. So cute! We also found a Thomas scooter for Cameron and a Bob scotter for caitlin. £15 the pair. Like I said, LOVE car boot sales!

Then that afternoon had dinner at my mums, she loved it which was the main thing, kids all ran about like nutters and had a great time. :) Not been up to a great deal since then. Been stuck in as car back in garage. Did take the kids nursery on the bus on tuesday (THAT was an experience and a half!) but mainly been catching up with projects and cleaning. Oh, got my new cake decorating book yesterday. :) Made a new years resolution to take up a hobby the whole family can benifit from. Did try knitting but was hard to get lessons, so started baking instead. :) Going well so far, so thought I'd ty something a bit more difficuilt. Watch this space........

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