Friday, 10 August 2012

ok, getting there :)

Ok well started off the week with a HUGE to do list, but slowly gettign there now :) Unsure how granted as hardly been home lol. Managing to sell more online so garage slowly emptying too so yey! Love feeling like I'm getting stuff done, hoping to get the garage fully sorted by the end of the summer hols. Mark had hoped to be able to put a table out there but managed to convince him it just wasnt going to happen, so decided to use it as emergency storage. Both of us like to be prepared, me for weather issues such as being snowed in, Mark for zombies (yeah I know but what can you do lol) We have a few shelving sets out there already which have tinned foods on but want to do it properly, like with extra water, batteries, torches etc. OK I'm probably being a bit OTT but better safe than sorry. Was reading on pintret how to be prepared for a disaster and was amazed to read that some schools in America ask parents to donate an amount of bottled water, blankets, plus a letter for their child, so if there is a disater or an attack they're prepared for it. Scary really but you never know whats going to happen, makes me feel better to think we're a bit ready for it :)
On a less scary note lol. I did these layouts for the Twilight Cyber crop. I admit I can't for the life of me remember the criteria or who set them (and cant find it on facebook) but they are done anyway lol. This layout was done with leftovers from a class kit at the Sarahs cards retreat. Loved the swirls and the colours. The photo is from when we were in Turkey, we went to a thermal spa sulpher pool which though it stunk was so relaxing. The kids loved it and took us a while to coax them out lol. It was too hot for my mum so she was camreaman for a while. Got some great photos which I was thrilled with as I'm not usually in the photos.

This layout is actually prettier in real life. The background paper has got lots of embossing and glitter on you cant really see in the photo.
Photos are from Turkey again, :) At dinner they would have all these carved watermelons around the fruit. The puddings were amazingly presented too, with chocolate carvings and bread bowls. ohhhh I want to go back!!!

So not much planned for tomorrow, going to get painting out for the kids in the garden and get some more tidying done. Also hopefully find more bits to sell at the car boot sunday. Our washign machine just gave up the ghost so any extra pennies will be helpful!

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