Monday, 6 August 2012

How is this my first post this month!

I can't believe its August 5th already!! This summer is flying past! Ive been meaning to share these layouts for the past few day but since computer time is limited with kids at home, and as I've been selling lots on facebook (again lol) just havent had the time to blog.
Anyway, these are more from the Twilight cyber crop, this was a challenge set by Lisa, rules were:
1 - Use 3 sheets of paper you bought but now dislike - done
2 - Use 4 pictures or more - done
3 - Use a piece of equipment you never use - used my mists
4 - Use your favourite ever sketch - dont really have a fave sketch so scraplifted my first published layout, which is obviously special to me :)
5 - Make a double layout with all this - done :)
I thought I was going to hate this challenge as so much of it is 'use things you dont like' but actually really enjoyed it. One of Lisas other challenges involved using a funny photo or title, which I got mixed up on and did here but oh well lol. These photos are from my mums 50th, where even though it was March the weather was better than it is now and the kids all had water pistols lol. They had a great time terrorising the adults so I wanted the layout to be about that fun they had, so i came up with 'Our demands are simple'
Layout one shows the kids squirting everyone

Sister not impressed lol

Then the second layout had a list of 'demands' which were:
- Bedtime is when WE say so.
- Cerial is an acceptable dinner food
- Brushing teeth isn't important, falsies look fun.
- Theres no such thing as too many toys
- Always love us unconditionally

Each 'Demand' has a button next to it except for the final demand where I used a heart charm.

Well busy day again today, got errands to run and shopping to get before hopefully relaxing at a mates house this afternoon while the kids play. How well they play though remains to be seen! Camerons been SUCH a whinge lately! Dont know if hes still poorly, tired or just bored but crying at the daftest things, he had an early night last night so hopefully will be in a better mood today :)

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  1. I can't remember if I commented on these on facebook but just in case I didn't - I think they are fab, a great double layout x


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