Thursday, 30 June 2016

June recap

So I've had a busy and productive week :) After the drama of pulling up Caits flooring and the many drs appointments I've got stuck into redecorating this week. We've ordered her new floor and her new bed. Few accessories to do but think I'll start on those once everything is in and I can see what space I have etc, but you know me, planning it now.
Its amazing how much stuff was in Caitlins room, and is now in our room, the hallway and even the bathroom lol. I'm aiming to finish painting tomorrow and getting the stuff BACK in so I can reach my craft desk again!
So tomorrow starts July. How that happened I don't know but time for another recap :)

Pounds lost - 2. Not great but I've been stressed, and when I'm stressed I eat, and when I find out the shop near us has Ben and Jerrys for £1 a tub......well you can see the problem.

Games to complete
- Professor layton, The lost future
- Silent hill origins
- Yoshis wooly world (very almost done!)
- Uncharted
- Silent hill the room
- Pikmin 2

Layouts done - 10, lost my mojo early on in the month.

Cross stitch done - none. *hangs head*

Books read:
- Between Friends, Debbie Macomber
- Ill take new york, Miranda Dickinson

Usually I can look at my recap and say 'Ah so thats what I've been doing this month' but since I haven't put drs appointments or cleaning on this list it looks like I've not done much lol. FX I have more to add next month!

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