Wednesday, 11 January 2017

8 going on 18

I don't know if it's a hormonal thing, or if some demon has decided to posses her, but everything is a battle with my daughter at the moment! Seriously if I ask her to wear tights, she wants to wear socks, shoes that fit fine 2 weeks ago now either look stupid or are too uncomfortable to even consider wearing! Stressed!
My fluffy baby isn't very happy either. He is such a marshmallow and does not like cold weather. Yesterday he was sulking around the living room in a mood until I made him a hot water bottle. I am so under the thumb of everyone in this house *rolls eyes*
This morning I also managed to belt my head off the corner of a shelf so hard I saw stars, so coffee with my Mum was very needed today. Felt much better after a venting session and getting a few jobs done.
Tomorrow I'm hoping to do the same :) Next week we're getting his flooring done so need to have it all repainted and sorted by then. I'm so excited to get it all done for him, he was put in the smaller room a couple of years ago and except from painting it form pink to grey I've not done much with it. Hes such a patient kid and I can't wait to give him a decent room. Think I'm more excited than him!
I love this photo in this layout. If you haven't seen it Disney Dreams is just breathtaking. My Mum isn't a huge Disney fan and even she said it was incredible.
Obviously its not easy to get a photo of a giant castle in the dark without a decent camera but I was pretty proud of this one I took with my little point and shoot.
I think this layout was for a challenge where I had to use only 6x6 pp and washi. Not a huge amount of bits used but I like the effect :)

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