Monday, 9 January 2017

You & me

Ok so we're on Monday now? I've no idea whats going on anymore lol. The weekend just went in a puff of smoke I swear!
Sunday the kids started Jado lessons which they both loved. We've been trying to get Cameron to go for a while as he used to do karate and it made such a difference to his confidence. He wasn't keen on going however so we thought sending Caitlin too would make it easier. Not cheap, but easier.
Seemed to work as both came out buzzing about what they had learned and spent tonight practicing together in the living room. :)
Hope it helps as poor Cam had a bad night tonight as they'd changed groups, seating etc in school and it was just too overwhelming for him. Lots of tears and cuddles :( Before I knew it it was bedtime and besides making dinner I'd done nothing. Almost finished a layout last night and hoping to do it tonight. Good job I had a nap in the cinema today as Assasins creed was a BORING film!!!!
I did do this layout last week though. Don't like it granted but I did it, hehe.
Id decided to try a more mixed media background but it just seemed to end up dark and mucky looking. I ended up covering up most of it with patterned paper and embellishments.
The end result is actually my 3rd attempt after changing the paper, adding more mists, deciding I didnt like that so changing the papers again.
By the time it had got to the layout you see here I was sick of looking at it. Oh well, its done. Loving the layout I'm doing at the moment though :)

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