Friday, 6 January 2017

Best laid plans.....

So the kids went back to school on Thursday and I planned to get loads done.....then I woke with a very painful stomach and feeling dizzy :( So rather than cleaning and visiting the tip my day was all about napping, reading my Kindle in bed
and when I did get downstairs big mugs of hot chocolate.
I don't know why but whenever I have a poorly stomach or feeling rough hot chocolate always helps.
So today I felt MUCH better. :) Managed to get lots of cleaning done and reorganising the kids rooms so most of the Christmas bits have homes now. Camerons room is a bit of a mess still but we're planning on redoing his room with new furniture etc over the next two months so a lot of his stuff will find homes then.
So tidy house, washing done, time to craft :) I had planned a layout the other night but never got it done so hoping to finish it tonight.
Also hoping to not blind myself! Was watching 10 cloverfield land while cutting out a flower and some guy got shot, I jumped and almost stabbed myself in the eye with scissors!
Think safety goggles might be needed.

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