Tuesday, 3 January 2017


Well today was very meh. The kids are ready to go back to school and I'm SO ready to get back into routine.
First though Mark had to go to the dentist. Over Christmas Caitlin gave him a sweet to eat and he managed to break half of his filling off so needed to get that sorted. Thankfully didn't take too long so quick trip to Asda for essentials and we were home!
Somehow though that very small trip seemed to sap everyone energy. I don't know if it's the past few weeks catching up with us now but the rest of the day just seemed to go and besides a large basket of ironing I honestly couldn't tell you what we did. I did a bit of scrapping, but I think it took me about 2 hours to do a layout and I don't even like it!
Did catch up on some TV though. Love having Now TV on my ipad, gives me something to watch when Mark or the kids have stole the TV.


  1. As you know, my day was pretty "Meh!" as well. Here's to a better Wednesday for both of us x

  2. A school break and a tooth break, all good and bad things must come to an end. I know how a broken tooth feels, and it's not fun. I also know what it is like for my wife when the kids are off. No schedule, or at least one we are all used to. However, we do like the extra time with them.

  3. A candy took off one of his fillings? That must have been really disappointing. I try to avoid eating candies because it rots the teeth away. In fact, I don't even like candies that much, just chocolate. What's scrapping? Is that scrapbooking? I wouldn't know, maybe my wife would do something like that in her spare time.

    Marco @ Natural Dentistry


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