Wednesday, 8 February 2017

January round up

OK so I'm a bit behind on posting this but I've been keeping track and not doing too badly!

Books read
Mary higgins clark - Ive got you under my skin
Maggie hartley - Tiny prisoners
Jodi picholt - Small great things
Casey watson - The wild child
Ken mcclure - Pestilence
5/52 - One ahead of target, yey!

Layouts done
21/365 Not quite my 31 target for this month but we'll see.

Pokemon caught
Caught/evolved 14 pokemon this month! Wow way more than I expected :\ 3 were from the new pokedex so I'm not counting those but still a good start :)

I'm thinking that my 365 target for layouts is a bit optimistic but I'm not ready to give up on it yet. I've got way to much stuff so I have either got to get rid of stuff I still love, or use it.
Might need a time turner from Harry Potter at this rate lol.

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  1. Knowing you you'll probably do 30 layouts at Dukes Farm lol xx


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