Sunday, 19 February 2017

Long few days :(

On Sunday we took the kids down to Tesco to get them a doughnut and a little bit of shopping. Got back in the car and it wouldnt work. :( The engine light went on as soon as I started the car, and whenever I slowed down the battery light would come on and the car would cut out. We rung the AA and long story short it was dead :( Would cost more than the car was worth to fix so no more car. :(
We rung round a few garages and managed to get onto the mobility scheme so getting a new car that way, but had to say bye bye to my little Citroen. It's done me well over the years!

So lots of walking in my future. The new car won't be ready until next Friday and I can't stand buses, good way to hatch pokemon eggs though ;)
On an up side though I'd put in an order with Hey little magpie which came along with lots of other happy mail :) A prize I'd won online, a crafting box for the kids, and a free toilet roll! lol. I do a lot of questionnaires online, and sometimes places send me products to try out and give my opinions on, I don't just get toilet roll through the post ;)
I've also been crafting, lots and LOTS of crafting! So far killing a kit a month has been easy, fingers crossed it continues as theres plenty left. Typically I've not photographed them but this is one I did last year so still something to share.
Love the colours in this one. It's a picture of Mum and me at Disneyland, not sure if Caitlin or Mollie took it but I love this photo :)
So it's been a heck of a week, not quite the half term I expected but we've still had fun :) Will share more of that tomorrow though. Yes tomorrow, I WILL blog more!!

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  1. I know how you feel saying goodbye to a car that's served you well. Hopefully you'll love the new one just as much once you get used to it. Have a great week Gemma.


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