Monday, 27 February 2017

Lucky try

Wow today has been busy. After dropping the kids off we went right into town with a long to do list. Managed to get quite a lot done as well as finding this little cutie in a charity shop for Caitlin.
She want to dress up as Fern from Charlottes web for world book day so obviously we needed a little Wilbur to go with it. We lucked out finding this one in a charity shop :)
Picked up breakfast at town so home to start die cutting. I'm making little presents for everyone on the retreat I'm going to next weekend. Taking longer than I planned but it gives me the chance to catch up on tv, or youtube in this case :)
So halfway through that I got bored (as you do) and decided to cut a load of backgrounds and files for my retreat this weekend. Yep, two retreats back to back!
I only go on two a year but typically they run right next to each other lol.
I also decided to reoranise all my shillouette cut files, as you do. 3 hours later I had 6 different cuts and a nicely ordered folder system. I class that as a success!
Haven't done any scrapping, obviously, but I love this one I did a few months back.
Before I got my machine I was lucky enough that my friend Jacqui sent me a selection she cut for me, including this one.
The photo is from Spain a few years back. There was a tiny fair type thing next to our hotel where all the rides were 1 euro each. While waiting for a bus trip I gave the kids one euro each to have a turn on a ride. Caitlin wanted to spend hers on a teddy crane machine. I said she wouldn't win, they were rip offs etc etc but she insisted.
Little begger won on her first try didn't she.
She still has that teddy, and STILL tells the story where she was right lol.

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