Saturday, 29 April 2017


So an early start this morning and we were off! I'd made a goodie bag for each of the boys to keep them entertained, and to save me a ton of money at the gift shop. ;)
One thing I bought was some magnetic putty from ebay. £6 for both tubs, I think it was a highlight of their day! They played with it pretty much the whole train journey there and home.
We arrived in London and took the tube down to the science museum. It was pretty much empty so we went up to the wonderlab. The kids loved it! It was a huge room with loads of interactive experiments. Seriously there were kids climbing on things, running riot, it was all kid proof. We let the boys do their own thing for a bit while Mark recovered from the train journey.
We took the boys for ice cream for lunch, Cams birthday badge paid off as he was given 4 scoops instead of 2. Think I might wear one next time ;)
Cam was in his element. He loves anything to do with learning so watching the demonstrations was fascinating to him. I'd read a lot of reviews beforehand which warned us the museum didn't have enough to do for a whole day visit but honestly if we had more time I think Cam could have happily spent two days there lol.
But soon we had to get the tube back to catch the train. We had just enough time to pop into Piccadilly Square to grab the boys a McDonalds and some Cinnabons for Caitlin at home. Some pain in the butt also tried to help himself to my handbag but only managed to snap the strap before I grabbed hold of it and he ran off. Glad I took my old bag with me!
So home, shattered and have a very happy Cameron, 10th birthday a success I think!

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  1. Sounds like a fab day out. Shame about the knob head trying to grab your bag x


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