Thursday, 1 April 2010

Got the car back

Well as the title says we got the car back today. Fingers crossed it lasts longer than last time! Cost us £550 all in all to get fixed so had to put some on my dads credit card as didnt have that kind of money lying around. :( Still saving for a new one though, lost faith in it iykwim.

Anyway, managed to get a bit of scrapping done this afternoon while kids played.

I did this for the challange on the sarahs cards website. You had to use old stash and this is one of their kits form early last year. All purples and greens. Love it.

Well just waiting for kids to go bed here. Going to have a nice dinner with hubby and watch some dvds. Got 'paranormal activity' and 'the invention of lying'. just need to get kids in bed now!

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