Tuesday, 7 December 2010

christmas tree is up :)

Or what there is of it! Some of our decorations we've had since me and mark first got together 5 years ago. So really have had their day. lol. We decided to just put them up anyway and buy some more in the sales. Because yes I am that tight. lol.
Couple of pictures of the kids concentrating :)

This star is now broken thanks to Bella attacking it. lol. Poor Caitlin was inconsolable but we promised we'd buy a new one and she could pick it. Watch she'll find one for £60 or something knowing her taste!

Very proud children. :)

Poor Camerons very much worse for wear at the moment. Was boiling all day yesterday and said his eye hurt, so took him for an emergency appointment at the dr who looked in his throat and said his tonsils are badly infected! He'd not once said his throat hurt! So got meds and hes picked up a bit today so hopefully still going to see santa tomorrow. :)

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  1. Gorgeous pics of the kids Gemma their little faces are priceless xxx Hope Cameron feels well enough to meet Santa!


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