Sunday, 12 December 2010

cyber crop :)

Well its been an interesting week. First my youngest neice was taken to hospital with breathing problems (shes ok now) then my poor gran got very sick. :( However she seems on the mend now. Food staying down :) So can sleep again now.
Well other than that not been up to a great deal so thought I'd share what I did in the recent cyber crop.
last year I made decorations of all the kids in the family. Obviously Lillie wasnt about yet so made this one of her this year. :)

How cute is my little baldy!! This challenge was called 'Santa claus is coming to town' and I had to use a photo of opening gifts and include red, white and black.
Only have a few photos of previous christmas' now so getting there in scrapping everything. lol. Saying that I havent devloped any since June so sure that pile will be huge again soon!

Love how this turned out. Its camerons first time meeting santa. Wasa digtal class but I dont like digi so did it on paper. :)

I LOVE these photos of caitlin. We were in butlins and she loved the dance games. Obviously couldnt do them properly but did her best to follow the lights. Love the little thumbs up she gave. :)

This one is blank as its a secret family recipie that will be put on there. lol. Every year my gran makes a big batch of scottish tablet. We have family we dont see all year but come down to my grans for the tablet. lol. I love this paper so didnt do much to it.

Well other than taking care of my sick gran we took the kids to a party at our local pen green. Mark takes them to dads group there each week and they had a big party for everyone. The kids loved it :) There were balloons and loads of food and a magic show which cameron loved. Great to see them enjoying themselves so much. :)

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