Monday, 20 December 2010

Well, had a panic but hopefully over now!

Well I know I've not been about much. Been not a very fun household here. :( caitlins been poorly with some bug, making her burn up and very clingy. Dr says virus but been 3 weeks now so shes going back tomorrow!
More importantly though my gran was taken into hospital last wednesday. :( She'd been sick for a week with nothing staying down so we took her in to be safe and they found a blockage. This was scary as she had bowl cancer 18 years ago so naturally we were worried that was back. Shes now had the operation to remove it though and is recovering well so feel like we can get back to normality a little bit. :)
So to lighten up the bad news heres a funny story about my son. We were in asda on saturday which was obviously busy and I stopped the trolley. going through his 'Why' phase as he is he asked why:
Cameorn - Why have we stopped mummy?
Me - Because that woman is looking at something and I can't get past her.
cameron (shouting) - Beep beep woman! Move your bum!
Oh my god I couldnt breathe I was laughing so much. She wasnt impressed but I found it funny. Its my fault really. I'm always tellign his dad to move his bum!

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  1. Oh I just love that face on her - will make a great layout. Yes would love to see more piccies of you all together.

    Karen x


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