Monday, 6 December 2010


Ok so its all gone now but was nice while it lasted. :) We didnt get as much as other places in the uk but had enough to play in which was the main thing for the kids. lol. Was a bit wary gettig the sled out as last time both of them hated it and screamed the place down if i put them in it. Well obviously a different story this time!

Both of them loved it! We did plan on going to my mums as she has a big hill in front of her house but pulling them around the garden for a bit seemed to be enough for them. lol. Daddy also enjoyed himself. I was in the bedroom sorting out washing (not throwing snowballs at him out of the window, that was someone else of course!) and he came into the bedroom and hit me in the head with a huge snowball! How mean! Thought I was safe inside, obviously not. lol
So after the winter fun everyone came in for hot chocolate and watch toy story (for the millionth time, lol) Caitlin took this picture of mark and cameron with my camera, was quite impressed!

Glad I got her a kiddizoom one for christmas now :)

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  1. She's turning into a budding photographer - great picture. Glad they enjoyed the snow - I am sure we will see the piccies on layouts soon.

    Karen x


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