Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Well today we braved the freezing winds and took the kids to see santa. Was a couple of hours drive to the garden center and with more snow predicted we went prepared! Boot had two quilts, crisps, flasks of hot choc and tea, sweets, fruit and a crate of fruit shoots. All just sat there though as was quite an uneventful trip lol. Still, best to be prepared!
When we got thewre we found out it was opening late as there were school trips first (no mention of that on the website but hay ho) so we went to the pet section first. Kids ended up loving this and stood talking to the parrots.

There were also lots of sparrows just flying around eating the bird food! Caitlin though it was great fun to chase them about the shop. lol

We also fed some carronts to the reindeer. :) Cameron enjoyed this but caitlin wasnt too sure.

Look at this, my husband has taught my daughter to wink!

When we went to see santa you first had to queue to go onto his slegh ride. This was nearly an hour queue but both kids were great. was really proud as lots of kids screaming around them. lol. Tried to get a photo of them both smiling, this was the best I got. Cameron had been smiling for a while by this point so his was more of a gimice. lol

After the train you then had to queue again for 45 mins to see santa. Luckily there was a big electronic santa telling stories that kept the kids entertained.

Was actually amazed seeing santa because Id told cameron all day 'it wont be a train gift, dont be upset as it wont be a train gift' and what was it?! A train track with a blue train like thomas! Almost makes me belive in santa again :)
After santa we went to a shopping center across the road. Theres a paper mill there so I got the huge box of card on my desk for £3! Love it. Also got some more shimmer mist and a wheel of pins. :) Every year we also buy the kids a decoration each for the tree. When they grow up they can take them for their own tree. :) Caeron picked a wooden train (surprise) and caitlin loved this bird :)

Right going to get a pizza and watch inception with hubby tonight, considering Eclipse STILL hasnt came yet!!!!


  1. Looks like you have had a really lovely day and some super photos of the children to scrap later.

    Enjoy your film and everything crossed that Eclipse turns up tomorrow. If it doesn't you should get on to them and ask them the point of doing a pre-order!!!!

  2. aw your day out looks fab, where did you go this year to see santa x


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